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This Selena Gomez photo might contain portrait, headshot, and closeup.

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Howz It?
Howz It?
Here are some snaps released of the potential packaging for Selena Gomez’s perfume.

Sel hasn’t said if this is how the actual perfume is going to look yet, but this looks totally plausible.

There are lots of pretty purple flowers on the packaging, and the slim bottle of perfume is very elegant.

The scent is going to be named after her.

Sel’s just putting some final touches on her product..................................
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Do You Like It?
Do You Like It?
Selena Gomez has officially gotten her first tattoo!

We heard about it yesterday (check it out HERE), and the rumors were saying it was an infinity symbol. That one might just have been drawn on, because it's been confirmed it's actually a heart. Cute!

The tattoo artist who did Sel's tat said: "She got a heart under her wrist. She was excited, she wasn't nervous. She is way cute." He added she didn't make a big deal about the pain, and that she "took it like a champ."

He also said Sel didn't talk about a hidden meaning for the tattoo, but that doesn't mean there isn't one.

What do you think the tiny heart means?
Is Selena The New Miley?
Is Selena The New Miley?
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In an interview, Selena Gomez has announced his decision to leave school and continue their studies to concentrate on his career in show business. Selena said that will not go to college (the American equivalent of our university) because she wants to "fully enjoy what he's doing right now."

Selena Gomez leaves the school's career: have your say!

Selena Gomez has decided not to pursue their studies and do not go to college ... will be the right choice?

But it is the right decision? Other stars think otherwise: that Miranda Cosgrove is Dakota Fanning chose to continue their education without leaving...
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This is like a biography of Selena Gomez.
D.O.B July 22,1992
P.O.B New York City
Selena Marie Gomez was born on July 22,1992in New York City and moved to grand prarie when she was 6 months old. When she was 6 years old she went to Barney started acting and met her best friend Demi Lovato!!Selena Gomez lived in Grand Praire Texas till she was 13 years old then she went to Hollywood to continue in the acting buisness.Than,Selena got parts in different shows and movies like guest starring in Spy Kids 3 game over in a waterpark.Plus she guest starred in Suite Life of Zack and Cody as Gwen.Now Selena cuntinulisly plays as Alex in Wizards Of Waverly Place.And Selena wears a purity ring that says true love waits.Plus,Selena and Demi keep making you tube home videos and keep watching Wizards of Waverly Place and those you tube videos that demi and Selena make.Watch PPP on June 26 2009 starring Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez so come on watch it!
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