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Opinion by yashar_safavi posted over a year ago
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Spain’s Sergio Ramos was the most influential and effective player during the World Cup, according to a special evaluation system of all the players in the tournament.

The Castrol Index analyses the contribution of each player and calculates its’ effectiveness in relation to their positive influence on play in certain areas of the pitch.

With the tournament over, Real Madrid ’s Sergio Ramos came top of the list. Unsurprisingly, five Spanish players were ranked in the top ten with defenders such as Gerard Pique and Carles Puyol also featuring in the top five. Spain scored only eight goals in the entire tournament, the least of any winning side, underlining the importance of Vincente del Bosque’s solid back four.

However, Spanish striker David Villa came in at number six following his excellent contribution to Spain’s victory, including five goals.

The only other striker to make it into the top ten is Uruguay’s Luis Suarez , who edged out compatriot Diego Forlan and is now a target for some of Europe’s biggest clubs. Another player linked with a move is Holland’s Wesley Sneijder, whose five goals from midfield...