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Opinion by darktheheghog posted over a year ago
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Misty Hikari
Dark: MAN i cant think of anything
Runo: well what do you want me to do about it
Dark: i dont know maybe give me some ideas
Destiny: maybe i can help out
Dark: Runo did you leave the door open again
Runo: *sweat drops* sorry again
Destiny: well anyways i'll help out here move over
Dark: fine *gets off of the computer chair*
Destiny: *sits on the computer chair and starts typing*

Story Begains

How Long is this gonna take yes i am waiting for Shun and his friends to agree on letting me stay here but i mean its been an hour finally Shun came out "hey you can stay here if you want" he said wow its the first time someone wanted me to stay here "has your friends agreed with you?" i asked he nodded well it looks like i'm staying here and hopefully their not gonna send me back to where i used to live UGH i hate that place gives me such a bad nightmare and a memory wheres Destiny when ya need her she's the only friend i have and the only person i know oh well i then felt a tap on my head "hey you still there" Shun Said i growled while swatting his hand away he took his hand back...
Opinion by darktheheghog posted over a year ago
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Name: Sara Hikari
Age: 16
Personality: she's kinda quiet but she still talks alot when she wants to she also can be Shy but only around people she likes but besides all that she's always have a smile on her face and she likes to make people happy and never let her friends get hurt no matter what but just because she seems sweet and kind doesnt mean she can get mad so i suggest you dont make her mad
About Her: Her Dad died when she was 3 years old because of a car accident since then she never talked that much but she still talked to her Mum then after a few monthes her Mum died cause of sickness she cried since she is now a orphan the police tries to take her to a Orpanage but she wouldnt go so she ran away from her town
Race: Vestal
Bakugan's name: Blood Fang
Bakugan's Attribute: Darkuss
About Blood Fang: he was in the forest not knowing what to do or where to go then all of a sudden he heard a girl crying (and that girl is Sara) he jumped over to her and asked her what was wrong after a few years both Blood Fang and Sara became the closest friends and they would never part
Opinion by darktheheghog posted over a year ago
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ok if bakugan was real then that would be awesome whats makes it more cool is if you had a talkin bakugan then u can talk to him\her about your problems and also whos your crush like me i like ventess and darkuss those are my fav attributes and if bakugan were real then i could talk to my bakugan (that is if i get one if they're real) about who i like (or love) and talk to him\her about my problems trust me it would be totaly awesome if they were seriously real brawling would be the most fun cause then you would'nt haft to fight ya know because when u fight that just does'nt solve anythin it would just make things worse but yea when u brawl with a friend then that would make it more fun haha well i can't really think of anymore things to say how awesome it would be if bakugan was real haha :P ok well thanks for readin GHAAA *falls off the stage* owww Dan: you ok Dark Me: nope i'm in pain Dan: well thats what u get for not readin the sign Me: *gets up and holds the edge of the stage for support* what sign Dan: *points at the wet floor sign* that sign Me: I DID'NT SEE THAT HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW Dan: you could've just looked Me: well i would've if you were'nt dragging me here...