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Opinion by Aline1102 posted over a year ago
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I found this interesting Hotch biography on IMDb. Enjoy!

FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit Supervisory Special Agent/Unit Chief Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner is played by Thomas Gibson.

Hotchner is the head of the BAU team. Hotchner was a prosecutor for a time, although it is not stated specifically where, his experience in prosecution helps his team to craft tight cases, it also allows him to judge when (and how) it may be necessary to skirt the law to successfully capture and prosecute an UNSUB (unknown subject). He is often referred to as a drill sergeant he very rarely smiles and it is a common joke that he doesn't blink. At one point when listing his worst qualities he says that he has no sense of humor, he doesn't trust women as much as men, and he is a bully. He is extremely loyal and protective of his team whom he allows to call him 'Hotch'. Initially he shared leadership and mentoring of the team with Agent Jason Gideon. It is heavily implied that he was abused as a child although he has never confirmed it. In 2X19 (Ashes and Dust) he states that his father died when he was young. Hotchner's hearing was damaged in an explosion in 3X20 (Lo-Fi) the after...
Review by Aline1102 posted over a year ago
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Here's a review of Hotch's Quotes!

"Nothing is so common as the wish to be remarkable."
(attributed to) William Shakespeare    

The Tribe:
"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe."    
Friedrich Nietzsche

A Real Rain:
"I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary. The evil it does is permanent."
Mahatma Ghandi

"Other things may change us, but we start and end with family."
Anthony Brandt
"The house does not rest on the ground, but upon a woman."
Mexican proverb

The Perfect Storm:
"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. The most massive characters are seared with scars."
Khalil Gibran

"Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth."    
Guide by Aline1102 posted over a year ago
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For all the Hotch-addicts (me, me, me!!!) here's a biography of our favourite Unit Chief! Hope you enjoy it.

Character Name: Aaron Hotchner
Profession: Unit Chief of the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI in Quantico, Virginia.

"Nobody looks as clean as Thomas Gibson in a suit." - Shemar Moore, Behind the Scenes.

Aaron Hotchner is rather tall at 6'2", with a slender but muscular physique that is maintained through daily workouts and the physical stress of his job. He has impeccable composure only earned through years of practice and reinforced by his desire to to separate himself emotionally from his job. He once told former agent Elle Greenaway, "This job can eat you up if you let it." and he strives hard to ensure that doesn't happen by perfecting his composure into a stony mask that can intimidate even the grisliest of killers. His job is a tough one and the signs of stress are finally starting to take their toll, but it is easily said that Aaron Hotchner is quite an attractive man. With a charming but rarely seen smile, neatly styled black hair and warm brown eyes that reveal what his face will not...
Fan fiction by Celina79 posted over a year ago
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This is a One shoot Hotch Fanfic for Minimal loss.
It was written by mablereid @ fanfiction.net.
Enjoy! :)

The heavy metal door swung shut behind him with a thud as he walked down the concrete steps. He pushed through another door at the end of the hallway, and reached for the light switch to his left. The light flared on, illuminating the room with a bright yellow glow from fixtures spaced at even intervals along the ceiling. The floor was plain concrete, and there were opened ended cubicles spaced out along the right side of the room.

He stepped up to the first one and took a pair of clear plastic safety glass from the tray perched on the counter. He put on his ear protection and pulled his gun from its holster. He unbuttoned his suit jacket and loosened his tie by a fraction of an inch. He put a new target in place and lifted his gun.

He took aim and squeezed the trigger in quick succession. The sound of the gunshots echoed around the otherwise empty room. They were muffled to him, of course, and he considered taking off his ear protection and letting the explosions drown out the only sounds he’d been hearing since...