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MARIO KART DOUBLE DASH!! - Super Drunk Bros. #2

by Super Beard Bros

Super Paper Mario (Blind) -60- THE PIT PART DEUX

by lucahjin

Luigi's Mansion WITHOUT LYRICS (Main Theme Remix) - brentalfloss

by brentalfloss

Super Paper Mario (Blind) -59- PIT OF TRIALS

by lucahjin

Super Mario Bros. Super Show - PBG

by PeanutButterGamer

Mario Sports Mix: Dodge! - PART 1 - Game Grumps VS

by GameGrumps

Mario Maker - Springs & Hammers Everywhere! (Wii U Gameplay)

by GameXplain

Sucking at Mario Galaxy - Part 6 (I LOVE TOAD NOT REALLY!)

by PBGGameplay

Super Paper Mario (Blind) -58- The Final Faff

by lucahjin

WARIO LAND - Super Retro Bros. #5 Ft. Davis from The Warp Zone

by Super Beard Bros