Heather stepped onto the island, dripping wet. She looked at the burned remains of the island. The sand was now molten magma, and the bleachers were charred. The confessional was a pile of dust.
And, laying right next to her, were the remains of her dummy she made, along with a burned pineapple.
A pineapple...if I hadn't thrown it into the volcano...none of this would have happened...I'm such a..such a...
"IDIOT!" She picked up the blackened fruit and threw it on the ground, watching it break into pieces. She felt her eyes water, but tried to hold back her tears.

Heather started to search for any signs of her former opponent. She was running so fast, she had no idea he hadn't come with them when she and the others were swimming away. She didn't even know what happened to him.
She looked around at the posters, broken cameras, souveniers, and flags that littered the now deserted island. Nothing.
In the hotels? Nothing.
She started to look for a phone to call someone, when she saw a familiar piece of a familiar red shirt. It was probably the only thing of poor Alejandro that didn't burn.
If this is all I found of him..does this mean..
"No..." She whimpered, picking up the fabric.
"No.." She held it tighter.
Her tears finally came, sliding down her cheeks as she yelled his name for the final time.

A robot...they were going to turn me..into a robot. Thank GOD I got outta there...
Alejandro limped onto the island, clutching his aching arm. He had every right to be greatful. He wasn't dead and only a small amount of his hair was gone. His right arm and leg were broken, but he made it out okay.
I can't beileve I was this close to winning. Heather, that perra estúpida..if it hadn't been for her, I would have had everything. But she's out of my life now. All I have to do is wait for someone to get me, and I will never have to think about the words 'Total Drama' again!
He sat on a rock. Who knows how long that'll be though...everyone else probably thinks I'm dead, and even if they didn't, why would they waste their time trying to rescue me? Maybe Courtney...god, she's stupider than Heather!!

"He's gone..he's gone and it's all my fault.."
Alejandro looked up. Is someone here? Thank god, a companion!
He ran over to the trees, until he saw who it was. He hid himself quickly.
"I'm so stupid.." Heather sobbed quietly. "Why did it have to be him? Why did it have to be me? Why did I even sign up for this stupid thing?!"
She held on to herself tightly. "I never should have beaten you...Alejandro.."

She thinks I'm dead...ha, serves her right!
Alejandro watched her some more before calling out, "You should have given up while you had the chance, Heath!"
"Huh?" Heather looked up at the sky, and then at the trees, where she saw Alejandro.
"Indeed I am."
She ran over to him, wanting to hug him. "You...idiot! You stupid idiot!! I thought you were dead! Don't you EVER scare me like that again! Ever!"
"Why were you so worried about me? YOU'RE the one who pushed me off the volcano! YOU'RE the one who threw the pineapple in the volcano! This is YOUR fault!"
"..You think I don't know that..?!"
The winnerette lowered herself to the ground, about to cry again. "I'm sorry...I'm so sorry...I know this is all because of me...we're stuck here because of me, we're disfigured because of me...neither of us got the money...why am I such an idiot..?"
She sniffed, and covered her eyes again. Alejandro put her arm around her. "I can't blame you for everything...I should have known I wouldn't win against the great and powerful Heather."
"You're talking about me..?"
"Yes, you made Justin and Courtney look like a couple of has-beens. And me, well I'm just a glutton for punishment, I guess. I shouldn't have underestimated you...I also should have known that you didn't feel the same way...about me..."
He looked away, blushing deeply; the memories of his confession on the volcano buzzed in his mind. "I'm sorry..for everything."
Heather pulled his face over, blushing. "Alejandro...shut up. Just shut up."
She pulled his lips against hers, letting her tears fall down. He kissed back, wiping her eyes.
They pulled away, their faces a deep red.
"I...I love you, you stupid bitch..." Whispered Alejandro.
"I love you too, Al."
They kissed again, their love melting into one another. Despite everything looking bleak at the time, for them, things couldn't be better.