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Vicky's In Charge
Timmy Missy
Fairly Odd Parents
The fairly odd...zombies
its over 9000 dinkleberg
Timmy's dad
past and present
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The fans pick: Wishing for 12 hours of darkness
Wishing for 12 hours of...
Wishing for Christmas Everyday
The fans pick: Denzel Crocker
Denzel Crocker
Dark Laser
The fans pick: My Shiny Teeth and Me
My Shiny Teeth and Me
Icky Vicky
No fans have voted yet.
Rallo Tubbs (from The Cleveland Show)
Gerald (from Hey Arnold!)
The fans pick: Timmy
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Allies57 said …
I love the new season I just can't wait for the next episodes. Posted 10 months ago
snowwolf2000 commented…
i didn't even know there was a new season, i haven't watched the show lately 9 months ago
francehatesrape said …
timmy turner is the worst piece of shit in the history of animated cartoons.let me explain this shit to you. His only problems in life are his shitty babysitter and his parents not paying attention to him. Let me tell you this right now there are kids without parents or who are starving to death and they don’t have fairy god parents or shit like that but yet timmy has living parents food a nice bed and fucking fairies and still manages to be all upset about his first world life okay. Posted 10 months ago
ilovepeterpan1 commented…
you mad bro? 6 months ago
purplevampire said …
I like that they show Poof in the intro and Sparky is really funny Posted over a year ago