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ultimatefan6 posted on Oct 20, 2009 at 08:21AM
Hey, I just need some ideas of families that you make on the sims 3, some good ones that are fun. i have run out of ideas lol! please help me by replying with some famiyl ideas, it would be much appreciated
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over a year ago jlhfan624 said…
I wish I could help you out, but actually my families are as boring as they come. I don't like to have too eccentric characters so I just have a mom, dad, and a few kids.

Umm maybe you could try a family of clowns? Or thiefs? That might be interesting!
Make a family with a teen girl, a mom, a child, and a toddler. Delete the mom and have the teen take care of her younger siblings while still going to school and getting good grades. over a year ago
over a year ago ultimatefan6 said…
where is the best place to download things from?
over a year ago ultimatefan6 said…
how do you make a family of clowns?
over a year ago dandy909 said…
i have lots of ideas nd i fink they're guna turn gd but they dont
over a year ago paark-rocket said…
Heey, I totally love the sims.I have a great family.Posh,pretty woman married to bookworm/loner guy. Wife gets bored and has an affair,ends up pregnant.Husband finds out,gets a divorce after the baby is born and kidnapps the baby to live with him in his new house + then when the baby (which was a girl) grew up they sort of fell for each other and got married :O...totally wierd I know.But alot of fun.Hope this helps!
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over a year ago E-rock said…
over a year ago Amberla said…
Brilliant idea Paark-Rocket... Yeah that is a great story I have tried it too and damn it is funny!!!!
over a year ago JussiFoltmar said…
Try this one. It's VERY difficult, but I had a lot of fun with it and my friends told me I was crazy doing it in the Sims. It'll require you to have the expansion "World Adventures" though.

I created an adventurous female sim who was going for the "become a mummy" thing. That's how it started, but I developed it into something even better and challenging. Once you're able to summon a mummy and become one as well, do so, you'll have a household with 2 mummies. Then adopt a toddler. Build a basement and imprison the toddler while trying to keep it alive. It must NEVER leave the basement.

This is how the game developed for me, but I'm sure it varies from sim to sim. My adventurous sim spent a lot of time in Egypt and gathered a lot of relics. On one of her adventures, she was cursed. Before the curse ran out, she summoned a mummy who (out of game, only story wise) told her that in order to survive the curse she would have to become a mummy herself. She did so, and the two evil mummies were united. They were both females and craved a child, a legacy. They adopted a toddler since they couldn't become pregnant. The child was cared for for a while, but as it grew, it was imprisoned in the basement and forgotten about.

The game then ended when the evil mummy died. The curse was lifted. I made the adventurous sim into a human again and released the child. They moved away from the traumatic house.

My future plans with this family was that the child had been such a traumatic event that he would attempt to create a family of undead, meaning him, a mummy, and a ghost, living in either a tower or a floating house. But, by the the time I moved the family out, I got bored of it and am now searching for new ideas.

Hope it helps.
over a year ago emmett said…
^ hahaha that's so cool!!
over a year ago pedro_gomes said…
for this one you will need the sims 3 world adventures and make a chef (female) and she is going to egipt and the make another woman
that is super rich than she goes on a trip to egipt and gets lost in a piramid then the chef saves her and they become friends and start working together
over a year ago MJlady98 said…
i was making by sims 3 : a green man and his red woman and than she was pregnant but i dont know which colour the kid have because than gets my pc crashed and the family was delete
srry for my bad english i hope you know what i mean XD
over a year ago Arieschic said…
big smile

A pretty woman fell in love with a loner, loser type guy. She suddenly felt bored and invited over a friend and had an affair with that guy while the husband was at work. Then the woman ended up pregnant then the husband finds out then divorces her and made the kid live with him forever and made that kid’s life miserable. Until the kid (which is a girl) turned into a teenager, she is starting to wonder about her mom and figured out her fake dad murdered her, so the girl poisoned him and was taken to her real dad.

over a year ago zanesaaomgfan said…
Make a family thats green-thumbed, criminals, moochers, etc,..
over a year ago XxJennyyx said…
Make a woman/or man and make her/him a workaholic and family orientated. Don't get them married. Get a job and try climb the career ladder while adopting children. Try to him him/her the top of their job and the kids on the honor rolls.
over a year ago randomjulz22 said…
if you have the late night xpansion pack, make a rocker/musician guy; make him become friends with william fangman, or another vampire; ask them to turn him into a vampire; once he becomes a vampire, he'll be able to gain skill levels for his instruments/other skills a lot quicker at night; make him "try for baby" with many "human" sims; don't marry them or "go steady"; then there'll be more vampires around town ;) ; then make him find a "human" sim he likes, marry her, and have lots of pretty little vampire babies! (i made him buy the big loft house that overlooks the city) it's a pretty awesome idea :D
over a year ago NSN2156 said…
i would make a family with a girl and a guy young adults and make the gut work alot and then have the girl cheat on him with his best friend and have the girl get pregnet and have then girl date another girl and then have everybody meet at the comminunty pool and everbody get mad at each ohter than drwon her!
over a year ago Chiyyne said…
Theres really no story behind this family but its kinda fun! make a family of 8 people. they are all married to whoever you chose make 2 people from that family ur main people cause ur gonna kill everyone else. Getthem a home that u want and then kill everyone else that u dont like. do this as many times as u want, BUT THEY ALL HAVE TO BE MARRIED TO SOMEONE (u wont get the opportunity if u dont kill married people). Eventually u will get an oppurtunity that says "Oh my Ghost". u can then bring back ghosts and use them like any other sim. then u can create ghost sim babies and stuff! (and a plus is that all the other dead sims will come around everynight so ull always have a full house!)
over a year ago MelodyLaurel said…
I got bored and created 2 sims, a guy and a girl, both young adults. Then I got them married, but right after they were done exchanging rings I broke them up, moved the guy out and continued to play the heartbroken girl. Then she adopted a baby girl.
After some time I got them married again, but this time right after the wedding I took the guy out for a swim, and you know what happens next:) His ghost comes around every night but since he drowned he was quite depressed it took me a while to get them to try for baby. Luckily the baby was a ghost, and life goes on, blah blah...
The adopted girl got married but her husband cheated on her with her mother(his mother-in-law) and divorced her to marry the old lady. The girl lived with her ghost brother and toddler son, but then one day they started to argue and the adopted girl starved herself. The young uncle couldn't handle his orphaned toddler nephew and he got taken by the social worker.
Now he lives alone in a big house with 2 graves and ghosts come out every night. He fell in love with his maid and married her. The maid wasn't afraid of the ghosts since she was brave. They gave birth to twin daughters, one human and one ghost. Then I got the 2 sisters to love the same guy, each without the other's knowledge. A fight breaks out, and the ghost sister wins, cause I prefer ghosts.
Currently I don't know what to do next. Hope this can get you an idea to create a family.
over a year ago fcassie74 said…
crate a adult that does not like childrean and is mean and insane then make a child girl and make her nice then move them into a emty lot and get two benches and have alot of trees and flowers and make there money go down but dont use it on good stuff and live homeless and not to pay bills is hold ctrl+shift+c then in the blue box and tipe testingcheatsenabled true then push enter then shift click on the mail box go to object and delete It and then go to peoples house and sleep and stuff intill they kick you out and at night sleep on your benchs at home
over a year ago xxCodyJrxoxo said…
fcassie74 Stole that idea from Alice and Kev. *flag
over a year ago xxCodyJrxoxo said…
I Made a family named the McCrees. the dad Richard had a affiar with Gus Hart and him and the mom divorced. But he and Gus broked up as well. The Mom Marybeth was very manly. and she and Richard divorced when she was pregnant with her very last baby. The Oldest child Abby was my 2th fav because she had very good traits. she and Lisa Bunch were best friends. and they flirted a LOT. >_> <_< The middle child Theodore was my fav. because he was so Adorable. (Like Butters <333) Plus he had a great mix of traits. he was a Bookworm Loner and Computer whiz. his LTW is maxing painting and writing. Anyways the used to be youngest Juile. was a Hippie. her traits were.. ermmm.... i completly forgot...
and Last but NOT least was August McCree. Not much is known about her because shes a baby.. (Traits Friendly and Loves the Outdoors.) i think XD she will either be a chef or a politican. Whatever. you can try this family.
over a year ago fetchgirl2366 said…
Maybe a family named the Johnsons. The family could consist of a man named Tony who is married toa woman named Isabelle. They have a baby girl together named Julie. Isabelle also has a sister named Harriet, and she's trying to help her get her back on her feet after getting fired at her job. Isabelle and Harriet both have a rich mother named Carole and a rich father named Larry. Tony has a mother named Regina. Tony's father had died of cancera year before. Despite of his father's death, Tony still has good thoughts of what his family's future will be like.

1) Isabelle Johnson's character traits: Natural cook, brave, neat, charismatic, and flirty
2) Tony Johnson's character traits: Excitable, daredevil, family-oriented, ambitious, and great kisser
3) Harriet Johnson's character traits: Loves the outdoors, friendly, hopeless romantic, genius, and computer whiz
4) Julie Johnson's character traits: athletic, perfectionist, friendly, lucky, and neat (not sure how many a child sim can have)
5) Carole's character traits: Lucky, flirty, family-oriented, vegetarian, and artistic
6) Larry's character traits: Heavy sleeper, green thumb, bookworm, easily impressed, and good sense of humor
7) Regina's character traits: Great kisser, bookworm, natural cook, neat, and never nude
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over a year ago xoxinkheartxox said…
Try making your favorite band :)
My favorite band is Paramore, so i made sims of them and it was pretty fun playing around with them.
over a year ago Raenbow said…
I did something similer to fcassie74. i made a teen and a young adult and deleted the adult and deleted the mailbox that was on the lot they were living on and made the teen homeless and she's currently going into rich peoples houses and stealing their food xD
over a year ago smileypop9 said…
I wrote an article about it ^^
:DD My fave thing to do is make a family of fat sims and make them work out a lot.
over a year ago veegrl said…
i created a family of 3 initially. 2 young adult parents, and one child. the parents work in the police department, and the child is a thief. LOL. the child is growing up and i have seen some amazing fights between the kid and the parents.!!
over a year ago brynlee2002 said…
The regular sims 3 no expansions .Create an elder (female) and a young adult (male) and last but not least a child (female). Have the young adult mean spirited and evil. (Your gonna have to use spoot the magic lama cheat.)Have him be a criminal and have the most expensive things so a theif comes have the male young adult fall in love with the theif ( If female.) And have them have a child. When the children turn into teens have them fight and be enemies. Have the child of the criminals kill the good one. This is where the elder comes in. The young adult gets in fights with the elder and sooner or later the wife criminal can't take all the fighting so she kills the elder.And so the 2 of them live happily ever after, and have tons of kids and the criminal career gets carried on until they have a good child and the rest of the family turns good and do good things and good careers.
over a year ago tangledfan said…
I usually do ones from my favorite stories like 39 Clues, or ones from my own stories, like my own Jay and Sammy.
over a year ago WarriorsCats said…
You and your crush have kids
over a year ago EmzLovesCheryl said…
Not as interesting as some of the ones that have already been said, but you could try this:

Make a male sim who is flirty. Move him into a big house with lots of money so that he doesn't need to get a job, and go round getting breaking up households by getting women pregnant. I'm on this current mission and so far he has 10 kids with different people. It is pretty amusing juggling all the relationships at once. :D
over a year ago WarriorsCats said…
^ Lol XD Ill have to try that
over a year ago ashley1197 said…
big smile
I have four young adults and they are all females and famous and they started their own band and thats their career. Its really fun :] they live in a penthouse in the city and their all "sleep around" and attend crazy parties (need nightlife expansion)
over a year ago sammitheboss said…
I had a sim who had a child with every man in the town, it was pretty fun
over a year ago puppygirl23 said…
I made 2 sims. What I did was I made a room and put a sim in it. Then i removed everything including the door so he couldn't get out. First I made sure I had the Divine Intervention Karma Power. Then I let my sim starve to death. Since he only had five days until he was gone forever I had to act fast. So I made sure they were both happy. Then I made them try for a baby. Next I made my sim come back to life. So now I have a purple, ghost child. :D -If you choose this make sure after he starves you do everything fast! He only has 5 days.-
over a year ago AlmostGenius said…
There are 2 normal people-a guy and a girl. They're going to be the ones you keep normal. You can even base one on yourself... Then a guy who's going out with another girl, but make him cheat on her with another girl whose engaged/married to someone else. Then she can get pregnant at the same time someone else gets the other one pregnant. Make one of the woman he was married to first then find out and kill herself, after she gives birth and get him together with the girl who was engaged/married to someone else. I just want to see how the kids turn out... maybe make them fall in love or something? Oh, yeah, and live in a mansion so you have enough room for them all to live.
over a year ago Chiyyne said…
A really gooone is to make a guy an a girl(either already married or u can or u can play until they get married) then kill the man. it wont work if u kill the girl. Then eventually u will get the oppotunity to bring him back at the science lab. Do so (it costs simoleons). when he gets back make them fall in love again and have children. they will all be ghosts!!
over a year ago lucyiscool said…
Okay , so the family I recently is pretty interesting ;3
Theres the wife ( young adult ) , a flirty girl with commitment issues , who dreams of being a heartbreaker .
Then her husband ( young adult ) , a good , family - oriented , friendly kind of guy .
Next , there's his parents ( two elders ) . His mom , just like her son , and his dad , just like his wife .
So , the husband and his mom both have jobs at the same time . The wife and the husband's dad stay home and manage the house . Given their flirty personality and issues with commitment , the two were drawn to each other and had an affair .
Meanwhile , the husband and his mom were completely oblivious , so they went on their normal lives . Well one day , the mom came home from work early and caught the wife and the dad " together " but decided to keep it a secret for the sake of her family and just tried to over look it . So again , they went on normally .
The husband , who loved kids , wanted some of his own with his wife , so they tried for kids . But little did he know , earlier , while he was at work , his dad also tried for kids with the wife . So when she got pregnant , know one really knew who's kid it was . ( She knew that it was the dad's but know one else knew . )
Now Im waiting for the baby to be born , and I dont really know whats gonna happen . Maybe the husband will automatically find out she's cheating when she has a kid thats not his but maybe he won't know . I dont really know . But if he doesn't realize she cheated , Im gonna have the husband and the wife try for a baby and have them have a kid ! Its so interesting !
( lol , right now , the dad's wants our :
-break up with his wife
-woohoo with his wife
-woohoo with his son's wife )
over a year ago lucyiscool said…
Chiyyne ;
Does the oppurtunity just automatically come or do you have to do something to get it ??
over a year ago rachela1 said…
Ok, here's a good family idea. Create a woman, pretty, blonde hair, name her whatever. I would name her Katie so lets go with that. Create a man, young adult and make his traits heartbreaker and angry, all the bad ones but keep 1 nice one. Get them together and all that, small house, cute couple. Whatever. Then make The male (Let's just call him Simon) start hitting Katie and making her life really miserable. When Katie realises she's pregnant (MAKE THIS HAPPEN BEFORE HE STARTS ABUSING HER)this will add a twist to the story. Katie is forced to stay with a horrible man.

Katie then realises that Simon has a hot brunette girlfriend, make her look really young and pretty (SLAGGISH) Katie is so heartbrocken and finally chucks him out the house. Katie makes the apartment a lot nicer and gives birth. (I love doing single mums) she can have a little girl or boy but let's pretend she has a girl and call her Issybell? Ok well once she raises Issybell and she grows you can start to play on Issybell? Then maybe make her have kids etc etc..START GENERATIONS! anyway that's my family so yeah use it if you want!
over a year ago trishk said…
I had a white trash family. They were all slobs and had all really crappy fruniture. Peg the wife was really fat and ugly and mean. Jeb the dad was also fat and they were both lazy and watched tv all day. The son was a young adult and got fired from all his jobs. The daughter was a skank and slept around with lots of guys and cheated on all of them. I would invite her current boyfriend over and flirt and kiss another guy right in front of him and watch him cry. She would also go after married guys and tell them to break up with their wives. Then I had a little boy who was in school and he never does his homework. I have had him skip school for a whole wee. I want to see if he will get kicked out of school but he hasn't yet.
over a year ago Muzzow said…
I usually re-play small parts of Dragon Age Origins or create new Dragon Age-adventures with the Sims. I have a Jowan-Sim and a Surana-Sim (link and link) and both are mages. He's a coward and she's brave and I send them on trips together (Egypt + China) before they buy farm and move in, together with a unicorn and a horse (shire) as pets and the elf starts breeding them while her human boyfriend tends the garden, selling the fruits and vegetables. They eventually have a son together but won't marry, to keep it canon with DAO. :D
over a year ago kazgillan3 said…
you should make your family starting with your grandparents, and use the apples and watermelons cheat to get your aunts and uncles the same gender, and then make yourself get born and see if you are ugly or pretty!
over a year ago glen98 said…
I made two adults and five children, the adults drowned in the pool and the kids lived a free life on there own creating mess and destruction
over a year ago captainbear said…
big smile
I actually had a very interesting life. I was living with my boyfriend and I kinda got bored with him so one night when he was at work, I got pregnant with twins with someone else and I moved in and got married with the father of my children. I don't know how but he died and I raised the twins by myself . I fell in love with my butler and ended up getting married to him and now I'm currently pregnant.
over a year ago Roxey212 said…
have a young adult man and 2 young adult women make one of the women the mans wife and make her cheat on him and have the other women love him from affar taking care of her child you have to also make in CAS then when the man finally finds out have him divorce the women and then have the other women get close to him and then eventually start dating and go on from there but do not forget the baby.
over a year ago MorganMonster2 said…
Well on the sims 3 I always try and make there life time wish completed however hard It may be. Or I make a family of a pretty girl and an ugly sister who has a boyfriend and the boyfriend picks the pretty girl or I make fat people work out or I make a toddler age up or I make my sims work hard and reach the top of the job they have. hope that helped MorganMonster2 x
over a year ago brie17 said…
Im starting a new family that has 3 members who are related and then 3 others who the family has adopted
the mother: MyrAnaa Stanwick
the father: David Stankwick
the toddler: Emma Stanwick
ADOPTED KIDS: teen- Nora Grey, Child- Chase and Charlotte Vincent
It all started when i was playing a computer game (not the sims3) and the house in the game was amazing!! It was a stately looking manor that had a bunch of locked rooms, so i just looked at the map and drew out the floor plan, it had a basement, main floor, 2 floor and attic. but that seemed a bit extensive so i just created the first and 2nd floors, my house has 7 bedrooms, nursery, 3 bathrooms, 4 closets, 8 long hallways, 3 lounge and living areas, a parlor, kitchen/dining room, elevator, 2 balconies, front stoop, private garden, crawlspace, 2 car garage with room for three cars on the outside drive and 2 water features. This house was really old and so i decorated most of it, how the house would have looked when it was built and for some of the rooms i gave them a more modern look.
anyways, in this story, the mother lived here when she was young with her parents and her grandparents. When the grandmother passed away there was a still in the air for a while, then the parents were in a terrible house fire that destroyed much of the old house, and they perished within trying to protect there beloved daughter, but it was reconstructed to look like it had before the fire, the grandfather then raised the girl until she was 4, and when the old house became to dangerous for her to live in, he sent her to boarding school abroad. But 18 years later the poor old man died alone, Myranna hadn't been back to the house since he sent her away, and so she never knew that he had passed. While she was away in england for school, she met the love of her life, David, they were married and had a bouncing baby boy named Peter, after Myranna's father, but after only 3 days of life he died. But not discouraged, Myranna and David had another child after him, a beautiful baby girl named Emma, they lived in England until Emma was 2. thats when they got the letter, saying the Myranna's grandfather had died. And being the only Stanwick heir left in the family, Myranna and her family had inherited the Estate. Whne they arrived in to Riverview, they were shutout by the community, for being newcomers, thats when Myranna explained that she used to live there, with her family until they had perished in the housefire and that her grandfather had sent her away. When they went on a faamily trip however, back to england to visit Davids family they had heard of an orphanage that had burnt down and that every child except 3 had famiy to take them in, they immediately went to the childcare facility and met the kids and adopted them. The oldest being teenage Nora Grey, whose parents had not wanted her when she was born, she was 16 and been in the system since the day they said she wasnt wanted, and the two youngest a set of twins, Chase and Charlotte, they had only very recently been orphaned when their parents had been killed in a terrible car accident, with their new family members, they immediately flew back home where they are now residing in the stately Stanwick Manor Estate. Myranna and David still want more children so that the house doesnt seem as bleak and spooky as it did in Myranna's youth so they will adopt more children and potentially pets.
over a year ago bobbeta30 said…
I made a women vampire turn everyone else into vampires and started a vampire army.
over a year ago Ricette said…
big smile
No expansions needed, motherlode needed. Make a beautiful young adult couple with a teenage girl and kid boy. Make the father a workaholic and join the sports career. Make him work on his computer 24/7. The little boy is athletic and a loner. The little boy wants to be just like his father but his father is never there. The father is always working or having an affair. The teenage girl is a charismatic, flirty, party animal - always out with friends. Once the father reaches the top of the sports career, he admits to the mother about his affairs, and leaves her with the kids. He goes to live with another woman and the mother and father get divorced. (Sorry, I know its confusing. But I believe that complicated families are SO much more interesting than a perfect little cute family.)
over a year ago ChloeSloth said…
big smile
Go out places: (Nintendo Wii Version).

-GYMNASIUM (near Fresh Fruits Grocery, go to FFG, then cross the road on your left hand side, you will see the gym.)

-THE GALLERY (why not head out to the art gallery? If your sim has the trait of artistic, then this is the perfect place for you. Also, if you want your teenager child to do well at school, the Gallery is recommended for your teenager to get a higher grade in art class, which affects the overall grade).

-BEACH (we all know where the beach is, so why not cook everyone up some hotdogs? Or go Kitesurfing* or have a picnic or simply get a suntan. The Beach is suitable for an entire day out).
*Buy a Kite Surf kit from BUILD&BUY then add it to inventory, then go to the beach and put the kite surfer down in the water. Step on.

-HOTEL (with a pool and food court, then this is the place for sims who wish to have a party or a simply quiet swim).

-LAKE (going to the lake is not advised as a full day out, all you can do is pee, eat and swim. Kitesurfing is allowed here but you can hardly have a day surfing in a big pond, can you??)

-LIBRARY (once again, another educational visit. Reccommended more for parents wanting to learn to cook).

-FRIENDS HOUSE (go visit a friend and maybe kip the night there. After all, your sim needs to be a bit more social!)

-PARTY (host a party at your place - this takes a while of setting up as guests only come if food is served. Well, they come 99% quicker if you have food out!)

-GRAVEYARD (go visit a passed away friend, you would have seen them more often if they were alive anyway...)

-WAREHOUSE (if you are a copper, then going to the Warehouse is an ideal thing to up your game - you cannot enter the Warehouse unless you are a thief.

Thank you for reading, my next article will be on JOBS.