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ultimatefan6 posted on Oct 20, 2009 at 08:21AM
Hey, I just need some ideas of families that you make on the sims 3, some good ones that are fun. i have run out of ideas lol! please help me by replying with some famiyl ideas, it would be much appreciated
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over a year ago jlhfan624 said…
I wish I could help you out, but actually my families are as boring as they come. I don't like to have too eccentric characters so I just have a mom, dad, and a few kids.

Umm maybe you could try a family of clowns? Or thiefs? That might be interesting!
Make a family with a teen girl, a mom, a child, and a toddler. Delete the mom and have the teen take care of her younger siblings while still going to school and getting good grades. over a year ago
over a year ago ultimatefan6 said…
where is the best place to download things from?
over a year ago ultimatefan6 said…
how do you make a family of clowns?
over a year ago dandy909 said…
i have lots of ideas nd i fink they're guna turn gd but they dont
over a year ago paark-rocket said…
Heey, I totally love the sims.I have a great family.Posh,pretty woman married to bookworm/loner guy. Wife gets bored and has an affair,ends up pregnant.Husband finds out,gets a divorce after the baby is born and kidnapps the baby to live with him in his new house + then when the baby (which was a girl) grew up they sort of fell for each other and got married :O...totally wierd I know.But alot of fun.Hope this helps!
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over a year ago E-rock said…
over a year ago Amberla said…
Brilliant idea Paark-Rocket... Yeah that is a great story I have tried it too and damn it is funny!!!!
over a year ago JussiFoltmar said…
Try this one. It's VERY difficult, but I had a lot of fun with it and my friends told me I was crazy doing it in the Sims. It'll require you to have the expansion "World Adventures" though.

I created an adventurous female sim who was going for the "become a mummy" thing. That's how it started, but I developed it into something even better and challenging. Once you're able to summon a mummy and become one as well, do so, you'll have a household with 2 mummies. Then adopt a toddler. Build a basement and imprison the toddler while trying to keep it alive. It must NEVER leave the basement.

This is how the game developed for me, but I'm sure it varies from sim to sim. My adventurous sim spent a lot of time in Egypt and gathered a lot of relics. On one of her adventures, she was cursed. Before the curse ran out, she summoned a mummy who (out of game, only story wise) told her that in order to survive the curse she would have to become a mummy herself. She did so, and the two evil mummies were united. They were both females and craved a child, a legacy. They adopted a toddler since they couldn't become pregnant. The child was cared for for a while, but as it grew, it was imprisoned in the basement and forgotten about.

The game then ended when the evil mummy died. The curse was lifted. I made the adventurous sim into a human again and released the child. They moved away from the traumatic house.

My future plans with this family was that the child had been such a traumatic event that he would attempt to create a family of undead, meaning him, a mummy, and a ghost, living in either a tower or a floating house. But, by the the time I moved the family out, I got bored of it and am now searching for new ideas.

Hope it helps.
over a year ago emmett said…
^ hahaha that's so cool!!
over a year ago pedro_gomes said…
for this one you will need the sims 3 world adventures and make a chef (female) and she is going to egipt and the make another woman
that is super rich than she goes on a trip to egipt and gets lost in a piramid then the chef saves her and they become friends and start working together
over a year ago MJlady98 said…
i was making by sims 3 : a green man and his red woman and than she was pregnant but i dont know which colour the kid have because than gets my pc crashed and the family was delete
srry for my bad english i hope you know what i mean XD
over a year ago Arieschic said…
big smile

A pretty woman fell in love with a loner, loser type guy. She suddenly felt bored and invited over a friend and had an affair with that guy while the husband was at work. Then the woman ended up pregnant then the husband finds out then divorces her and made the kid live with him forever and made that kid’s life miserable. Until the kid (which is a girl) turned into a teenager, she is starting to wonder about her mom and figured out her fake dad murdered her, so the girl poisoned him and was taken to her real dad.

over a year ago zanesaaomgfan said…
Make a family thats green-thumbed, criminals, moochers, etc,..
over a year ago XxJennyyx said…
Make a woman/or man and make her/him a workaholic and family orientated. Don't get them married. Get a job and try climb the career ladder while adopting children. Try to him him/her the top of their job and the kids on the honor rolls.
over a year ago randomjulz22 said…
if you have the late night xpansion pack, make a rocker/musician guy; make him become friends with william fangman, or another vampire; ask them to turn him into a vampire; once he becomes a vampire, he'll be able to gain skill levels for his instruments/other skills a lot quicker at night; make him "try for baby" with many "human" sims; don't marry them or "go steady"; then there'll be more vampires around town ;) ; then make him find a "human" sim he likes, marry her, and have lots of pretty little vampire babies! (i made him buy the big loft house that overlooks the city) it's a pretty awesome idea :D
over a year ago NSN2156 said…
i would make a family with a girl and a guy young adults and make the gut work alot and then have the girl cheat on him with his best friend and have the girl get pregnet and have then girl date another girl and then have everybody meet at the comminunty pool and everbody get mad at each ohter than drwon her!
over a year ago Chiyyne said…
Theres really no story behind this family but its kinda fun! make a family of 8 people. they are all married to whoever you chose make 2 people from that family ur main people cause ur gonna kill everyone else. Getthem a home that u want and then kill everyone else that u dont like. do this as many times as u want, BUT THEY ALL HAVE TO BE MARRIED TO SOMEONE (u wont get the opportunity if u dont kill married people). Eventually u will get an oppurtunity that says "Oh my Ghost". u can then bring back ghosts and use them like any other sim. then u can create ghost sim babies and stuff! (and a plus is that all the other dead sims will come around everynight so ull always have a full house!)
over a year ago MelodyLaurel said…
I got bored and created 2 sims, a guy and a girl, both young adults. Then I got them married, but right after they were done exchanging rings I broke them up, moved the guy out and continued to play the heartbroken girl. Then she adopted a baby girl.
After some time I got them married again, but this time right after the wedding I took the guy out for a swim, and you know what happens next:) His ghost comes around every night but since he drowned he was quite depressed it took me a while to get them to try for baby. Luckily the baby was a ghost, and life goes on, blah blah...
The adopted girl got married but her husband cheated on her with her mother(his mother-in-law) and divorced her to marry the old lady. The girl lived with her ghost brother and toddler son, but then one day they started to argue and the adopted girl starved herself. The young uncle couldn't handle his orphaned toddler nephew and he got taken by the social worker.
Now he lives alone in a big house with 2 graves and ghosts come out every night. He fell in love with his maid and married her. The maid wasn't afraid of the ghosts since she was brave. They gave birth to twin daughters, one human and one ghost. Then I got the 2 sisters to love the same guy, each without the other's knowledge. A fight breaks out, and the ghost sister wins, cause I prefer ghosts.
Currently I don't know what to do next. Hope this can get you an idea to create a family.
over a year ago fcassie74 said…
crate a adult that does not like childrean and is mean and insane then make a child girl and make her nice then move them into a emty lot and get two benches and have alot of trees and flowers and make there money go down but dont use it on good stuff and live homeless and not to pay bills is hold ctrl+shift+c then in the blue box and tipe testingcheatsenabled true then push enter then shift click on the mail box go to object and delete It and then go to peoples house and sleep and stuff intill they kick you out and at night sleep on your benchs at home
over a year ago xxCodyJrxoxo said…
fcassie74 Stole that idea from Alice and Kev. *flag
over a year ago xxCodyJrxoxo said…
I Made a family named the McCrees. the dad Richard had a affiar with Gus Hart and him and the mom divorced. But he and Gus broked up as well. The Mom Marybeth was very manly. and she and Richard divorced when she was pregnant with her very last baby. The Oldest child Abby was my 2th fav because she had very good traits. she and Lisa Bunch were best friends. and they flirted a LOT. >_> <_< The middle child Theodore was my fav. because he was so Adorable. (Like Butters <333) Plus he had a great mix of traits. he was a Bookworm Loner and Computer whiz. his LTW is maxing painting and writing. Anyways the used to be youngest Juile. was a Hippie. her traits were.. ermmm.... i completly forgot...
and Last but NOT least was August McCree. Not much is known about her because shes a baby.. (Traits Friendly and Loves the Outdoors.) i think XD she will either be a chef or a politican. Whatever. you can try this family.
over a year ago fetchgirl2366 said…
Maybe a family named the Johnsons. The family could consist of a man named Tony who is married toa woman named Isabelle. They have a baby girl together named Julie. Isabelle also has a sister named Harriet, and she's trying to help her get her back on her feet after getting fired at her job. Isabelle and Harriet both have a rich mother named Carole and a rich father named Larry. Tony has a mother named Regina. Tony's father had died of cancera year before. Despite of his father's death, Tony still has good thoughts of what his family's future will be like.

1) Isabelle Johnson's character traits: Natural cook, brave, neat, charismatic, and flirty
2) Tony Johnson's character traits: Excitable, daredevil, family-oriented, ambitious, and great kisser
3) Harriet Johnson's character traits: Loves the outdoors, friendly, hopeless romantic, genius, and computer whiz
4) Julie Johnson's character traits: athletic, perfectionist, friendly, lucky, and neat (not sure how many a child sim can have)
5) Carole's character traits: Lucky, flirty, family-oriented, vegetarian, and artistic
6) Larry's character traits: Heavy sleeper, green thumb, bookworm, easily impressed, and good sense of humor
7) Regina's character traits: Great kisser, bookworm, natural cook, neat, and never nude
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over a year ago xoxinkheartxox said…
Try making your favorite band :)
My favorite band is Paramore, so i made sims of them and it was pretty fun playing around with them.
over a year ago Raenbow said…
I did something similer to fcassie74. i made a teen and a young adult and deleted the adult and deleted the mailbox that was on the lot they were living on and made the teen homeless and she's currently going into rich peoples houses and stealing their food xD
over a year ago smileypop9 said…
I wrote an article about it ^^
:DD My fave thing to do is make a family of fat sims and make them work out a lot.