Jane and Alec stood beside me as if someone would dare attack me. My right arm stung really bad after what happened to me but i kept queit. Finally Jane stopped so did i. She was looking at me with wonder. I was surprised so i asked,"What is it that you are curious about, Jane?" Jane looked to Alec then to me and finally said,"I feel like Stephan is after us for some strange reason. I also feel he was behind this attack. I also think they want you dead so that they can get to Aro." I looked at her stunned. Was she right? Were the Romainians after us? I decided to tell her something else. Then Jane said,"Those children were not the last. I think there are plenty more vampires who are willing to help them. But let them. They can question us if they wish to but will not make it very far. Should we let them or shouldn't we?" I answered her question without thinking, "Maybe we should consult with Aro. After all he may believe you,Jane, as I do." Jane turned towards me. Suddenly I was in pain. Worse then when the immortal children attacked me. I fell to the floor writhing in pain. Jane looked away from me and then pain faded away. "We cannot wait for an order from Aro. Someone will know and report that to them. We must do this alone", Jane said. Alec and I looked at Jane with wide eyes. I was first to speak,"Jane how can you possibly think that?! I can't help you one things for sure i am not fighting unless my life depends on it!" "Sulpicia, do you acutally think we can do this without you?",Alec said. Just then Caius came in the room. "Aro wants all of you. Follow me." Jane , Alec, and I all followed Caius with worried looks. We followed Caius to where the children attacked us. He looked pretty worried. Standing in front of Aro was Felix with a smirk on his face. Did he tell Aro something that he may of heard? Jane and Alec seemed to think the same both of them glared at Felix. Soon more of the guard joined us. Finally Aro spoke, "Dear ones I have been thinking over this for a while and I now am sure about this. The Romainains are attempting to take their rule back. They tried to kill Sulpicia for her gifts. Now that we survied the first battle there is more to come. They have started war with us. We will fight back. Each of you now should be more careful when leaving the city for anything. We cannot be sure when they will attack but be warned they will soon. I wish for us to win this war and to end it quickly. I want the wives and thier protectors to stay here all of you may leave." All of the others left. Aro waited until all were gone. He turned to face me,Sulpicia you must know this. A long time ago Stephan made a vow to kill you if it was the last thing he did. I am going to ask you to always be with someone from the guard until Stephan is dead." I was surprised by this. Suddenly we heard someone come in. We turned to see Stephan along with 20 others.