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I went for nearly an entire month without internet, because I moved into a new house. The last episode for this series was posted 22 days ago. It's also the season 2 finale. Originally, I was going to end season 2 at episode 44, but because of my lack of internet, I decided to end season 2 there. Because of this, I'm going to give Season 3 thirty episodes. Six more episodes then what I originally had planned. The Season Premiere will be posted in the start of September. I really hope you enjoy it once it comes out.

Now, it's time to update the list of engines on the Island Of Errol, and which railway they are working on.

The Eastern Pacific engines

Sean: Amtrak F40PH
Jerry: Union Pacific ES44AC
Mike "Fonzi": Canadian Pacific ES44AC
Nikki: Southern Pacific 745
Victoria: Bel Del engine 142
Shayne: BNSF Dash 9
Carter: Union Pacific SD40-2
Andrew: Santa Fe SD45
Tabby: Pennsylvania 7002
Ian: Reading & Northern 5049
Bri: Pennsylvania 1223
Jeff & Bryce: Norfolk & Western GP9's
The Random Four D&H Alco PA's: Leon, Stan, Sebastian, and Xavier
Jesse: Union Pacific MKT Heritage Unit
Rachael: 2-2-2 Steam engine
Suzie: 2-2-2 Steam engine
Edward: Santa Fe 2381

The Hunterdon Central Railway

Ethan: SW1200R
Alyssa: Black River 60
Eddie: Southern Pacific SD45
Dan: Burlington Route E5
Brandon: Burlington Route U25B
Grayback: Burlington Route F3
Alex: CSX GP40
Jeremy: Chicago & North Western Dash 9
Ryan: Jersey Central GP9

Northern Errol Line

Kenny: Louisville & Nashville U23B
Ferris: Chicago & Northwestern F7A
Jack: Chicago & Northwestern GP9
Robert: Monon BL2
Panzer: Monon F3
Matt: Monon F3 (Black and brown)
Tony: Monon C420
Tito: Monon U23B
Richard: Monon SW1

Mossberg Narrow Gauge Railway

Makenzie: Lahaina Kaanapali & Pacific #3
Casey Jones: Lahaina Kaanapali & Pacific #1
Tillie, and Georgia from The Little Engine That Could
Kaela: Cripple Creek & Victor #2
Dustin: Lahaina Kaanapali & Pacific #45
Amy: Georgetown Loop #12
Hatti: Lahaina Kaanapali & Pacific #5
Natalia (She looks like Georgia, but in grey)

Eastwood & Mossberg Railway

Marisa: Union Pacific 844
Juliette: Southern Pacific 4449
Holly: Santa Fe 3751
Jazlin: Jersey Central Blue Comet
Teresa: Jersey Central Camelback ten wheeler
Sarah, and Megan: Southern Pacific 2467 and 2472 respectively
Kinsey: Baldwin Locomotive Works 26
Danielle: Canadian National 3254
Sharon: Canadian Pacific 2317
Hayley: Pennsylvania 0-4-0
Leah: Candian Pacific 1201
Veronica: Canadian National 2141
Jessica: Nickel Plate Road 765
Alinah: Canadian National 4-6-2 engine 593
Mily: Reading & Northern 425
Sammi: New York Central Niagara
Larrisa: Black Five 5407
Margaret: Southern Pacific 4-4-2
Hannah: Chicago & Northwestern 4-6-2
Jade: Texas State Railroad 300
Alexis: Quincy Railroad 2
McKayla: Texas State Railroad 201

Jack the truck from episode 40 is part of the Eastern Pacific, but he's not on this list, because it's for railway engines only.

As for the music, I don't think I'll be able to come up with anything for this season. Instead, I'll be using mainly instrumental songs. Mainly Rock & Roll songs.

I got more characters coming for Season 3, and in this update, you get a sneak peak on three of them. Hilary, Zoe, and Kate. They're all steam engines. More pictures of them will be added onto this club later.

See you next time everybody.