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In time I know that we'll both see {Tony&Ziva}

NCIS Season X promo

Tiva - Kiss with a Fist

Tony & Ziva - I Can Wait Forever

Tony & Ziva/What's My Age//

Tony/Ziva - 'I want something... pemanent'

Tony & Ziva | Unspoken

(( This House No Longer Feels Like Home ))

Tony & Ziva - Love is real

Tony/Ziva All Road Lead Home

(Tony/Ziva || Peter/Olivia) This Is Where You Belong

Tiva-Give Your Heart A Break

Tony & Ziva | if only... [season 10 spoilers]

Tony & Ziva/Need To Be Next To You/NCIS

Tiva - Falling For You

Michael Weatherly & Cote de Pablo [We'll be Alright] * Behind the scenes

NCIS_(AU)_Tiva_So Cold

NCIS Tony (and Ziva): The One You Lost

Tony//Ziva: You Bring Me Joy V1.0

Tony & Ziva - 'Hometown Glory'

Tony&Ziva/NCIS/I Wanna Love You Forever

TIVA // You can´t hurry love but how long can you wait?

Tony and Ziva :: All this time [NCIS]

Tony & Ziva/It's You/NCIS

Tiva-Give Your Heart A Break.

Tiva - Stay With Me

Tony and Ziva // Alphabet

NCIS - Tony & Ziva ~ Run

NCIS Season 9 Roundtable

"Housekeeping" Commentary

Tiva || Frozen Moments ||

[NCIS] Remember Me [TONY & ZIVA]

Tony & Ziva - 'I Run To You'


Tony & Ziva/NCIS/Good To You

tony & ziva [is it love]

Tony&Ziva - I Thought i could fly ll LoveStory

How will you be remembered? [NCIS] [TONY&ZIVA]

TONY & ZIVA - Both of us

TIVA - Far away

wherever [tiva]

tony and ziva 9x12 (something)

NCIS Tiva- Hero [Request Season 9 scenes]

sick of dreaming (tony/ziva)

Tony & Ziva // Promiscuous

NCIS // TIVA // Tell Tony

Tony & Ziva [FUNNY] NCIS :)

[NCIS] Tony & Ziva || I'll let you look inside me

Tony-Ziva - We're not a couple

TIVA || Sour Cherry [FUNNY]

Because I Love Her - A Tony & Ziva Tribute

Tony&Ziva:: who will love you? who will fight?

Tony/Ziva moments { NCIS }

Tony/Ziva || Ships in the Night

Tony & Ziva | Cosmic Love | NCIS

"Remember" (NCIS, Tony/Ziva)

NCIS -Tiva - Made For Each Other

Tony and Ziva This Is Love 9X24

[Tony&Ziva] Talk | For Merel

TIVA - From A Table Away

NCIS Tiva - Ain't No Sunshine

Tiva - This is my idea

TIVA - You Belong With Me

(NCIS) - Tiva/McAbby: We Belong Together

Tiva - Why Tony Came for Ziva

Tony/Ziva - Addicted

Stay - Tiva

Tiva - Use Somebody

NCIS - TIVA - My Humps

NCIS Tiva - One Step At A Time

NCIS Tiva moments - Fill my little world

Tiva - Rude Boy!

Tiva -Together We Cry

Ziva - TIVA - Crazy But You Like It

NCIS- Tiva//McAbby- Keep Holding On

NCIS- Tiva- For You

NCIS - TIVA's Fever Dream

Tiva - What Hurts The Must

NCIS- Tiva - Desert Rose

Tiva - Party on the Floor

NCIS Ziva/Tiva- Cry

NCIS - Tony/Ziva - Ran Away to Tell the World

Tiva - Your Love Is A Lie

NCIS - 9x12 - Tony & Ziva - Tiva

Tiva - (Ziva's POV) - New Divide

NCIS TIVA - I Loved Her First

Tony&Ziva; Hold on Tight

NCIS Tony/Ziva - My Kind Of Love

Tony & Ziva || I will find you, I will mend your heart

Tony/Ziva - Echo

Tony and Ziva/.../"My eyes are brighter..."

Tony/Ziva - I am just too close to love you [SEASON 9]

NCIS Tony and Ziva "Just a chance that maybe we'll find better days"

Tony/Ziva ~ You've seen the worst of me

NCIS - Tony & Ziva - Miss you

"Just close your eyes..."// NCIS Safe And Sound

Tony/Ziva_You're Everything Good

Tony/Ziva - And After All...You're My Wonderwall

Castle&Beckett // Tony&Ziva - How I've been waiting for this...

Booth/Brennan & Tiva - The Only Exception ♥