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Tony & Ziva - If The World Should End

10x22 Revenge 30 sec promo

tony&ziva | don't let go (10x21)

[Tony&Ziva] Life after You {10x21}

Tony/Ziva-This I Promise You

AU Tony/Ziva - Marry Me *SPOILERS FROM 10X21*

NCIS Tiva - In the Arms of an Angel [SPOILERS 10x21!!

Tony & Ziva | Never Let Me Go [10x21]

Tony & Ziva Ending Scene (10x21) MAJOR SPOILERS!!!

They Ain't Ever Gonna Change - Tony & Ziva

Tiva - Happy Together

(Tiva) - Dream Team

Tony/Ziva - What About Now

10x21Berlin Promo

Tony & Ziva - Your Guardian Angel

NCIS | 10x20 | Chasing Ghosts

(tony/ziva) your song

NCIS "Berlin" Promo

Tony/Ziva - Give Me Love

Tony/Ziva Airplanes*Clip*

Tiva - Almost See It.

Tony/Ziva - Been Waiting My Whole Life

Tony/Ziva - Addicted

Tiva - You are beautiful♥

Tiva - Cooperation

Penguin (Tony and Ziva)

Where'd You Go - Tony & Ziva

tony & ziva | don't be surprised if i love you

tony & ziva | i could be your perfect disaster

Tony + Ziva; is this the thanks I get? {10x20}

(tony/ziva) if that's what you wanted

NCIS Tiva - Agony

Tony/Ziva - Rise 10x12/10x20

Tiva/Love Me Tender

tony/ziva - domino


Tony/Ziva - I'd want to know she's safe [10x20]

tony & ziva | be your everything

Tiva - Wings (NCIS)

Ziva & Tony - requiem for a dream

Tony and Ziva//More than just partners

Tiva/Kiss Me/NCIS

Tony and Ziva || Skinny Love

Tony + Ziva; time to make a move

(tony/ziva) stay

Tony&Ziva | Fear Is How I Fall (Spoiler Alert!)

B&B | Caskett | Tiva | Polivia ♪ "Not Like The Others" ♪

Tiva || My heart beating out of my chest

Tiva ; Kiss my eyes [Somalia]

What I Like About You || Ziva ❤ Tony