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Make It Shine - cover

tori + jade (&beck) | girls like girls

Take A Hint, Jade and Tori With Lyrics

What I hate?!?

Victoria Justice Takes Us on a Tour of Victorious!

Cat and Jade

Best of Cat Valentine from "Victorious"

Cat and Bibble's history ♥ (HD)

Ariana Grande - Grenade (Lyrics)

Victorious - Victoria Justice ft. Ariana Grande - L.A. Boyz

Victorious - Victoria Justice - Here's 2 Us

Give it Up Lyrics- Elizabeth Gillies & Ariana Grande

Victoria Justice ft. Avan Jogia - Finally Falling

Victoria Justice - Tell Me That You Love Me

You're the Reason Lyrics- Victoria Justice

I Want You Back Lyrics- Victorious

Freak The Freak Out - Victorious - FULL SONG/LYRICS

Ariana Grande - The Way ft. Mac Miller

Freak the Freak Out:Victoria Justice feat Victorious Cast


Pilot Review

Victorious Tribute

Jade/Cat/Beck - Use Somebody

Jade & Beck - Teenage Dream

Love Me Dead: jade+beck

Freak the Freak Out - Victoria Justice (Lyrics on Screen)

Beggin' On Your Knees - Victoria Justice - Lyrics

Beck/Jade -- Nobody's Perfect

Beck/Jade -- Just The Girl

Beck & Jade | That's why I smile ♥

Jade & Beck - Losing Your Memory

Best Friend's Brother - Victoria Justice - Lyrics

Elizabeth Gillies - "You Don't Know Me" - Official Lyric Video

Victorious: 'Its Not Christmas Without You' Song HD

Full Perfomance - You Don't Know Me

“Victorious” Cast “Here’s To Us” Music Video

Tori Goes Platinum - Make It In America(Music Live)

Jade & Beck - How could this happen to me

It's All Okay- Jade West

Jade's Creepy Audition - Victorious

Ariana Grande / Cat Valentine singing 'he didn't say i couldnt sing"

victorious: (5 fingers to the face)

Take a Hint lyrics - Victorious Cast ft. Victoria Justice and Elizabeth Gillies

Victorious Soundtrack - 12. Leave It All To Shine

Victorious Soundtrack - 10. Tell Me That You Love Me

Victorious Soundtrack - 11. Finally Falling

Victorious Soundtrack - 09. Song 2 You

Victorious Soundtrack - 07. Give It Up

Victorious Soundtrack - 02. Freak the Freak Out

Victorious Soundtrack - 03. Best Friend's Brother

Victorious Soundtrack - 08. I Want You Back

Victorious Soundtrack - 01. Make It Shine (Victorious theme)

Victorious Soundtrack - 05. All I Want Is Everything

Victorious Soundtrack - 06. You're The Reason

Victorious Soundtrack - 04. Beggin' On Your Knees

"Wanko's Warehouse" coming September 22, 2012!

Robbie blows into Tori's belly

Victoria Justice Survival of the Hottest

Blooptorious: Avan Jogia 'Beck' Bloopers

Victorious Bloopers

Song 2 You Lyrics- Leon Thomas III ft. Victoria Justice (Victorious)

Ariana Grande - Die In Your Arms cover

Victorious Cast - Five Fingers (To The Face) (Lyrics on Screen)

Jori Save Your Scissors

Stalker Jade/Sinjin

Pay Phone Bade

Bade/Jori Now You're Whole

Somewhere Only We Know (ft. Kurt Schneider and Elizabeth Gillies)

Liz Gillies and Ariana Grande duet

Beck/Jade/James || The Way I Loved You

Beck and Jade: Everything You Do

Beck and Jade ~ Forever and Always (Victorious)

Before the Storm - Beck and Jade

Beck & Jade- Love The Way You Lie

Beck and Jade ~ You and I

Beck and Jade ~ Unfaithful (Guy voice)

Already Gone - Beck and Jade

Beck & Jade - In another Life

Lips of an Angel - Beck and Jade

Beck & Jade - Story Of Us!

The One That Got Away - Beck and Jade

Beck & Jade - Stay

Beck & Jade - Staring at it

Beck & Jade | Kiss Me Again [COLLAB]

Beck & Jade || Forever

Beck & Jade- What Have You Done Now?


'For No One' Cover- Elizabeth Gillies

Victorious Cast feat. Victoria Justice - Make It In America

Victoria Justice Singing Oh Darling

Victoria Justice Performs 'Make It in America' on Ellen

"Tori Goes Platinum" - Offcial Trailer

Tori, Beck, Cat and Robbie prank Sikowitz

Victorious: 'Five Fingaz' To the Face Song HD

Jade vs. Tori: You Don't Know A Thing About Me (Victorious)

Jade & Beck

Jade sings in "Jade gets crushed"

Jade & Beck wouldn't change a thing

Driving Tori Crazy 2

Driving Tori Crazy 1