Winx Club Roxy Twinx Role Play! Alfean Classrooms!

lovebaltor posted on Aug 04, 2010 at 03:59PM
No crime and fighting here!Just plain old,ordinary classrooms where of course,we do schoolwork.

The girls can chose which class that they would like 2 participate in.

They all must at least chose 1 class 2 participate in and recieve a passing grade.

The Classes go as followed:

Potionnology:Palladium is certainly giving u a run 4 the grade.U most complete a very difficult potion in order to recieve the good grade:Verictaserum.A potion that makes the drinker spill their darkest,and deepest secrets.Made un-properly could b catastrophic.*CyD12,30degrees & TDWC_lover have joined*

Metamorphosimbiosis:Wizgiz' class.Oh Joy.2 recieve ur grade u must b able to transform a simple little lizard,into a great,fire breathing dragon.(And also make sure that ur dragon doesnt burn down the whole school!) *Lovebaltor, & samoangirl96 have joined. 1 more member may join*

Extreme Magic-Defense:Class with Grizelda?Things couldnt get possibly any worse!Well,it just did.2 receive ur grade u battle,and defeat 1 of ur most trusted companions.*Winxlove2 has joined,2 others may join*

Good Ways Class:U must prove 2 Professor DuFour that u can have proper manners in front of the King and Queen of Eraklyon 2 recive a passing grade.(Without making a single mistake or embrrassing urself!) *Winxlove2,& Stellawinx4ever have joined.1 other may join*

Well,those r all of the classes!Try ur best and good luck!(Trust me,u'll need it)Oh,I forgot 2 mention that only 3-4 ppl may join a class.

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over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Melody:(telepikc mesagge to bloom:hey bloom come to us I gonna show you a speel to make grizelda look funny and there is a new girl)so I cold bloom to come here!hey chelsea I am melody fairy of music and water!and this is noel fairy of water and her voice!
Noel:hi!do you know where you gonna live?I think we have one left bed in one room!
over a year ago Tasfee said…
Chelsea:(Thinks)OK,so where is it.Oh and for the contrary,i am a weather fairy.
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Noel:I think in terras room.or in heilee.or in-
Melody:just sai that you don't know where!
over a year ago TDWC_lover said…
big smile
Gwen: nice to meet you Chelsea! Im Gwen (smiles) and is cool you are a bookworm! I love books too!
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Noel:so chelsea wud you whant to go to my caste today after scool?!t wud be fun!
Melody:there is just one thing we live in sea so you are not afread of water or something like that?
over a year ago CyD12 said…
big smile
Terra: can I go too? it sound cool! (smiles) you should go Chelsea! we will have fun!
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Noel:sure terra.just one gonna be my hum.well I gonna become we gonna party and tomor we wudin't be at scool.I gonna go to faragonda to get promision to leave.
Melody:wow a queen?! so cool you will have dress right?
Noel:well something like that.I gonna have my mermaid transform whit some akcesuars.:) best thing is that in my caslte there is meny air so you cud breaf at there. :)
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Noel:oh and we gonna party karens wedings too.
over a year ago Stellawinx4eva said…
Hailee:YAY YAY YAY YAY *jumps around*
over a year ago TDWC_lover said…
big smile
Gwen: wow! a Queen! thats cool! (smiles) I am sure you will be a great Queen Noel!
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Noel:yeah but there is one propblem.*crys* one month in years I must be in my palece/ocea.if I wudin't I will I will gonna dei.but kiss of my true love can bring my beck :)
Melody:yeah.when karen got queen she need to do that too just she most be in human world for 1 mobth not sea.
over a year ago lovebaltor said…
Roxy:Cool! I agree with Gwen,Im sure you'll b a great Queen Noel! And I cant wait 2 see ur castle!! *Smiles*
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Noel:it's wery bigg.but in indona ocea my friend seira has the biggest caste :).but she don't whant us to come in to it.enemys cud folow us.*Sees hat speel on miss dufour is deleting*heilee my speel is self delething let's run to class!!aah!!!
over a year ago Stellawinx4eva said…
Hailee:Omigod *runs to class and slips into seat and files nails*
over a year ago Tasfee said…
Chelsea:Aaaaa....whats going on?
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
bubble:chelsea if you whant to not be late run to good maniers class fast!
over a year ago Tasfee said…
Chelsea:Aia!!!!(runs and shouts back0I will see u all later okay,bye!
over a year ago samoangirl96 said…
teine:see ya chelsea! nice to meet you. we should probably get back to our classes, ya know before we get in trouble.
over a year ago Tasfee said…
Chelsea in class.

Dufor:Stay away,had enough of those nicey stuff with spell of faces and ummm!!!!!!
Chelsea:ok(sits at at a bench slowly and takes notes)
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Noel:miss dufour can we do something now?!! we have meny studints allready!
miss dufour:okey!page 400 read it all!*new book apear.everybody opens her.and she transforms in to an evil book*now think of your powers think of good maniers and make this book good agen.whit out jusing magic!
Noel:wtf!*dufour makes her book bigger*
dufour:every bad word and your book will grow!
Noel:hello dear book!why are you attacking my?!did I did something wrong to you?!
Book:well no!*stops be angry*you see it's my job to teach you and I must be angry for 10 mins so they wud pay my
Noel:*gives kiss to book*is that unof for you to stop?!
Noel:miss dufour I gooded my book!
dufour wery good!
over a year ago lovebaltor said…
Roxy:*Gets 2 class*Hello Professor!
Wizgiz:Well hello again!
Roxy:*Sits down*So,wat r we going 2 do 2day?
Wizgiz:2day we will b taking notes.
Roxy:*Sighs*Alright,*Takes out a notebook and a pencil*
Wizgiz:*With a wave of hand,loads of words appear*There u go!
Roxy:*Mouth drops*Oh joy...*Starts writing*
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Melody:we should get going too!*runs in to grizeldas class*did I mist something?!
over a year ago samoangirl96 said…
teine:*walks into class and looks* What! were taking notes!
wizgiz:yes miss Teine, now get to writing
teine:sure whatever!*mumbles under her breath*
wizgiz:what was that?
Teine:oh nothing*takes her seat and gets to writing*
over a year ago CyD12 said…
Terra: (gets in her class) hey Proffesor!
Palladium: nice to see you again girls, pleace sit down
Terra: (sits down) so what are we going to do today?
Palladium: (1 book appears in front of every girl) those are spells most read them and choose 5 and write them down.
Terra: just that? just write?
Palladium: for now, yes
Terra: wow how easy!
Palladium: and for next class you most memorize one of those spells and do it here in class
Terra: ough! I should talk! (opens the book)
over a year ago Ember89 said…
Bloom: (thinking: why did I agree to take this class?!)
over a year ago Tasfee said…
~Chelsea in Grizelda's class.~

Chelsea:Good afternoon Ms......Grizelda(gulps).
Ms Grizelda;Good afternoon Ms Heathers.Sit down.
Chelsea:(Sits down and sees a girl staring at her and replied)Hello?
Girl:Hello???My name is Candy.
Chelsea:(can't keep but laugh)Sorry,haha!Cool name.
Candy:Arghhhh.......(thinks) i know a way to ground her.haha.(puts paper balls on Chelsea desk and throws some at Grizelda)
Grizelda:WHO DID THAT????!!!??!!!!(sees Chelsea's desk) dare u Ms Heathers?First day,and u already started!
Chelsea:But Ms......
Grizelda;No buts!Go out of the class and a week detention for u!
(Chelsea runs out crying)
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over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Melody:(think:so that candy girl is evil.)miss grizelda can I show you what I can in a batle whit candy girl?!
Candy:I am not fighting her!
Grizelda:as you wish miss melody!bettel!
Melody:(telepatick mesagge to chelsea if you what to see how i gonna kick candy girl but come out side:))*everybody get's out side*
grizelda:there are 3 roles.1. you can hit your friend(candy/melody)just whit week speels so you wudin't hurt wery much!2.everybody else can't help/can help olny if frend get wery hurt and you now wery good healing speel! and will fight in you enchantix not bilievix!
Melody:what?!I bin in enchantix eges ago!
Candy:pity I am allready in enchantix!.enchantix!*she transform.grizelda takes some of melodys power so she wud be in enchantix.melody transform too*
Melody:this is our losing day candy!
Candy:oh no this is my wining day!you see I never lose!
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Melody:(think:so that candy girl is evil.)miss grizelda can I show you what I can in a batle whit can
over a year ago Tasfee said…
Chelsea:(drying tears)Come on Melody!U can do it!
A girl:yay!Go get her,she is always bullying us around.
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Melody:so you what to play candy?!!enchented sound!
Candy:ah!!! stop that noise!!!!
Melody:I don't hear enything sweety!
Candy:minde cadys!*nose in her head disapear*candy storm!!
Melody:music sheild!music wave!*hit's candy*oh sorry I hitted you!
Candy:invisible candy*ses couetly.and wery big candy apear behaid melody*attack!*big candy hit's melody and she wals on the flor*
Grizelda:the fight is over and-
Melody:fight is not over!ah!!!!*large mikrafone apear near melody*voice of demon!*candy head starts to get bigger bigger and bigger*
Girzelda:stop it melody melody melody!!!
Melody:*she stops the attack*
grizelda:winner is melody!
Candy:that's unfair she jused wery bigg speel I cud dai!
Grizelda:but she stoped.I know that you wudin't.for you miss melody tomorow you can stay at your room because to you and your friends from my class tomorow will be a free dai!
Melody:oh tnx you miss grizelda but can you now give my powers beck?!
Grizelda:oh sorry!
over a year ago 30degrees said…
(on Faina`s class...)

Faina: ough! this spells are really long!
Palladium: you most start memorize one spell
Faina: but where are we going to get all this plants and stuff?
Palladium: I organizaded a special trip to the forest in front of Alfea...Everyone in this class is coming with me to the forest and you will get all the things you need
Faina: cool! and when are we going to do this trip?
Palladium: today after class
over a year ago CyD12 said…
big smile
Terra: we are getting out of this class?
Palladium: but just after we finish!
Terra: (copies the last potion) finish! can we go now?
Palladium: make a list of the materials you need for the potion and then we go...
Terra: ok...hhhmmm what potion should I choose? (looks at the different potions) oh this one looks cool! it makes you know ppls moods and feelings! maybe we could use it to see Faina`s true feelings for Jake! (giggles and smiles at Faina)
over a year ago Tasfee said…
*Chelsea comes in Terra's class*
Chelsea:Um.....hello Terra.I know i am not in this class but guess who gave me punishment to sit for he next three days just because big spells r used in battles*sighs*
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Melody:never mess whit my got it!
Candy:no I didin't listen today after classes we will fight agen!
Melody:I can't it's my friends queen becoming day!
Candy:sure we cud fight at there!
Melody:she wudin't let you in and you wud dai because it's under water!
over a year ago Ember89 said…
Bloom: wow melody you kicked candys butt!! (laughs) but why did grizelda make you battle her?
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Melody:tnx bloom.she didin't make us she leted us to batlle you see candy throed paper at grizelda but chlsea wus "risponsible" for it.
Grizelda:so candy did it not chelsea?!
Grizelda:find her and bring her beck to class!
Melody:sure miss!(telepatick mesagge to chelsea:hey come beck to class!your punishment is over:))
over a year ago Tasfee said…
Chelsea:(gets the message) Ummmmm...bye guys.(with melody)Thx Melody,Candy won't be showing her face for a long time.
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Melody:yeah! I gonna bettel her agen some day:(
over a year ago Tasfee said…
Chelsea:i hope next time its me,not u.I need to get independent and fight for myself.
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
M:don't worry it's just she is a jurk.I mean her name is like boy name :)
over a year ago TDWC_lover said…
big smile
(on Gwen`s class...)

Gwen: (finish writing the materials) ok proffesor! we are ready
Palladium: good, now lets go! (they go to the forest in front of Alfea) look for everything you need, but dont get too far!
Gwen: (looks around) what should I look first?
Nimfea: (gets there) hey Gwen! I heard you will be here so I came with Zing and Jolly to help you
Gwen: cool! actually I need to find this flower (shows the flower) could you help me?
Nimfea: sure! (strats looking)
over a year ago Tasfee said…
big smile
Chelsea:(Comes to Gwen)Hey Gwen!What r u doing?Can i help?
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
Noel:*sees gwen and chelsea leaving alfea*hey guy wait for my!
over a year ago Tasfee said…
Chelsea:Hey Noel!I was just thinking to help Gwen to gather some ingredients.U wanna help?
over a year ago winxlove2 said…
over a year ago Tasfee said…
Chelsea:Looks like Gwen has got extra hands.So,what do u want us to find Gwen????
over a year ago lovebaltor said…
*Roxy in class*

Roxy:*Sighs in frusturation*Can we please do something else?
Wizgiz:Fine fine,take a break and meet me back in class in 30 minutes!
Roxy:Thnxs!*Closes book and walks out*
over a year ago Tasfee said…
Chelsea:(comes outta class)Hi Roxy,what r u doin'????
over a year ago samoangirl96 said…
teine:yes! another break! my hands were starting to cramp up!
over a year ago Tasfee said…
Chelsea:Oh come on,the lessons were not that hard were they?
over a year ago lovebaltor said…
Roxy:No,not really,bue he made us take notes 4 who knows how long *Laughs*
Athena:In that amount of time u should have taken some excellent notes!
Roxy:Hehe,umm kinda
Athena:*Rolls eyes* Oh boy...