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popstar42 said …
hey i saw ur post on justin beiber funny i think he gay to lol Posted over a year ago
smileychloe123 said about Justin Beiber
justin is gay and i dont like him if it was up to me i would be using his head a toilet cleaner and his body as a mop .. he is ugly and i felt sorry for seleena and who ever he gets pregrent with have one hell of an ugly baby

Posted over a year ago
tiarramb commented…
i am with u over a year ago
she was my fav model on thereand i love er to pieces she is the best model that could ever win.. Posted over a year ago
i love americas next tp model me and my friend have sky record it and then watch them over and over agin.. i want to do modelling when im older im only 14 but i would love to do .. Posted over a year ago
zendaya2282 commented…
I totally agree. my dream is to become a model or even get on this show! but I'm not tall... :( over a year ago
smileychloe123 commented…
im not tall either im 5.6 and tbh im 14. i would love ot be on this show but im from harrogate so i would never get on this show but u should go for it girl .. and how old r u :) over a year ago
keshonalovesu commented…
thats ok u will be up there on day zendaya just keep on dreaming over a year ago
HannaCoolio commented…
My tall is 169cm and i;m15 y.o ..hahahaha over a year ago