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Fuse has returned.... Most gone from the last attack of fuse.The ones here, lets say, are soon to be our future heros.Fuse's attack on earth again is revenge. Revenge on humans. he no longer cares about teh team of cartoons who helped the heros. Fuse is back to get his revenge on the ones who took him down... Me and my team.

Computress: Dexter,Planet Fuse is sighted on the screen.
Dexter:Worn the other heros... hell be here soon!

*Microphones all over towns speaking*

Microphone:Those listening,...
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Today's the Day!
It's the day we've all been waiting for -- FusionFall is totally live and ready to welcome the world. If you've joined us during our Sneak Peek events, then you know the Cartoon Network Universe needs a hero just like you! Get your game face on -- the battle awaits. Jump right in and play for FREE!
Access to a limited portion of the FusionFall world
Ability to collect up to 4 Nanos
Ability to create 2 characters
No credit card required
Subscription Options
Unlocking all of FusionFall's premium content (and there's a LOT of it) is as easy as choosing a subscription plan. We have several...
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posted by Billymandygrim
*Peskie Ponies turn around*

Fuse:Welcome Tennysons,And dexter and his wimpy computer.

Dexter:DONT CALL HER COMPUTER! shes as normal as can be!

*Ben Turns jetray and zaps the pesky ponie holding him*

*Ben flys off*

Ben:Ill warn the others and tell them where you are!

Fuse:Bens gone, now it will be easier to take u down.Muhahhahahahahahahaah!

*Fusion Eduardio and fusion coco come from behind them being held by Fusion Dexter and Fusion tetrax*
Gwen:Let them... *she turns full anodite form* GOOOOO!!!!!

*she zaps pesky ponie and tehy turn to tiny tiny marbles of fusion matter*

Gwen: Ill give u one chance...
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Culdesac: day two

" Phew.... finally made it!" Ben said, stretching his back. The groups ....or at least what was left of the ones that were'nt taken, along with all the townspeople from near and far to hear the speech in which the heros were representing. No one had seen the disappearances, unless they had been captured themself. The crowds roared and the villans booed. Everyone seemed to be there. It made most of them afraid....... some heros wondered if it was afe to leave the towns unattended, making it easier for fusions to enter the them unscathed. Mandark assured them it would be perfectly...
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posted by laser5142
Join the soon coming U.D.A! The U.D.A., or United Defence Assoctiation, is a special division to kick some serious Fusion tail! I, unfortunately, have yet to really make a character to command the U.D.A. I will accept EVERYONE now, with high command promises! And I also will greatfully accept any assistance, tips, and I will temporarily grant the lead command to a powerful soldier, until I become powerful too. What I will do for now, over FanPop, is organize every soldier. The U.D.A launches on 5/21/2011, at about 12:00 PM. We will meet at the KND tree house, where we will party our new division to the max! And afterwards, we will make some spawns splode till kingdom come! U.S.A! U.S.A! uh, i mean, U.D.A! U.D.A! (sorry that that was racist, but I thought it would be funny) To join, just comment some of your info. e.g. screen name, what you want to know, aaaaaand, if you got anything else on your chest, then just comment. .....U.D.A!