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My Little Pony Christmas Song
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Prologue: The beginning
Rift's father: He's so cute honey, I knew he would what should we name him?
Rift's mother: How about Rift.
Rift's father: Rift?
Rift's mother: Rift, for that scar going down his eye.
Rift's father: That's just perfect, our little Rift.
Nurse: Ahh I see he's awake.
Rift: Daddy.
Rift's father: *gasp* Honey he said his first word
*5 years later*
Rift: Hey dad where are we goin'?
Dad: We are going to see a play at your school.
Rift: Awwwww, how'd you find out?
Mom: We saw the flyer you tried to throw away mister.
Rift: Shoot. 
*at Rifts school*
Teacher: Ok class we have a new student today...
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Hello,everyone!Today I would like to share with you some ideas on how to make your own Fluttershy costumes.Here are some ideas:

Let's start with the dress.I would say to go with a yellow,short dress with maybe a little white.Or,if you don't want a dress,just use a yellow t-shirt and skirt.If you're lucky enough to find a skirt or dress at the store with butterflies on it,by all means,use it!This'll count as the cutie mark.

For the shoes,you can probably just go with yellow or pink.I would do pink,because I think a yellow dress with yellow shoes would probably be too much yellow.But once again,either...
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yay, yay, ahhhhh!
my little pony friendship is magic
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