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posted by dragonfighter
The stranger was covered a bit in the shadows now. He seemed to be wearing some type of armor perhaps? She knew not.
“Um… hello?” She asked, both confused and a bit nervous as to why the fox was acting so.
“Hello.” He answered blankly. “May I ask you something?”
“That would depend.” She answered, still cautious about the stranger.
“Is your current mission taking vengeance on Robotnick for destroying this city?” He inquired, though the question seemed a bit unintelligent.
"Well, no.." Nicole answered, looking down at the ground.
“And why are you asking me?”
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Nicole came home lonely and tired from a tuff solo-mission...half way home the sky lit up and started flashing!a meteor fell!!!as it aproach nicole it fell apart and revealed a metal cargo pod!!!BOOM!!!SLAMED INTO THE GROUND...Nicole doged it...she aproached the crater...the pod opened up and a shiny crystal came shot out a light!!!it used the light to scan for trustworthy life form,it determined how trustworthy nicole glowed the number 100% trustworthy!!!the crystal shatered and a watch-like-device came said "hello...are you a freedom fighter?"Nicole responded
"y-yes..."The device said "my name is Matt."
It looked at nicole...his screen turned pink(blush pink)...nicole kind of like the device and asked "Do you have a holographic form?" Matt responed "yes..."the it tranformed into a male lynx!!!nicole instedly fell in love...Nicole asked matt if he wanted a tour-date...matt blushed and said "YES!!!"(TO BE CONTINUED
posted by Hellowittykitty
(This is in Nicole's Point of View! P.S. I will be writing poetry for a bit, and you'll see it around! 😊)

I took one step
Then two
Then three
I wondered who made that soothing cup of tea

It was night,
The full moon bright
It's soft shimmer filling me with glee
I couldn't help but think
What is to become of me?

Lives have been saved
Through day after day
But what about my own?
I cannot say

My batteries may have been charged
The criminals no longer at large
Royal couples are happy
But this whole story seems so sappy

Then I laid my head on those silken sheets
With their soft touch so alluring
Oh dear, this seems so reoccurring
This has happened before

A small glimmer of happiness
Just for a second
I savored it, at least I recon
Then I closed my weary eyes

Laid my head
On these wonderful, soothing, soft
Satin Sheets.
Part 11
They hadn’t gotten far when the three G.U.N. agents awoke. They could still see Nicole and her allies in the distance, so they got up, and went after them. Omega had pointed his arm cannon at Nicole’s head, but was stopped by Shadow. The black hedgehog pointed at something that Lisa was carrying, then started sneaking behind them.
“So Nicole, why did we need the red emerald exactly”? Midnight asked. “From what I can gather, each chaos emerald comes from a different planet, giving it different abilities”. Nicole started out. “From what Sonic told us from his space voyage,...
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posted by dragonfighter
His fur seemed to be a pale orange, with hands and legs that faded to silver, though they were mostly covered by gloves and boots. His boots were long with, Red and grey, and two silver rings on the top of them. His gloves were long and red, with white at the bottom, and a silver ring with black and white mixed colors twisted inside of them. He wore a strange-looking belt with a somewhat star-shaped middle, and a triangular red top. His hair was a bit long, going slightly in front of his eyes, which were the reason for the Lynx’s shock. They were completely white, with no pupils or coloring...
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posted by dragonfighter
“Um… no… Should I?” She responded, continuing to be confused by this strange mobian.
“Well if this is your world, I guess not.” He responded. “Please forgive my next action.” The fox then turned white instead of orange, with only his silver parts staying the same. Next he teleported to Nicole, picked her up gently, then teleported them to the top of another temple.
“Again, very sorry about surprising you like that.” He apologized, feeling embarrassed a bit.
“It’s… al…right…” She said nervously. “What do you need me to do?”
“When I give you the signal, I...
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Part 12
The lynx calling herself Virus had sprinted at the two females, who obviously dodged. Virus then tried punching them again, and missed again. “Great aim”. Lisa insulted.
“I wasn’t aiming for you ‘kitty’!” Virus spat back just before releasing her hand form where it hit the ground. The lynx drew her hand out from the earth, pulling out a worm-like energy monster. The creature shot at Lisa and Midnight, knocking them down.
“Why do you want the ring so bad?” Midnight yelled to Virus. Virus didn’t respond. She just pointed at her finger at them, then the entire red army...
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Part 17
Nicole the lynx: An AI with a soul. A heart of gold, and a flaming spirit
Iron Nicole: An AI bound to the ideals of search and capture. Serving the Iron Queen.
Virus the lynx: An AI with a soul. Bound to the ideals of search and destroy. A destructive evil, that takes pleasure in wrong.
The dark lynx. Virus. She had landed on the ground. There was little damage to her.
The light lynx. Nicole. She had crashed into the side of the last standing wall of the factory remains. The ceiling had collapsed on her, and she was now not only severly damaged, but also unconscious.
Virus got up and rushed...
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Part 6
The smoke of battle had finally stopped, and a green plain showed itself beneath the rubbish and wounded. Ken and Lisa stood over their hurt friend trying to help “bring Nicole” back “to life”.
“She stopped bleeding”. Khan said, trying to comfort the upset cat. “But she’s not moving”! Lisa whined. “And her wound is starting to swell”! Finished the young cat. “At least she’s st”-(khan tried to say, but was interrupted by a voice)
“Hello? Where am I”? Nicole said weakly. “she’s coming back”! Lisa squealed in tearful delight. “Nicole, can you hear...
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The following events are taking place in mobius currently under attack by an evil parasitic force known as "The emultants". The evil scientist Dr. eggman is also on the scene trying to get rid of our protagonist heroes, Tak, Matt, and adrian. Our heroes are pinned down on a highly fortified defense tower that serves as a watchtower as well as Tak's domain. Adrian is currently evacuating Nicole from the havoc but needs to back up Tak for he is in trouble. This is where we start.

Adrian: Matt where are you, we need to get nicole out of here. It's too dangerous for her to be here.
Matt on mic: I'm...
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posted by TakTheFox
From the Databanks of Nicole
By Ian Flynn on December 1, 2010 3:00 PM|No Comments

My database remains inaccurate.
The resistance's activity and patrols by both the Dark Egg Legion and Yagyu Clan keep the exact number of citizens free or imprisoned in a constant state of flux.
That, and should I lose my will again, I do not want the Iron Queen to have access to solid numbers.
Approximately 95% total city population is under direct threat of the Iron Dominion.
Of this, 90% are held within Prison Eggs with approximately 4% in hiding throughout the city without support.
The...the remaining less than...
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Part 9
Nicole and company sprang into action. Although they were confused as to why G.U.N. was firing at them, they did not hesitate to fight back. In fact the only one who didn’t attack was Lisa, who quickly ran to a nearby stair, and ducted down, hoping not to be found
“What are they doing”?! Midnight yelled out. “I don’t know, but this has got to stop”! Nicole hollered back, just before driving a fist into the ground. The shock wave caused the soldiers to either fall backward, or get launched into the air. Nicole didn’t hesitate to take advantage of this opportunity and started...
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posted by dragonfighter
Nicole looked down from the hill at the destroyed city. Soleanna. There were crumpled buildings, the streets were lined with blood puddles and tufts of fur and feathers, the sky was clouded with huge dark grey clouds that were to stay over the city forever, it was completely deserted (well, except for Nicole herself), over to her right, was a blood-soaked field covered in many eggbot parts, leaking oil from the war that had been fought there. Nicole transported to what used to be downtown Soleanna and started walking down the street. When she looked into a dark alley, she saw a flicker of movement....
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Part 8
“I still think you should rest longer. You were attacked with like a techno version of dark magic for crying out loud”! Midnight said as Nicole started off to her own Hospitropolis station(house). “There are a few things that we’ll need Midnight, and The sooner we leave, the sooner we get back”. Nicole started. “We don’t know if the red army is going to come back to take the city, so we need to go soon”. She finished.
“… Good point”. Midnight agreed. “I wonder what’s taking Lisa. She’s been gone for almost two hours”. Midnight finished as they approached...
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Nicole Game storyline Wording and story
Part 1
Robotropolis. A baron, toxic city, where only a robot could survive. In this wasteland a new threat is born. We all remember the many Robotnick threats. E.V.E. A.D.A.M. Mecha and Iron Nicole. In this city one of those threats will be recreated.

In a large field of electric cords a strange, red, light surges power throughout the city, then in one mighty blow the force-shield is destroyed. The toxin slowly spreads through Fort Acorn as it’s guards and leaders try to escape, while some stay behind to try and delay the great army of strange new robots...
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posted by TakTheFox
Fan-Picked Fan Mail - Nicole (3/3)
By Ian Flynn on September 9, 2011 3:00 PM|1 Comment

(Nicole) Hello everyone! I have time enough for one last letter. Thank you for voting for me to be part of this month's letter-reading! Kristy C. of Gilbert, AZ finishes our week.

Dear My Sonic Universe,
Hi! I'm 22 and I still love Sonic since I was seven. I'm loving this Sonic comic universe as much as the Sonic SatAM universe. I'm also pleased with all the story arcs so far. I think that they're all awesome!

(Nicole) I'm so glad you think so!

Now for the fun part, the questioning!
1) Is there going to be a hedgehog...
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Part 16
Midnight and Shadow linked arms, and began spinning with incredible speed. They formed a giant top-like shape, and lunged into Super Virus. They were able to bring her down to the ground, but that was all.
The uninfected Super lynx plunged her hand into the spiral then shot it across the room. Chaos Shadow jumped out of the way, but Midnight wasn’t as lucky. She crashed through the wall and out the factory.
Midnight kept flying miles backwards, unable to stop. Then something stopped her. She landed on the ground in pain. The rabbit looked up to see who or what had saved her.
“Y- yoouu…”...
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Part 15
“We have to warn Nicole!” Midnight said, as she pulled out her com. “Nicole!”
“Hello Midnight.” Nicole said, as she picked up her com.
“The bots! The SQUAD!” Midnight exclaimed. “They accidentally got transported to Mobius, and are probably right outside the city!”
“WHAT?!” Nicole exclaimed in disbelief. “How did the Suppression Squad-“
“It doesn’t matter!” Midnight interrupted. “If we don’t get back there now- AGH!!!”
“Midnight? MIDNIGHT!” Nicole yelled. But no one answered. The com blacked out.
Nicole struggled to get to her window, bracing herself...
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Part 14
“Why Moebius?” Midnight inquired, as the two allies started walking about in search of Virus. “I mean, it’s not like she can use this zone for anything, seeing how it’s a dump.”
“From what I’ve gathered from the invasion from Scourge and his anti-freedom-fighters,” Shadow stated. “while our zone has only seven chaos emeralds, this zone has hundreds.”
“So all she needs to do is find some, and Super Virus time, right?” Midnight asked.
“Basically yes.” Shadow answered.
It hadn’t been long until they had found part of an old and destroyed robot. It looked like...
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Part 13
“Shadow?” Nicole said in confusion. “You- you’re going to help us?”
“Of course.” Shadow replied. “We openly attacked you thinking that you were Virus, but after you…beat us,” He mumbled. “we saw another lynx attack you, and your escape, and the chaos emerald.”
“So we got the chaos emerald back.” Rouge stated.
“How?” Midnight asked
“ ‘How’?” Omega said in surprise. “With raw power.”
“Omega created a distraction, I took care of Virus, and Rouge got the emerald.” Shadow said. “And now Rouge is going to give them the emerald, right?”
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