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posted by alyssazon
Yoo Jae Suk: main MC of Running man, he has great personality, supports the other members & variety newbies, he sometimes has self-confidence
Kim Jong Kook: second MC of RM, in RM, his character is aggressive, bold, exaggerated, intelligent type, but he also supports others
Song Ji Hyo: only female member in RM, she plays ACE role, smart, persevering type, she gets along well with other male members
Ha Ha: the playful member, plays as dearest dongsang(brother) with KJK, plays the type who shows interest in every female guest that appear in the show
JI Suk Ji: the oldest member of RM, he plays the weak, sunflower to YJS
Kang Gary: the variety newbie, but he shows his best in RM, acts as Monday couple with SJH, but appears to end that love line in episode 80
Lee Gwang Soo: the other variety newbie, he also does his best in RM, he plays the weak and dumb member
posted by alyssazon
In fact, I've always liked Monday couple since the beginning (to be exact-episode 11). But the public announcement on Feb1.2012 of Song Ji Hyo dating her CEO has really disappointed and shocked me. When I first read about it, I can't even believe it. Then, I felt sorry for Gary who has shown his love throughout the episodes so far. In his twitter, he relieved all his fans by saying that he's absolutely okay. He said that it didn't affect him at all. So no need for his fans to say sorry to him. For this, I admire him.
However, I've hoped that the monday couple will work out well and become one of the couples that the whole nation would be jealous of them. I've now realized that that dream will not come true.
Last but not least, I've noticed that after that announcement the relationship of Monday couple has become distant in the later shows. And Gary said to Ha Ha in episode 79 that Monday couple has ended in episode 80. So the loveline of Running man has finished somewhat this way.
The Running Man star, HaHa has just revealed that his wife Byul is 3 months pregnant!

He posted the news on his Twitter: “Everyone! Congratulate us! I’m going to be a father! [I guess I'm a man too]~! We are three months along~ Apparently very healthy too! Aigoo~ I’m embarrassed.. hehehe. My mouth was itching because I really wanted to brag to my fellow members, agency, and you all~!”

He continued, “They said we had to wait until they knew the baby was safe and settled, so I kept my mouth shut~! The baby is very healthy! Hehe, will you pray for our Dream to be tall~? Congratulations!! Congratulate us all you want~!! Thank you!! Hehe, now I’m off to go on a little trip~^^.”

HaHa and Byul held their wedding ceremony on November 30, but the couple had announced they filed for marriage and began living together beforehand.

Congratulations to the couple!