Being as curious as I was, I headed over to watch the 10 Things I Hate About You TV show to see how it would compare to the movie. I was actually pleasantly surprised and watched nine episodes (well, they're only 22 minutes long) in two days. (And I can't seem to find the tenth episode! I'm so mad!) I'm still a little confused about why they decided to make a TV show out of a teen movie that came out ten (and a half) years ago, even though said movie is totally awesome and the Best! High! School! /Teen! Movie! Ever! But, whatever. Of course, the movie is better, but I didn't hate the TV show like I thought I would. It's not bad and even has some LOL moments. I especially love the moments with Kat and Bianca and their dad (played by Larry Miller...again). I felt thought scenes were kept most true to the movie because their dad makes them take urine samples and breath analyzers after they've snuck out, and just like in the movie where he makes Bianca wear the pregnant belly, he makes Kat sit in a wheelchair after she has a fender-bender. He even measures their dresses and checks to make sure they're not see-through. So I thought they did a good job of keeping the father and daughters scene true to the movie.

They made a few changes, though, like:
-Kat's full name is Katherine, not Katarina.
-Kat and Bianca are the new kids at school and they show takes place in California. They moved from Ohio, they could at least had them move from Seattle, but that would probably be too glamorous.
-While there is the "Bianca can't date until Kat does" rule, they took out the whole paying Patrick to take Kat out storyline, but that would be stupid to take the whole plot of the movie.

All the characters from the movie are in the TV shows and while some are kept true to their film counterpart, there others who have done a total 180. Of course, the actors from the movie are way better than the TV actors, but I do see some with potential.

Out of all the actors, I think Lindsay Shaw as Kat does the best job. They defiantly kept this Kat true to the film version which is good since she's the main character. She's also got some great one-liners like she did in the movie. I'm going to have to remember to use "Christian Bale" as a verb as in "I didn't know he would Christian Bale on me." Haha.

It took me a few episodes to warm up to Bianca. While she's still boy-crazy and cares about being popular, there's a slight difference since in the TV show she's the new girl and has to work her way up to the social ladder and sometimes comes across as being a little too desperate. In the movie she was only desperate to date, but she would never have to worry about being shunned to Social Siberia. However, I did like the episode where she called out Chasity on her selfishness and I saw movie!Bianca shining through. Anyway, the actress who plays her could be Kristen Bell's little sister.

I don't hate TV Patrick as much as I thought I would since nobody can compare to Heath. True, Ethan Peck doesn't hold a candle to Heath, but he's not bad, although I do kinda hate that they're making this Patrick be too much like Edward Cullen: you know, brooding, mysterious, he even makes a vampire reference to Kat when he sneaks into her room. He also stalks her in the first couple of episodes (at least in the movie you knew why he was following her). At least Kat is nothing like Bella! And at least their relationship has time to evolve unlike the vampire and moron. (Ha, anytime I get the chance to dis Twilight, I take it). I also appreciate the gratuitous shirtless scenes. The only problem with TV Patrick is that he's a little wooden and lacks the charm of movie Patrick. His relationship with Kat is similar to the movie where they'll be flirting, then he'll say something to piss her her, then they like each other again.

The character I do hate the most is Cameron. TV Cameron is nothing like movie Cameron. Movie Cameron is adorable and I would have a crush on him. TV Cameron? Not so much. It's not that fact that he's seven feet tall, and so looks awkward with everybody else, but he comes off as this big doofus and not very bright. For instance, Michael tells him to dress up his wardrobe so he can get Bianca to notice him, so he wears a pink shirt, scarf, and fedora. No wonder Bianca thought he was gay! Then Michael tells him to go over to Bianca's house SHIRTLESS and he does. WTF? Movie Cameron doesn't roll like that! At least he had more sense and he knew when Bianca was using him, unlike TV Cameron. I rooted for movie Cameron to get together with Bianca. When TV Cameron told her he wanted to be with her forever (including the afterlife, can you say creepy?), I rooted when Bianca turned him down!

Oh, and I hate TV Michael too. He's, like, four feet tall and the actor who plays him does not bring the funny like David Krumholtz did. I loved the interaction between Cameron and Michael in the movie, but I hate them together in the TV show.

Then there's Chasity who is still the beautiful, bitch popular girl and the actress who plays her even looks a little like Gabrielle Union. She may be a bitch, but Chasity is hilarious.

So movie Mandela is this skinny girl who's "involved with Shakespeare," but TV Mandela is an overweight gothic-y girl who has an artistic streak. I can't see this Mandela getting together with TV Michael. And for awhile I thought maybe she has a thing for Kat because she punched this guy who was harassing Kat (and she thought Patrick did it), but they seemed to have dropped that.

Out of all the characters, Joey Donner is probably the most different (well, along with Cameron). This Joey is still an aspiring male model and dim as a doorknob, but he's actually...dare I say it? Sweet. Yes, he's sweet and likeable! I know! I know! Because movie Joey is such a douche bag and asshole. I actually want TV Bianca and Joey to hook up! Which might be difficult because he's dating Chasity and we all know what a bitch she is. Oh yeah, and this Joey is totally whipped. He's scared of Chasity and does anything she says. Though there is this one guy in the show who acts more like movie!Joey and is taking Bianca to the dance and then to a hotel and TV Joey tells him to treat her right because she's a nice girl. So I call that asshole guy the real Joey Donner and this Joey Bizarro Joey.

There's a Miss Perky type, but I don't know if her name is Miss Perky because she's Asian. But I could definitely see Alison Janney saying her lines. Sadly, she doesn't not writing a novel.

It's actually a good show. I feel like hell has frozen over because I never thought I would say that.....