Renee: "Jack I don't know how to say this, so I'm just going to say it, cause I need to make sure that I'm not misunderstanding, but when you say that 'I have you' "

Jack: "I meant it like it sounded"

Renee: "So now what do we do"

Jack: "We figure it out"

Was it just me, or did you gather from that conversation that there was just more to it, like we missed an entire chapter on Renee and Jack. I hardly doubt Jack would have been so callous to the security officer and the woman interrogating Renee. Jack was willing to choke her..., risking a possible confinement, it's a wonder she didn't press charges. I am concerned about Renee and her past and her condition that led her to that point of ruthless murder. It still manages to fall on Hastings.

Hastings establishes his weak character as each hour grows. He's fearful, lacks the decent spontaneity and common sense that a leader should have. We learn that he was placed in his position by Rob Weiss; he himself proves to be poor in judgment when it came to selection of 'heads'. Their solution to everything is put the blame on everyone else except themselves, which is a hint of weakness. What makes Hastings capable of running CTU? What makes CTU the best or even more efficient than they used to be?

At least in the early days they didn't have employees missing and unaccounted for, because of irresponsible actions. Of course I was referring to Walsh and apparently her fiancee Ortiz fell for lack of judgment when he saw the true colors of who he was going to marry. The moment Walsh confessed the truth I shook my head. I kept thinking "you couldn't have done that before, come on!". Now look at what's happened; Kevin's psycho friend Nick became even crazier and gutted him (talk about a jaw dropper) then Ortiz managed to pull the trigger on Nick to save his own life.

What was the purpose of those characters anyway, I really couldn't get the concept? Was it to gear them away from CTU long enough to have Jack take control of things (who by the way recovered nicely from his torture and stab wound; years of training perhaps). Or was it to give Dana Walsh the character development needed for the future unknown, who knows? Kevin's friend became spooky the moment he smelt money and turned his armored foot on a patrol officer, who does that! I only hope Ortiz and Walsh wouldn't concoct some plan to hide the bodies in an attempt to save their jobs. Now that Ortiz knows about Walsh's past, would the wedding still be on? It's not like there was such an intense passion of onscreen chemistry between them.

Somehow each character seemed underused and there was a slow development within this hour. I suspected that Hassan would pull a two timing job on his crew, but why not wait until he left the compound before he called CTU. That was reckless on his part, trying to play some kind of hero after he caused so much harm in the process. I wonder if he would be given immunity as well? Hassan did a reckless job of knocking out his newly formed enemy and running without any kind of plan. Maybe his nervousness got the better of him and he couldn't wait to be transported to his supposed friend privately.

I was actually glad not to have President Hassan this hour, he got too cranky the moment his wife left him. As for President Taylor, there was reference made about her daughter Olivia, between Jack and Hastings, I wonder if the mention of her had any meaning? I have no idea, but that scene between Jack and Hasting felt mediocre. Simply because Jack is more intimidating than Hastings ever could be, and he respects Jack too much to sanction him. It also makes Hastings the possible coward Jack imagined him to be; unaware of his true potential.

The next few hours better not be as repetitive as the previous seasons, the plot twists and villains aren't even lasting long enough in their character roles. Villains like last season Jonas Hodges and Colonel Ike Dubaku are starting to look better. It's still missing that flavor which gives you the adrenaline rush, that keeps you going until the day is over. I don't know how many hat tricks are left, but right now I would like more insight into why Jack is so passionate about Renee, as though they had some 'thing' together and to learn more about Dana Walsh's past, if it really matters anymore - or does it?




Three and a half Stars

Grade C-