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Fan fiction by canal posted over a year ago
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In this story Phil is a vampire and in love with Dan so if you don't like hearing about blood gay things or cussing leave now kay enjoy!

Phil woke up in his dark room and grabbed his camera. "Hey guys" He said as usual. He threw the covers off him and got out of bed. "Let's go see if Dan is awake" He said walking down the hall. "Dan?" Phil asked knocking on the door. "What.." Dan asked sleepily. Are you awake?" Phil asked knowing the answer.
A second of silence. "No" Dan said opening the door shirtless in pj bottoms with his hair a mess. "Fine then goodbye" Phil said going into the kitchen. "Well i'll be going now guys" Phil said shutting off the camera. "I'll be back as soon as possible.." Phil said making sure Dan wasn't around.
Phil,in vampire speed, ran down the stairs into and alleyway by his apartment building. "Eh..who's there" A drunk hobo asked waking up. "You.." Phil said baring his fangs. "Shut the hell up" The hobo said throwing a beer bottle at Phil's feet. "Be happy, you're dieing by Amazing Phil" Phil said running to the hobo and piercing his hangs into his neck.