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barbie in princess power
barbie in princess power
barbie in princess power
Barbie as Audrey Hepburn
Barbie in Princess Power
Barbie in Princess Power Deluxe Colouring Book
Princess Nori (secret door)
Princess Nori (secret door)
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Henna's wings
Barbie's wings
The fans pick: six( singing "here i am")
six( singing "here i am")
3(tori as keira winking)
The fans pick: 7(princess)
3("would you like a tour")
The fans pick: Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper
Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper
Barbie as the Princess and the Popstar
The fans pick: Underrated
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1 fan has answered this question
1 fan has answered this question
1 fan has answered this question
2 fans have answered this question
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pinpurlnitya said …
While I was reading all the fanfictions in the article section, I found that a lot of articles were incomplete (including my own!). All those who have completed hats off to you. All those who haven't let's complete them and hopefully this will make the spot more active.
PS: This is only a suggestion. Let me know in the comments if you agree/disagree with my idea. Posted 1 day ago
nmdis commented…
I do agree dear but you can see how busy I am with my studies I just had my exams and my parents yell at me 24/7 not for studying you see I am in 11th grade pursuing science and lemme tell you that it's not easy to study PCM with computer science in major and at the same time giving time to fanpop and write articles I don't even have time to sleep at nights I am not showing my problems but please try to understand my situation. I am still trying to run polls and as my I am having practices at school I'll be here only for 10-20 mins per day but I'll be back on Tuesday. 1 day ago
3xZ commented…
Calm down, Iti. There is no one here forcing you to finish your fanfic. pinpurlnitya is only reminding the fanfic writers to complete their writings if they want to. But LOL, it does sounds like you are showing off your busyness. You don't need to explain the details of your busy days. We understand if someone is awfully busy. We have no right to push them to do something which is not a primary activity. 9 hours ago
pinpurlnitya commented…
Please don't fight! You can post your fanfics whenever you can. Let's not make a big issue out of it! 8 hours ago
nmdis said …
I'll make next Protagonist war countdown 2 days later I am feeling sick and suffering from fever and it takes too long to make single poll as their are 25 protagonist left now xD Posted 4 days ago
3xZ commented…
Get well soon, Iti... The countdown can wait. O:) 4 days ago
1Barbiemoviefan commented…
Sorry to hear that and I hope you get better. 3 days ago
pinkydoll commented…
that's too bad dear and Get Well Soon:) 2 hours ago
Evera said …
Is it true that Barbie in Princess Power is a lesbian due to the song title "Princess Coming Out"? Posted 7 days ago
nmdis commented…
Well I am not sure...I don't know how to react on this actually. 7 days ago
haynay24 commented…
What is the meaning of that? I'm confused about this 7 days ago
CleoCorinne commented…
It was just a joke 6 days ago