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Barbie in Princess Power Fanart
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Princess Power icon
barbie in princess power book
barbie in princess power book
barbie in princess power book
barbie in princess power dvd 2015
princess power........
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The fans pick: The Princess and The Pauper
The Princess and The Pauper
Christmas Carol
The fans pick: yes
The fans pick: yes
The fans pick: Willa from Mariposa
Willa from Mariposa
Willa from Mariposa and the Fairy Princess
The fans pick: giselle
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LeThanhBinh said …
Hey! Did you noticed Barbie's face in Princess Power? She doesn't look like once she used to. Posted 1 day ago
Sirea commented…
Yes, I've noticed it. Like I've explained some posts ago I think it could be her face when she turns into a super heroine. It also could be a movie like Thumbelina or Barbie Diaries based on the animation. 1 day ago
LillyMillicent commented…
I think the same as you, Sirea. Those movies were different of the old animation used in BM back then :) 14 hours ago
Sparklefairy375 commented…
Yeah really different, she doesn't look like the usual Barbie. 13 hours ago
BarbieRosella commented…
I agree. Of course, it happens every year. Not like EVERY year but... anyway. It happens. Like Technicolor. They have a film on Spring then Rainmaker on Fall. But on this new animation, honestly, it sucks. 10 hours ago
papanoel said …
barbie and the secret door
online in BLU-RAY Posted 1 day ago
Sirea commented…
Thank you, papanoel. 1 day ago
1Barbiemoviefan commented…
Thanks alot. 8 hours ago
Sirea said …
Do we have a list of all BM songs in this club? Posted 2 days ago
RavenVillanueva commented…
idk 2 days ago
pinkydoll commented…
I think We son't have the list.^_^ 2 days ago
1Barbiemoviefan commented…
I don't think we do. Someone should make a list. I would make one, but I start classes soon, so I will be busy. I'm sure someone will. 2 days ago
Sirea commented…
After I've searched a bit in the club, I found my own and cynti19's list: I'll update it later. 2 days ago