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barbieboonchit said …
What's going on with Barbie Live Action?
Has it cancelled yet? Posted 8 days ago
Keira17 commented… 7 days ago
TylerJwy said …
Will we change Banner and Icon ? It's too long for SD ! :/ Posted 10 days ago
nmdis commented…
We need to ask Vitty for it now I guess. 10 days ago
3xZ commented…
Sorry, I'm just being very inactive here due to you know what. But no worries, I'll create the poll ASAP. :) 7 days ago
FairyAmbassador said …
Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself since I'm new to fanpop. I'm Serena and I love Barbie movies. Ever since I found Barbie movies fanpop a few years ago, I've wanted to join, but I was too shy to. But after following this page for a few years, I've decided to finally join. I'm so thankful for finding this community and I'm so excited to finally be a part of it. Posted 12 days ago
RomyMermaid commented…
Hey, nice to have you here! 12 days ago
pinkydoll commented…
Hello..Welcome here and You'll find us very loving and caring...:)) 12 days ago
3xZ commented…
Hi! Welcome to fanpop and Barbie Movies club. Nice to meet you! I'm Vittoria, but you can call me Vitty for short or V-T for even shorter! ^^ What a nice name and username you got :D Don't you worry, we are really happy to have you here in this BM! We are absolutely ready to see your contributions here! <3 7 days ago