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mystery4life said …
Hello everyone i got some big news mattel is asking the public to come up with a new toyline i personally think that the next new brand should be a mystery brand, what type of toys do you guys want to make? Posted 12 hours ago
mystery4life commented…
you guys can also sumbit ideas for current brands like barbie monster high, etc 11 hours ago
BarbieRosella commented…
GUYS IT;S OUR CHANCE THEY LITERALLY GOT NO IDEAS RIGHT NOW. I won't send anything because I don't have a good plot to ome up with. Haha! 7 hours ago
mystery4life commented…
@barbierosella barbie sales are down so it is safe to say that they made a good choice by letting people submit ideas 7 hours ago
BarbieRosella commented…
Well, duh. The Frozen merchandise has taken almost every doll companies down. 6 hours ago
Keira17 said …
Barbie Movie Spring 2016:

Big Golden Book
Chapter Book
Deluxe Step into Reading

Release date: 5. January 2016 Posted 5 days ago
1Barbiemoviefan commented…
Thanks for the info. Do we know the title of this movie or not? 4 days ago
Keira17 commented…
I don't think, that Malibu Mysteries will be the new Barbie movie, because one canadian site has published the titles of two books of this series. The first book is called the Barbie Malibu Mysteries: The Beach Bandit and second Barbie Malibu Mysteries: The Haunted Boardwalk. Release Date Barbie Malibu Mysteries: The Haunted Boardwalk is set for April 26, 2016. 4 days ago
mystery4life commented…
@keira17 mattel had already announced that they will be turning the malibu mysteries into movies as well 4 days ago
big smile
BarbieRosella said …
Can I confess guys? Is it weird that a 19 year old girl installs the Barbie as Rapunzel game back in 2002 and plays it with joy and happiness? No? Good.

'CAUSE I'M PLAYING IT 'TIL I DIE. :D Posted 7 days ago
1Barbiemoviefan commented…
I don't think it is a bad thing. It's like when I have the feeling to watch one of the earlier Barbie movies and someone my age really shouldn't be watching these movies, but who cares since I love these movies alot. I hope you understand. 5 days ago