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The fans pick: Genevieve
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FairyAmbassador said …
Hi, everybody! I wanted to remind you that our icon, banner, and background contest for this club ends on November 1st. Not a lot of people have entered anything, so I might have to extend the contest, but if I extend it and we still don't have many entries, then we will choose from what has been entered, which look very good so far. Thank you everyone who has entered. Posted 12 hours ago
nmdis commented…
I'll post my icon tomorrow then :) 3 hours ago
FairyAmbassador said …
I just realized something. What if Mattel makes a video game based off of Barbie: Video Game Hero? I love when Barbie makes video games or computer games based off of the movies. Posted 3 days ago
BarbieForever15 commented…
Oh yeah, like they did with "Princess and the Pauper"; "Magic of Pegasus"; "The Barbie Diaries"; "12 Dancing Princesses"; ..... It was awesome games & I really love love it much!!!!! 3 days ago
susi96 commented…
There are so much? I just know the nintendo game of 12 Dancing Princesses, I think I played it like 100 times from start to end. The mirror room always was my favourite level :D 2 days ago
nmdis said …
I know it is weird thing to ask but do you guys feel like we should have Clara in spot icon? Since Nutcracker was first BM I was considering Sparklefairy375's suggestion. What do you guys feel? Posted 6 days ago
FairyAmbassador commented…
I really like that idea! 5 days ago