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BarbieForever15 said …
Bought and listened all of the songs from Star Light Adventure. It's so good!!!! Posted 10 hours ago
nmdis commented…
That's cool :) 7 hours ago
nmdis said …
Guys it's been a while since we had a countdown, so I created one, please check out

link Posted 1 day ago
nmdis said …
I watched PCS again and no doubt it's my favorite BM of all the time. I miss Mattel making movies like that again although I admire their idea of making a modernish different kinda movies these days but they don't attract me. In fact there isn't any movie after PCS that really got me into it, Princess and the Popstar was still better though. Posted 12 days ago
SilentForce commented…
Princess Charm School is definitely one of the best third generation Barbie movies.In my opinion the only good Barbie movies that were released after PCS were Pearl Princess,Mariposa and the Fairy Princess,Rock 'N'Royals,Pony Tale,Pink Shoes and Mermaid Tale 2.The others in my opinion were just a mess. 6 days ago
MelodyLaurel commented…
Strangely enough, I like most of the third generation movies. The only ones I didn't like were the Barbie and her sisters movies and Secret Door. 5 days ago
Sparklefairy375 commented…
I agree with you. PCS is one of the...very few modern movies that have cool story and interesting ideas of plots. The other good movies for me currently are only Mermaid Tale, Pink Shoes, Princess & Popstar, and Rock 'n Royals. The others besides that are just horrible. 2 days ago