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The fans pick: Para-Den
The fans pick: Nicky ;)
The fans pick: I totally love it.Its an awesome movie.
The fans pick: Sunburst
The fans pick: Raquelle
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barbieboonchit said …
I'm kinda disappointing with Barbie 's recent face!
I don't know why Mattel hire Arc Production to create Barbie movies because the design of Barbie's face that has built by the company it's so wired it think. Barbie has a very big eyes, a little bit big head, small nose and kinda bit short.
I must say. It's not like Barbie that i've ever known many years ago. I love the idea of movie story but the design of character animation, it's disappoint me! Posted 3 days ago
Sparklefairy375 commented…
Big eyes, big head, small nose? Reminds me to the design of most anime character. I do prefer character design that Rainmaker created more. More prettier and softer animation I think. 2 days ago
nmdis commented…
Yes Lexie, similar situation is going on on DP spot as well maybe we got some weird troll around, better to ignore them. 1 day ago
mystery4life commented…
Again where did I say I have the proof? I said abm did but refused to let me post it 18 hours ago
susi96 said …
We had so much dicussions in the meantime, the decision about our new club banner & icon seams to have been forgotten. There are only 4 answers yet and it would be really helpful if more members would vote.
Please check out the Forum section and tell us your 3 favourite Barbie movies , so FairyAmbassador's efforts get the attention they deserve. There only is time to do that till September 26th.

Thank you! :D Posted 3 days ago
nmdis commented…
Thanks for bringing it back to limelight. Hope more people will participate in it. I really miss old BM spot members today. 3 days ago
FairyAmbassador commented…
Thank you, susi96 and nmdis. I'm going to wait until tomorrow & then look at the results of the forum. Because not many people answered, I think that when I make the forum page for everyone to post their banners and icons, I might write on there the most popular movies that people mentioned the most in the forum as suggested movies to include, but let people make the banners and icons with whatever Barbie movies they want. All that matters to me is that the banner includes at least 3 different Barbie movies so that it really represents our club. 18 hours ago
nmdis commented…
^That sounds good. 9 hours ago
mystery4life said …
Well I am glad I left this fan page, Raven kept saying all the shallow fans left, buy clearly that's not the case.I joined fp in 2006 and when the bm page was made I joined I left when I saw fans hating bm just because Barbie is not beautiful anymore.I really had thought those fans would have left but they didn't.I borrowed Raven's account since I forget my password.I will make my own account so we can end this superiority complex of pre 2010s bm worshippers Posted 5 days ago
XTinkerBellx commented…
Recently, I haven't seen anyone hating on Barbie movies just because of Barbie's design. You're acting as if it's a lot of people doing that, but no one is. You thought susi96 was doing so, but you were wrong. I understand how you feel; I also left this group for a while when I saw the attitude people had to the newer Barbie movies... but it seems like you've only come back to cause trouble. 5 days ago
susi96 commented…
You all are so cute and friendly to me, thanks for that! ♥ And thank nmdis for saying I'm sweet *-* I hope we can settle this with Holly in a peaceful way. It was never my attention to bully you all for not liking the same movies or having the same opinion like I have. 4 days ago
mystery4life commented…
@nmdis there is a site which two groups had a huge fight over bm, both groups said they will continue it here or Tumblr, Holly had thought @susi96 was one of them, I will make a post soon about that.@susi96 it's ok to have opinions and being able to say them don't let any stop you 3 days ago