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FairyElina14 said …
Hi People I saw the trailer of Barbie DreamTopia series... the voice sounds like Kelly Sheridan or is it just me? Posted 1 day ago
geofen05 commented…
That was Kelly sheridan. I think that line camed from the ending of puppy adventure. 1 day ago
barbielemon said …
Happy Spring Festival! Posted 3 days ago
XTinkerBellx commented…
You too :) 2 days ago
BarbieRosella said …
CONFESSION: I know this is a not-so-positive thing to post here but... for the first time in 15 years, I'm not excited nor interested in watching any of the main Barbie movies this year. I'm just waiting for Puppy Chase. Isn't it that weird for a BM fan or na? I hate this feeling but I gotta let it out.

P.S. But I'm loving the new voice actress though as I heard in the previews and bloopers, she sounds like KMS in some part of her voice. Posted 4 days ago
XTinkerBellx commented…
It's not weird. With all the Barbie movies, it's understandable that you wouldn't be interested in them all, even though you're a fan :) 4 days ago
BarbieRosella commented…
It is for me, though. I mean I'm a big Barbie fan but whenever I watch some too modernized BMs, I get back to the original ones (ya know, the first ones). But I wanna try to watch even if I know that cannot bare with it for a much longer time. 4 days ago
ElsaB commented…
it is normal to feel that way 1 day ago
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