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The fans pick: Swan Lake
The fans pick: Sunburst
The fans pick: YES! I want them to add more songs!
YES! I want them to add more...
NO! I&# 39; m comfortable with just...
The fans pick: Queen of the waves
The fans pick: Princess Graciella, of course. "And they lived happily ever after".
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Ishiqa said …

I was gone for a long time and hey, what's up with this new Fanpop? Joined 4 years ago and all this looks so foreign! * nervously blinks *

I rarely find anyone from the old days here...where are you guys at?

P.S. What's this lifetime gold? Posted 5 days ago
Sparklefairy375 commented…
Hello there, welcome back! And yes I remember you. Anyway that lifetime gold works just like money, you can use it for decorate your profile page like, add banner, background image, etc. 4 days ago
Ishiqa commented…
Hey..thanks. I remember you too! Wow...this club has become super-inactive. I remember when I joined it was a lively place! 4 days ago
mhikari said …
Anyone have any idea about what movie they're going to release next? Because I don't think I have any idea or info.THX Posted 13 days ago
FairyAmbassador commented…
It seems like they are going to release a re-animated version of Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper on Netflix and on DVD on July 15th. I am really upset about it because the original is so close to my heart and the animation of the original was so much better. 12 days ago
FairyElina14 commented…
FairyAmbassador for me that its something fanmade, the animation does not look very fluid. I hope its a joke 12 days ago
SilentForce commented…
^ The uploader of that video has confirmed that its fanmade 9 days ago
big smile
WilliamBinh15 said …
The New Barbie Series, "Barbie™ Dreamhouse Adventures" will arrives on Netflix in May! *so excited* Posted 25 days ago