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The fans pick: Catania
The fans pick: Romy
The fans pick: Alxea (DC)
Alxea (DC)
Stacie Roberts
The fans pick: I'd cast a spell, Abracadrabra
I'd cast a spell, Abracadrabra
My pets would talk to me
The fans pick: I'd be a fairy
I'd be a fairy
I'd be a mermaid
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1 fan has answered this question
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nmdis said …
I am really happy to tell you that maybe F4 are working to customizing the site I am not sure though but I was asked to give a short survey . I hope they'll reintroduce chat and maybe they add more features to customize our profiles. Just can't wait. I wish it to be true.Another thing, Papa added a poll asking for fans opinion on this in "Fanpop Club" too you can check it out. What you guys think? Posted 23 hours ago
pinkydoll commented…
It's awesome Iti but I don't think that reintroducing chat is a very good idea because to me it's the worst idea..After that our site will be the same as Facebook~_~..But I like the idea of customizing profiles and of new features. 16 hours ago
pinkydoll commented…
Thanks dear for giving us wonderful info..I think they should change the theme too.^_^ 16 hours ago
Sirea commented…
I'm don't think it's a good idea to reintroducing chat, but customizing profiles and new features sounds good. I pray it will not look like Facebook after they've changed it. 15 hours ago
nmdis commented…
@pinkydoll: Well yeah I am not from those who want chat back but many fans do. @Sirea: Yeah I agree I don't want the site to look like Facebook. 2 hours ago
shafiqua said …
Hi, friends. I was just using my laptop and I thought to visit fanpop. But when I opened my account, I felt something wrong is happening. I tried to change my password but my password doesn't matched! I'm sure about my password. I tried other passwords also that I think I would have applied earlier but they didn't work too. Now I'm afraid that someone else is using my account. I didn't visit fanpop since 2 months. Posted 1 day ago
MelodyLaurel commented…
Take this issue to the F4. 1 day ago
nmdis commented…
You can use your gmail ID to change the password I have tried it and it worked. Or as Melody said you can ask F4 about it. 23 hours ago
Sirea commented…
I've always password problems; I guess it's a Fanpop problem and I think you should ask F4. 23 hours ago
pinkydoll commented…
Yep Bestie You should as k F4 because it had happened to many fans too.We know that you were not here for 2 months.. 16 hours ago
big smile
JacobBlackFever said …
It's my Birthday today Posted 1 day ago
nmdis commented…
Happy Birthday dear. 1 day ago
shafiqua commented…
Happy Birthday! 1 day ago
pinkydoll commented…
Happy Birthday! Dear.^_^ 16 hours ago