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3xZ said …
Hi guys! I would like to tell you all that I won't be so active anymore in Fanpop due to busy with my studies. But I might be online on Saturdays or Sundays and I might be not totally off on the other days... Posted 4 days ago
Madmozell commented…
Now I'll feel very lonely without you :'( And I will miss you and our conversations...Now you are even more busy :( But studies come first so it's fine if you concentrate more on your studies :"( 4 days ago
cynti19 commented…
It's alright. ;) 4 days ago
cynti19 commented…
^Same, that's why, I need to practice or improve my own graphic edits. ^^ 12 hours ago
barbieboonchit said …
Where do you found Barbie Princess Power's still?

I need that site! Posted 7 days ago
cynti19 commented…
Maybe, he doesn't want to know where he did get for PP stills come from? 7 days ago
barbieboonchit commented…
Why? Maybe I can get bigger pic! 7 days ago
barbieboonchit commented…
It like PP poster. You get small pic. But I get bigger pic from same site. 7 days ago
Keira17 commented… 6 days ago
nmdis said …
Hey guys I was of for a long time as I am trying to concentrate on my studies more. It's hard time for me as I am continuously having tests and will go through practicals from Monday. I am really sorry but I though I must tell you guys that maybe you won't see me regularly on here.I had to chose my studies for better career I need to get good percentage as I have to go to my favorite university. I hope you'll understand.Take Care
Iti Posted 8 days ago
MajorAbbey commented…
That's okay. Good luck. :) 8 days ago
pinpurlnitya commented…
Good luck! 7 days ago
nmdis commented…
Thanks girls 1 day ago