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susi96 said …
Hey guys, I was out for a while, but have a question now and you are always the best informed.
So, how many episodes will the second season of Dreamhouse Adventures have? I am currently recording the german episodes when running in tv, but there are just updates in the overview with the weakly tv release of a new episode. I need to know how much there finally will be, so I know how many episodes I can put on a dvd.
Also I'm very sad about the stop of barbie movies, like you all. Posted 11 days ago
WilliamBinh15 commented…
Only 9 episodes :) 10 days ago
susi96 commented…
9? This can't be right. There were already 10 episodes sent in tv in german and 3 more episodes are planned. So there must be at least 13 episodes... 10 days ago
connor3 commented…
Some countries released some season 3 episodes as part of season 2 in tv broadcast. Anyway, the episode list can be very messy because it looks like it's different in other countries. The only sure thing is, there are 26 episodes produced so far in total. 2 days ago
big smile
WilliamBinh15 said …
UPDATE: I uploaded 3 episodes left and now you can watch whole season 2 on my Google Drive


Season 3 will come out next week and I'll continue record and share for all of you 😁😉 Posted 13 days ago
barbieboonchit commented…
It would be much better to have subtitle 11 days ago
big smile
WilliamBinh15 said …
Just finished upload 6 episodes of Dreamhouse Adventures Season 2 on Google Drive


ENJOY!!! 😉 Posted 14 days ago
WilliamBinh15 commented…
I'll upload next 3 episodes on tomorrow morning! Stay tune! 14 days ago
barbieboonchit commented…
OMG I LOVE YOU 14 days ago