Hey Community lovers! I got bored one day this summer and decided to write a Abed and Annie fan fic! I thought I would post it here, so I could get some reviews from true Community connoisseurs. Please tell me watch you think in the comments! Keep on laerning!
Streets Ahead,
Sara (:

I woke up at six o'clock sharp. I turned off my beeping alarm, and after snapping out of my groggy state of mind, thoughts began to flood my head. I ignored them as much as I could, but after I finished my breakfast of Multigrain Cheerios, I surrendered to the pestering worries. After all, it was hard to ignore something bouncing around the inside of your head

'What are you going to wear today?'

'Have you memorized your scheduled, yet?'

'Should you even bother to attempt to check in on Mom and Dad?'

I kept answering all these questions silently, keeping the answers to myself in the vast land that my thoughts consumed. But even after I finished self-assessing myself (not to mention showering, getting dressed, and pinning back my hair), the one most true- and most painful- question came to mind; the question I had been trying to avoid all day.

'Are you sincerely ready for this?'

It was a simple question, honestly, and yet it still made my heart grow heavy. I thought to myself silently for a moment, deciding upon my answer.

"Yes." I whispered; the first word I had said aloud all day.

"Yes," I repeated, " Yes, Annie, you can do this. Sincerely. You won't be known for you pill addiction anymore, you won't be called Little Annie Aderal', either. This is a new beginning. A new chapter in your life. Annie Edison, this is your fresh start."


I awoke to hearing the Cougar Town theme song playing on my T.V. I had just set it up in my new dorm room a few days ago. It was Wednesday, the third day of my first week of Greendale Community College. I turned the T.V. off- I hadn't gotten the chance to last night before I had fallen asleep during Season 3 commentary- and went to go find me some breakfast. I settled for a box of Lucky Charms- I had bought them awhile ago, so the cereal was somewhat stale- and pondered at what I would make of my day.

So far- all week, in fact- I hadn't done much. I was over-looked by almost everyone, but that I was used to. I had always been an "observer" type, so to speak. One thing caught my off guard, however.

After I bathed and dressed, I let my mind wander to that seemingly distant memory, although it had only been two days ago.

It was the first day of school at Greendale. I was on my usual route to my literature class (my Dad only funded my college classes that had to do with the family falafel business and basic subjects); that was the first time I laid my eyes on her. She was a beautiful girl with shiny, straight, shoulder-length brunette hair, her side bangs pinned back with small bobby pin. Her eyes were a deep brown, the color of melting chocolate. A blue cropped sweater is what she wore over a lighter blue colored blouse, a knee-lengthed skirt, and ballet flats. Her nose was poked in a book, and, if I remember correctly, it was Pride And Prejudice. She wasn't paying much attention to where she was was going, and that when she crashed into me.

"Oh my gosh!" she exclaimed, dropping her book completely. "I'm so sorry!"

She helped me pick up a few of my text books I had dropped in the collision, and I handed her what she was carrying, her special edition copy of Pride And Prejudice.

"Thanks," she told me, and then questioning again "Are you sure you're alright? Can I do anything for you? I'm really sor-"

I cut her off.

"Don't worry about it." I reassured her; a strange sense of confidence in my voice. There was a pause. That was usually when I would have walked away, being my normal (well- normal for me) self. But then I stuck out my hand and said "I'm Abed; Abed Nadir."

She shook it and said, smiling "Annie, Annie Edison."

The last three days, that name had been perpetually etched in my mind. I hadn't been myself, recently, and- the worst part is that I can't even tell what's changed within me. It's a feeling a I had never felt before.

"I guess I'll see you around campus," I said, returning her smile as she got off the hallway floor where we had just had our first encounter and waved goodbye, shouting "See ya!" over her cardigan covered shoulder.

For some reason, I had an urge inside me telling me that I wanted to see her again. I couldn't understand how I felt, and even movie references failed me. What I had yet to realize was that my strange feelings for that Annie Edison girl were something stranger than I could have ever imagined. The strangeness that I'm referring to is called love.
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