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Damon and Katherine Wall

MutantRainbow37 said …
My heart is broken after that episode. I thought Damon changed, why would he act like a psycho around Katherine like that? Ugh, I just don't get how they got so screwed up. Going back to the "It was always Stefan." Why would she make out with him and then just end it like that? And why would she ever have been with him if she only cared about Stefan? She has said she loved them both so why does do the writers make them so damn hard to be together? Sucks to be rooting for them. Posted over a year ago
MomoiroxChan commented…
I only blame the writters for that -_- They totally screw up their relationship. And I'm so mad about it, cause they had the potencial to be the most epic couple on the show. They had an epic story, they had power, passion, they had everything to make it right. But the WRITTERS ARE SO BIIND and they didin't see their epicness! over a year ago
MomoiroxChan commented…
*BLIND over a year ago
MomoiroxChan said …
Tired of this crap -.-
My heart is completely broken and I still ship this beautiful couple... why Datherine fans have to suffer so much? Damn it Julie! Posted over a year ago
MutantRainbow37 commented…
It's painful because the writers are totally screwing them up. Realistically 2 hot and hilarious people would want to be with each other, I don't get how Delena works, it is fan service after all. over a year ago
Tigerlily888 commented…
Datherine was great......... over a year ago
erikafong said …
I Still Want Datherine Posted over a year ago