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damon & elena | how long til we call this love?

Delena style - TVD crack #3

Damon+Elena|Eternal Love

Damon & Elena ✘ [omg! she met him :/]

DE ✘ [where was my fault, in loving you with my whole heart]

Damon & Elena - Devotion

damon&elena; "the boy saw a comet..."

Damon & Elena || My love never ends.

Damon -- You Make me feel THE...........

Damon + Elena // I Know What You Want...

Damon and Elena (Love Will Take My Everything)


[VD] Delena + Stelena ♡ Disney || Give me love

the vampire diaries | not alone

damon & elena | with or without you

DE || You brought me down.

Damon/Elena || How You Remind Me

stelena+delena | your biggest mistake

The Vampire Diaries 3x16 "1912" EXTENDED Promo (2)

This Woman's Work | Damon/Elena

Damon/Elena/Stefan | You're Better Than Both Of Us

'' care too much '' | damon + elena

damon&elena | was it something you said?

Damon & Elena - A drop in the ocean

Damon and Elena - "My Mind Forgets To Remind Me, You're A Bad Idea"

● Damon & Elena | FOUND

The Vampire Diaries Webclip 3x14 - Dangerous Liaisons [HD]

Damon & Elena || Broken Arrow

The Vampire Diaries ✘ No Light No Light

● Damon + Elena | Ships

•Miss You Daddy • Damon+Elena (AU)

Damon&Elena || Gravity.

Damon & Elena ✘ [can we have a moment?]

multi-couples : Find a way collab

Damon & Elena - Tainted love {AU}

Damon & Elena -Miles from where you are

Elena & Damon ~ Wherever you go

Damon/ Elena || I'm addicted to you

damon elena //stay//

Damon & Elena (Delena) ♡ Everytime We Touch

Damon & Elena (Delena) ♡ It Is What It Is

►Damon + Elena | Timeless Love

Damon&Elena | just have a little patience

damon&elena | closer to you

(AU) Damon and Elena - Set Fire To The Rain (part 2)

(AU) Damon and Elena - Love Lockdown (part 1)

better days | the vampire diaries

Damon & Elena || We kissed, now it's weird

Damon & Elena ✘ [Safe & Sound]

Damon & Elena ✘ [we kissed; now its weird]

Damon & Elena ✘ [why would Elena love Damon?]

Damon & Elena "i can't rest, i can't fight"

Damon & Elena - But I Need You So

Damon & Elena :: Disturbia ::

Echo - Damon/Elena

Damon & Elena | Holding on, and letting go ♡

damon&elena; here with me // AU

damon&elena ● you just might be the one I've been waiting for my whole life;

Damon&Elena | Beside You

Damon/Elena | Never Let Go

"I forgive you."

►Damon/Elena | One and Only

damon & elena - make you feel my love

DE | Cut you in the heart

Near To You;; [Damon/Elena(/Stefan)]

Damon & Elena | skinny love

elena/damon ;; at the beginning with you..

damon&elena | lost in you

Damon&Elena ǁ All the Same

Damon & Elena - Rescue me {AU + dedication}

Who is Damon & Elena? // Their Journey Thus Far

we can feel so far from so close. {damon&elena}

Damon&Elena//Kiss The Rain

The People's Choice for Favorite TV Drama Actress is Nina Dobrev

damon + elena || promise you'll hold me [3x11]

Holding on and letting go... [TVD|♥|Damon&Elena|3x10]

I'm always on your side;; [Damon/Elena]

Damon & Elena - Holding on and letting go

love is my weakness {damon ♦ elena}

Happy Birthday, Nina Dobrev !! ♥ [2012]

Damon & Elena || "there's a light in your eyes..."

Nina && Ian || 'the way you feel...i just can't deny..

3x10 -- Damon&Elena -- It's Everything You wanted

3x10 Damon compels Jeremy [The Vampire Diaries] + Elena & Alaric

3x10 Damon & Elena kitchen scene [The Vampire Diaries]

Elena & Damon Kissing Scene - 3x10 The New Deal [The Vampire Diaries]

i know i'm finally yours | damon + elena

● don't want to close my eyes; damon+elena

TVD.Damon . Elena - Halo

Damon & Elena ♥ Over and Over I Fall For You

damon&elena | i don't love you; but i always will

damon&elena | you're everything i have

Damon | Elena - F.O.R.E.V.E.R.

Damon|Elena I don't love you, but I always will [3x09]

Multi_Fandom || Heart Never Lies

barely holding onto you | damon + elena

nothing they said; can save you... | damon + elena

Damon / Elena /Stefan /Katherine / Klaus (AU) ////Sweet Dreams

Nina and Ian || I'm addicted to this girl!

Damon & Elena ♡ I'll be the one to keep her alive