Plot: This story is taken after four years. A total solar eclipse is going to happen tomorrow at Peach Creek. But when Ed and Double D find out that when the solar eclipse starts, they will transform into werewolves again, and the vampires will come out to kill them. Then, Double D tells Marie (has become a vampire) to bite him, so the blood will mix. When the solar eclipse starts, it's Werewolves & Humans vs Vampires.

P.S. I am sure you will be very surprise when you see the ending. Trust me ^-^
Or, and don't forget to tell me do you like the ending or not.

Want to read this comic, go to Youtube and type 'Night of the Were Ed', and find the second story.
Go to link,][/url],[/url] and click 'Night of the Were-Ed 2: Solar Eclipse'. Don't forget to download the comic.