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"Lmfao, you're not a true fan because *insert silly reason*"
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delenasalvatore said …
When you're trying to get a spot look changed and you need fanpop to do it, how long does it take for one of the administrators to update it? I first sent a message to one of them 17 days ago. I get that they're busy, but it just feels like they're ignoring me or they can't be bothered. Someone else from another spot told me she asked fanpop to change a spot look months ago - and they still haven't done it. Posted 1 day ago
delenasalvatore commented…
I don't mean to complain or whinge, but it's very frustrating when a club has created banners and icons and made picks etc, and after 2 weeks of waiting, still nothing. 1 day ago
geocen commented…
Well, you're not the only one with that problem believe me, I have this inconvenient too; but the good news is that the Fanpop team already posted that they are going to do replacements of banners and icons. "The first phase of Gold will be launched in the next several weeks. We'll be starting with fan profile customization and then roll out club banner/icon voting." Read this article for more info: 15 hours ago
HaleyDewit commented…
I'm the person who asked Fanpop to change the Stiles and Malia spot look. Still didn't happen, btw. I'm trying to bring some life to that spot. A little cooperation would be nice. 20 minutes ago
HaleyDewit commented…
I asked that months ago. 20 minutes ago
elina1996 said …
What happened? Why I can't return to my profile and search anything? Posted 1 day ago
jerdene said …
I wish to meet with Cameron Posted 2 days ago