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Nick16 said …
Okay, guys. It's been years you made fanpop. I think it's time to make an app for the fanpop or atleast make the mobile version more easier to use. It's just so hard to use the mobile version. Posted 1 month ago
nmdis commented…
It's more than a year, Fanpop is here from 2006 as far as I remember. 1 month ago
Nick16 commented…
Yeah..I know...that's why I said years.... :) 1 month ago
trueshadowwolf said …
How come you guys never try making the mobile version better? This a good website but the mobile should be worked on more, there's some issues on mobile version I just find annoying as heck Posted 2 months ago
shawnroberts commented…
True! 2 months ago
EgoMouse commented…
My phone can barely run this site -w-" 1 month ago
GALAXYMAX43 said …
Hello, i want to edit my profile background image but there is no option to edit it !!!!!! Posted 3 months ago
Flickerflame commented…
You need to click on your gold total in the top right corner, then select profile background colour or profile background image, then either choose a colour or add an image. That should work. 3 months ago
GALAXYMAX43 commented…
The profile background images is unactiveted there is no access to it !! 3 months ago
GALAXYMAX43 commented…
How can i to remove my profile background image??? 3 months ago