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Ilonamirena said …
love and dreams are what's really hopeful Posted 10 days ago
GALAXYMAX43 said …
What happened to the chat box?!! doesnt work for me!!!!! i havent my contacts Posted 11 days ago
GALAXYMAX43 commented…
thanks for fix it ! 10 days ago
mooshka said …
Does anyone know how to change banners now??

I have a club and I tried to change the banner for the club, so I did the whole suggest a banner thing and had the members of the club vote for a new banner. The poll is now closed, but I honestly can't figure out how to upload the new banner that was voted on! Anyone know how?? Posted 12 days ago
Ieva0311 commented…
So far as I know banners changes themself after some time, so you don't need to change them yourself nor you can. So just wait till it changes 12 days ago
mooshka commented…
I'm late, but thank you :) 12 hours ago