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SWAGER21Returns said …
Why'd I get suspended? I didn't post anything bad, or do anything suspicious.

Come on, i just join today and get this? Posted 23 hours ago
Economnomnomics said …
Funny thing about this site is that they don't even interrogate about the account for accreditation from my email. Posted 1 day ago
CokeTheUmbreon commented…
They sure didn't interrogate me, unlike other sites ;) 1 day ago
steph86 said …
If the people running this site don't care enough 5o stop MANJULL from regularly spamming other clubs on a daily basis, I am not as interested to contribute regularly, and other people on here are probably feeling the same way. Posted 13 days ago
Makeupdiva commented…
I totally agree. I am getting very tired of reporting the guy. He keeps posting the same garbage and fanpop won't do a thing. 8 days ago
Flickerflame commented…
Have you also reported him via his profile? Maybe having loads of us keep reporting him personally is the way to get rid of him. 4 days ago