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The fans pick: I noticed it but I have no clue what it's for
The fans pick: ➢ middle class [1,000 - 5,000]
The fans pick: Silver medal
The fans pick: Kind of
Kind of
The fans pick: No, change the look whenever
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fabgirl12 said …
i made a club ( link;link) and someone added a hail satan pic her username is mom666 an can you take it dow its supposed to be an awards style show so can maybe I can get you ban mom666 or take the pic down thanks! Posted 18 days ago
sarabeara commented…
Just report the image as miscategorized 17 days ago
victoryeg commented…
This is a bit unrelated, but how did you make your club? I can't find the button... I saw it a while a go, but now I don't know where it went... 16 days ago
fabgirl12 commented…
on the home page a green button 15 days ago
zanhar1 commented…
^^ as far as I know you have to be on the site for a period of time. New users can't make them. 14 days ago
DarkSarcasm said …
Is anyone else having trouble viewing videos on fanpop? I'm getting a black box of doom where the video should be on both Firefox & IE. (Dear god, I resorted to IE. =O) Videos work on YouTube & Twitter, so it's not the flash player. What is happeninggg? Posted 19 days ago
Ieva0311 commented…
yes me too. I tried to look at it but just see a black space where should be video be. idk maybe F4 is fixing something since Fanpop is the only site where I can see the video 19 days ago
misanthrope86 commented…
Yep, me too. 19 days ago
Ilonamirena said …
love and dreams are what's really hopeful Posted 1 month ago