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Wolfire14 said …
Fanpop area made a new account agian he also bring his buddies back his new account is bottles111 Posted 3 days ago
AlphaClub said …
Actually, area/Arrows has been banned for being rude to others. He claims that everyone on the A&O club are being rude and causing problems, yet, the only problems any of us see are Arrows11. Tell me, guys... how is it that he is right, when and the rest of us are wrong? Posted 15 days ago
AlphaClub commented…
It makes no sense... just keep banning him, please... he cause even the nicest of user, like me and moondragon01, to leave the club, and it is causing everyone to fight, and yell, and leave, and it's all because Arrows11 thinks he is the only one who mayters, and is the only one eho is right, and he did nothing wrong... there is a reason why he has been banned several times now. 15 days ago
AlphaClub commented…
A whole club against one tropl, and the troll ruined the flub, and ruined my fanpop experience, he needs to go. 15 days ago
AlphaClub commented…
I don't need proof, fanpop has gotten numerous reports, complaints, etc., so that is proof enough that you are causing a big problem... please stop, we've ALL asked you numerous times. 13 days ago
Arrows11 said …
Hey guys, people are starting to caused harassment such as Wolfire14 and SanaliWolfofLuv here, please ignore them. And wwwarea was banned for no given reason apparently. Posted 15 days ago