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The fans pick: No I haven't..
No I haven't..
I have met him!
The fans pick: me
not me
The fans pick: I simply can't wait!
I simply can't wait!
It's okay if he waits, I guess
The fans pick: Are you and trisha Yearwood going to have any childern?
Are you and trisha Yearwood...
what is your favorite song...
The fans pick: I wanna be like Garth Brooks
I wanna be like Garth Brooks
Tuna Hoagie
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lgraham said …
I so wish I could see you when you come to Ottawa but unfortunately I am a senior and can't afford to. I have been a fan from the start and absolutely love all of your music. Someday maybe. Posted 18 days ago
Dynodan said …
Any plans on a Montreal Quebec Canada shows???? Posted 1 month ago
niknaknikki said …
Garth I have been a fan since you first came out. Thank you for your music. I would have loved to see you when you came to Salt Lake. I am on a fixed budget and a single parent. My husband passed. My son has disabilities and I drive him a hour from where we live for school and a hour back. So all my money goes to travel. Would have loved to see it. Thank you for having a great heart. I know I won't be able to see you come to concert. It would have been great. You are one of the best. Posted 3 months ago