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Snsd girls❤ ❥
SNSD girls❤ ❥
SNSD girls❤ ❥
SNSD girls❤ ❥
hot Sooyoung❤ ❥
hot Sooyoung❤ ❥
hot Yuri❤ ❥
Hot yuri❤ ❥
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The fans pick: Yoona
The fans pick: Um...maybe
It's Sooyoung we're talking about, so OF COURSE
The fans pick: Tiffany and Yuri
Tiffany and Yuri
Sunny and Hyoyeon
The fans pick: Tiffany & Seohyun
Tiffany & Seohyun
Sunny & Hyoyeon
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jubjub1 said …
Hi SONEs! Posted 2 days ago
Gretulee commented…
hello ` 2 days ago
BlackPearlLuver commented…
Hiii! :D 1 day ago
Tippany said …
Congratulations to our VERY AWESOME SEOHYUN, who recently has graduated from Dongguk University!!! It seems like only yesterday when you were graduating from high school and now you're here! We are so proud of you for all of your hard work ^^.

Seohyun FIGHTING! *Looking forward to TTS's comeback* Posted 6 days ago
snsdlover4ever commented…
With a schedule like that, I'm glad she still had the will to keep going. #HappyGraduationDaySeohyun 5 days ago
Syltre commented…
Congratulations Seohyun ^^ Graduating from a university is a major accomplishment. She has already accomplished so much in her life and yet she is still so young 5 days ago
kpop4everlover commented…
Congratulations Seohyun! ^^ 4 days ago
kpopforever1 said …
Hello....... i have only 2 fans, please could anyone be a fan of mine and i will be a fan of yours promise me Posted 8 days ago
Gretulee commented…
You also could fan some people and then they will fan you back, later ^^ 7 days ago
Syltre commented…
A super fast way to get lots of fans is just like what Gretulee said, in fact that was how I got most of my fans. Just fan a bunch of people most of them will fan you back ^^ 7 days ago