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Seohyun At Blue One Water Park
Taeyeon At Blue One Water Park
Taeyeon At Blue One Water Park

TaeTiSeo At Blue One Water Park
TaeTiSeo At Blue One Water Park
SNSD Sooyoung Instagram Update
SNSD Sooyoung Instagram Update
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Girls Generation/SNSD Wall

K-PopXD said …
Ok I'm seeing stuff that I'm not supposed to see in this group and it disgust me out and remember what Fanpop is about? It's about joining clubs that you wanted to be in, help people, fans, and more. So don't ask ridiculous or questions that grossed people out. So don't let me or other people report stuff that are in this group. Also if you are posting stuff that is not suppose to be are not on the right club. -_- Posted 2 days ago
DaniMF commented…
We're in bad times, 2 perverts areacting at the same time. I can't with that amount of wrong information. We shouldn't feed the troll, just report and let Fanpop make the job. 1 day ago
snsdlover4ever commented…
I keep reporting, but nothing still happens. We need a vast amount of people to report them, and then they're gone. 1 day ago
K-PopXD commented…
Yeah I agree 1 day ago
Ieva0311 said …
Also keep watching SNSD - The Boys MV so that we could reach 100M views on they 7 anniversary
Posted 2 days ago
DaniMF commented…
Also Mr. Taxi si going to get 100M views 2 days ago
Jesmile commented…
Wow. that's awesome. I am gonna watch it both ^^ 2 days ago
snsddolly commented…
im starting 2 do it now..^-^ 7 hours ago
Ieva0311 said …
Seriously ppl should stop posting non related stuff here
Especially those who post perverted stuff, it just makes me sick seeing that...The weirdest thing that I don't see that in other clubs
Seriously waht's wrong with ppl? mhmm guess they need attention so come here
anyway we should report that stuff so we wouldn't see these weirdos here in SNSD wall
Posted 2 days ago