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DaniMF said …
I've read in a website tha Sooyoung, Yuri and SECRET's Hyosung are the best non vocalist singers, better than many lead vocals. What do you think about it? Also, they placed Hara and Sulli as the worst singers overall in Kpop. Posted 3 days ago
Gretulee commented…
Hyosung is actually awesome, it would be a shame not to put her, Sooyoung okay, not sure about Yuri, I think there are better, where did u get it? Is it just normal people that thinks it or...? I don't think Sulli is that bad, she's not that good either, though 3 days ago
DaniMF commented…
It's by Ahmin, he's the most thorough analyst that I've ever read. Of course he can be wrong as everybody, but he actually knows what he's speaking. 3 days ago
DaniMF commented…
There are very, very bad lead vocals. Even if not counting rookies. 20 hours ago
big smile
snsdlover4ever said …
So, it's official that more than half of SNSD is dating! (not surprisingly; I'm sure all of them are tbh)
Yuri's confirmed to be dating Oh Seung Hwan, a Korean baseball player! So glad that she's found love! Posted 7 days ago
Tippany commented…
It was quite a surprise for me though. I honestly didn't think Yuri would be the next one to get caught, especially with a baseball player! I always thought she had something going on with an idol. 6 days ago
snsdlover4ever commented…
Yeah, it was real unexpected. Especially since I hear rumors that Seohyun was gonna be the next one to be ousted, but I'm pleasantly surprised that Yuri's in a relationship. 6 days ago
big smile
DaniMF said …
Finally I could achieve my yellow medal. It was a great surprise! Posted 10 days ago
snsdlover4ever commented…
Congratulations! I kinda gave up trying for my red medal, so pretty soon, I bet you'll be a higher rank!~ 10 days ago
milli893 commented…
Congratulation~,I think I can guess how happy you are,so congratulation a lot,and @snsdlover4ever,red medal too is my wish,I even wish that I could be as active as Gretulee and get the orange one 9 days ago
DaniMF commented…
I dudu I'll get the red medal anytime soon, some people like pearlxashxdawn, pretty_angel92 and tiagih were insane and they only have the yellow one. 9 days ago
Gretulee commented…
congrats! Add pics, videos and everything to achieve it, only being active here doesn't help to get it ^^ 9 days ago