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big smile
DaniMF said …
Finally I could achieve my yellow medal. It was a great surprise! Posted 2 days ago
snsdlover4ever commented…
Congratulations! I kinda gave up trying for my red medal, so pretty soon, I bet you'll be a higher rank!~ 1 day ago
milli893 commented…
Congratulation~,I think I can guess how happy you are,so congratulation a lot,and @snsdlover4ever,red medal too is my wish,I even wish that I could be as active as Gretulee and get the orange one 1 day ago
DaniMF commented…
I dudu I'll get the red medal anytime soon, some people like pearlxashxdawn, pretty_angel92 and tiagih were insane and they only have the yellow one. 1 day ago
Gretulee commented…
congrats! Add pics, videos and everything to achieve it, only being active here doesn't help to get it ^^ 1 day ago
snsdlover4ever said …
Hey guys! Catch Me If You Can came out! I personally love it to be very honest; it was honestly a surprise to see the dance line have that amount of lines, but I enjoyed seeing the change! Not to mention, they looked AMAZING in their MV! I thought it would be pretty lackluster like Mr Mr by the teaser, do again, I'm pleasantly surprised! "Girls" is also a pretty decent ballad! (Meaning I didn't feel like falling asleep while listening ahaha) Anyways, what are your thoughts about it? Posted 8 days ago
snsdlover4ever commented…
I'm probably the only one that likes it ;-; 8 days ago
Gretulee commented…
I like it too, song isn't fantastic, but it's pretty good! And the dance! I'm so happy everyone did great job, especially Fany on the dance, she improved so much I can't >.< everyone must be happy, Fany don't have many lines and others have enough 8 days ago
Gretulee commented…
Yuri is on top, finally she's back with her energy. And some more of things I also love is Taeyeon's part with that ponytail and high notes<33 P.S when Fany's bite her lip, she's so tempting haha 8 days ago
big smile
Tippany said …
Yay! Mr. Taxi has reached 100 million views on Youtube! Just some times more before the release of Catch Me If You Can! <33

#catchGG Posted 9 days ago