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The deathly truth

Chapter 1: And the losers are…

Santana District 12

'The name is Santana Lopez..' Santana stared through the window. 'I'm 16 years old, I'm from district 12. Most people in district 12 are poor and so I am. My big sister Selena Lopez, died in the 73 hunger games, a year ago. And my little sister Mara died in a coal mine accident, when she went to visit my father. My mother Maria Lopez, was a hunger games champion. But she died when I was only 4. A simple cold became pneumonia, and we couldn't afford a doctor. It only became worst. And she died. So that leaves me, Santana Lopez as only girl. I'm only 16 and an orphan. As for the rest, I don't feel sorry for anyone else. I take what I can get. Sometimes I even steal bread from the local bakery. I have killed my chair of animals. I trade them, for things I can use. Mostly food, sometimes even old fashion weapons. My hair is silky black, or at least it used to be. I don't wash my hair, I haven't even washed myself in more than a month. Soap is expensive, the closest you get is washing yourself in the dirty local creek. Or in the small river in the forest. Not that anyone dares to go in there. Not anyone. I do, I am bad ass. At least what's people say, I guess. No one really talks to me. I have no friends, and I really don't care. I don't need anyone. My sister was my best friend, and ever since she died, I have changed. I guess I died inside. Actually it happened when my father and Mara died. I used to have friends, Suzy Pepper comes to mind. Suzy is daughter of a poor family. And just like me. She is close to her family, which brings me to the hunger games. In my district you can add your name to the games. When you're 12, you have to put your name in there. I put mine in there, 4 times. They give you grain and oil, 1 for every name you add. Now I'm 16 years, I don't even know how many times my name is in there. 16 times at least. I stare outside of the window, a shadow fell over the grass.'

Santana stood up, she lay down. She pulled her arms close to her body, pulling them close to her body. She stared to the ceiling. For just a moment she closed her eyes. Santana lived in abandoned building. It used to be part of the coal mines, but after the accident it wasn't used anymore. Santana moved in there, about three years ago. After she lost the house. And the tree house was destroyed in a bad storm. Santana's bed was made from straw. Her head was resting on a soft pillow, she had stolen that from the mayor's house. The sheets were stolen from other people's trash. The table was pieced together from old wood. The ladder lead to the building itself, Santana lived on the attack. The attack of an abandoned building. No one went there. Santana stood up, she grabbed some bread. Slowly she ate a piece of it.
She turned to the chair, grabbed the dress on it. It was the tribute dress she was supposed to wear on the hunger games. She stepped down the stairs, leaving for the central place in town. Where they would find someone to compete in the hunger games. Santana almost ran down the streets. People didn't talk to her. At least that's what she believed.
"Santana!" Suzy Pepper screamed to her. "Santana, what's going on with you?"
"Nothing red." Santana turned away. "I needs to leave you behind."
"Santana, aren't you worried.." Suzy stared at her "About the hunger games, you'll be the third person in your family. Your family is cursed by the hunger games.."

"Yes Suzy, you don't need to remember me.." Santana replied "I remember that my sister.."
"Yeah, she died on the first day.." Suzy replied
"I remember that little detail.." Santana rolled her eyes.

"My name is 16 times in there.." Suzy replied "16 times.."
"I knows that.." Santana rolled her eyes. "I don't even know how many times my name is in there. I think over 30 times, maybe even more."
"Are you mad Santana?" Suzy stared at her.
"No just hungry.." Santana replied "I wouldn't mind going to the hunger games, I wouldn't mind chop up a few people."

"You're heartless Santana.." Suzy stared at her. "Truly heartless, you'd perfect for the hunger games, you would be perfect to rule the capital."
"The people that killed and humiliated my sister were to.." Santana replied "I intend to get even.."
"Then why didn't you offer yourself as tribute?" Suzy replied
"Because I hated Shoshandra.." Santana replied "I wanted her to die on TV, like really bad."

"Heartless…" Suzy rolled her eyes.
"Well, not everyone can bubbly and happy.." Santana rolled her eyes. "You wouldn't last 5 minutes in the hunger games, you would be the first one to die."
"At least I'm not a killer.." Suzy replied "And a thief.."
"Well we can't all be like you.." Santana turned away.

"Welcome.." a man appeared on the stage. It was Marten Figgins, the man that did the reaping in district 12. He wasn't famous in our town, maybe even less then the mayor. We hardly ever saw him, even when the reaping happened. No, I didn't even know his name. I bet Suzy did, but I didn't want to ask her. "to the 74th annual hunger games.."

'Oh the hunger games..' Santana didn't smile. 'It's been going for 74 years, almost 10 people in my family had competed. Only 1 won so far, my mother. I kind of hoped my sister was like her, but she died in the bloodbath of Cornucopia. Sue Sylvester, the person that gives advice told her to steal as much as possible, one of the trained district 1 guys killed her. I remember people talking about her dead in detail, all I heard was dead. How I wanted to kill that guy. The boy from district 12 didn't make it past the first night either. Last year Shoshandra had dropped something, and the land mine had exploded before she could even get in to the fight. That low 2 didn't do anything.'

"Let's not waist time.." he stared at the people "girls first."
He moved his hand in a big boll full of paper. Filled with people of the town. People that didn't want to kill anyone, maybe Santa was kind of an exception. Well, they don't call her big fat bitch for nothing. He took a piece of paper. Her mind went insane, it could be on her, not she didn't mind, she wouldn't mind to go to the hunger games. She was alone, cold and heartless. Some mind even call her dead inside. Her life was over, it didn't matter.

"Suzy Pepper.." the man stared at the mass. You could notice that he didn't know where Suzy was. I did. I knew the moment would come to volunteer to be tribute.

"Hell's no!" Santana stood up. "You wants nerves to go to the hunger games, she's dead before she even gets there. She's the one that jumps off the tower. And if she makes it to the game, she'll give one off those pro's the weapon to kill her. We don't want another embarrassing."
"What are you subjecting?" Santana stared at the woman that just spoke to her. "Are you going?"
"Yes, I volunteer.." Santana replied "I've got nothing to lose anyway.."

"Santana!" Suzy hugged her "Thank you Santana!"
"Now get away little red.." Santana replied "I don't want to look like a fool on national TV."
"Impossible.." Someone whispered in the back ground. Santana walked to the stage. Sue Sylvester smiled at her, and she noticed that she was pleased by the reaping. Santana stared at Suzy, who was crying now. The TV would like this, she had to make an impression to get sponsors. But right now she didn't care. She didn't care about the way she looked on TV. Santana was a cold hearted bitch, and people should see it right now.

"Okay, now our boy.." he took another piece of paper. "Noah Puckerman.."

Santana had never met him, Noah Puckerman was an unknown to her. The people started to shout, which meant he wasn't unknown to them. He was a strong man, trained. Maybe he would even win.
Santana smiled, he would underestimate her. Like so many did.
The moment after reaping, our family could say goodbye. Noah was surrounded by them. Everyone
came there to say goodbye. Unlike Santana was there by herself. Slowly she sat down.
"Santana?" It was Suzy. "Why did you do that Santana?"
"You'd be dead in five seconds.." Santana replied "Any chance our district had of winning, would be non-existing. And I am dead inside, you said it yourself."
"Well that was before you sacrificed yourself for me.." Suzy took something from her bag. "This is a mockyjay pin, my mom told me to give it to you. She says you're going to win, you can take one thing in the arena. One thing your brought from home, this could be your thing.."

"Suzy, that thing is like really expensive.." Santana stared at her. "I could sell it for a month's supply.."
"That's why I want it back.." Suzy replied "I want it back, when you return. ALIVE!"
"Suzy!" Santana stared at her.
"Win this for our district.." Suzy smiled "Show them you can do!"

After that everything became a blur. Santana stared in front of her 'Stepping on the train, eating more than I ever did. I stared at the screens. I watched the day again. Numb for what I did, I didn't give a damn. I was going to get revenge for my sisters dead. I would kill whoever that got in my way. Heartless, I would show them heartless.'

Will District 3

'My name is William Schuester, I live in district 3. We are the electronic district, and just like district five we work with all kind of power methods. We're all smart, most of us. I am 19 years old, but I can still be pulled for the hunger games. This year it's special, the district decided to send brother and sister to the annual hunger games. They thought it would be extremely entertaining. My sister is only 17, and that makes me a candidate to. Because we don't have any other siblings. My girlfriend Emma is also candidate be tribute. Sara's name is 24 times in there, and she's also pregnant. The capitol would eat from this. They would love this all too much. I bet they would even choose to pull her name. Everything is so unfair. So god damn unfair, there should be a rule against sending pregnant girls to the hunger games. But they say it would make great TV. The capitol would love it, she wouldn't have any sponsors. And in the end, I would rather kill myself then'

Will stared down the street, his house was small. His sister lived there to, their parents had died a while ago. And now they were all by themselves, Sara could take care of herself. She was going to live with her boyfriend Carl, who was a winner of the 74th hunger games. He didn't want Sara to compete either, but that was not in his power. Will stared at Emma, she stared back at him.
"Don't worry Will.." Emma replied "There are a lot other names in there, the public would love it if I went there. I mean I would be more interesting. And it's not like she can have a baby in the games.."
"well, that would be great for.." Will replied "The capitol would eat from it, and I don't see anyone volunteering to take her place. No one in district 3 ever does a great job. Sending a pregnant woman would be foolish. I mean she would die in the blood bath.."
"Will.." Emma turned towards him. "Don't worry about her.."
"We're brother and sister, the idea itself is sick.." Will replied "They'd want me to kill my own sister.."
"That Sugar girl from district 1 or 2 seems a psycho." Emma replied "Her daddy trained her ever since she was young it's not fair. Those career tributes stand a better chance."

"That Finn guy doesn't look like the brightest crayon in the box…" Will replied
"He'll be the first on to die.." Will replied
"Not if I'm competing.." Emma replied "Killing someone, it scares me. It really scares me, I mean none of them did anything.."

"Hey Willy.." Sara stepped in the room. "Emmes.."
"You're worried?" Will turned to her. "I mean I'm to.."
"Let's go.." Sara smiled "Maybe it's someone we don't know.."

The next ten or twenty minutes were almost too long for the family Schuester, even for Emma. She was scared for Will. Emma decided in her mind that she would take Sara's place, no matter what would happen to her. She would take Sara's place, she didn't expect Sara to take hers. She just thought it was unfair that an expecting mother had to compete in the hunger games. What should she do with the baby? Emma stared at Will, she wasn't going to tell him. He would only stop her. Or would he? She didn't know, he loved his sister. He loved her too,; But who did he love the most? Picking between your girlfriend your sister was very difficult. So she made the choice. She was going to step in. And she was going to leave for the hunger games. If that was going to happen.
"Welcome to the annual hunger games, our special brother and sister 3 district edition.."

Will rolled his eyes as the woman started to speak. It was Dustin Goolsby who watched them. Carl was there to, but he tried to ignore him. Something in his eyes made him scared, so he wouldn't watch. Will turned away.
"This year a brother and sister will compete for district 3's hunger games.." Dustin replied
"Probably his idea.." someone whispered "He's a monster!"
"Right.." another voice whispered.

Dustin took a piece of paper. There were two names on there, the name of the brother and sister competing. He stared at the paper.
"My my.." He smiled for a moment. Will thought that was uncalled for. He wanted to drag him of the stage, and beat him up. But he didn't. "Sara and Will Schuester.."

Carl turned around, he wanted to talk about the conspiracy. Will believed it to. Sara stared at Carl, but there was nothing he could do. Someone could, but no one seemed to speak up.
"I volunteer.." Emma stepped to the front. "I volunteer as tribute.."
"The two doomed lovers.." Dustin replied "Sensation."

"No Emma!" Will replied "You can't do that.."
"I will.." Emma replied "Sara's pregnant, it's unfair. I stand a bigger chance."
"No, Emma!" Will turned to Sara. "I.."

From then on, I knew there was nothing that could be done. Nothing at all, we were going to the hunger games. We were going to face Sugar Mutta, and she was going to kill any of us. She looked like a crazy person. All Will knew was that this was going to get them sponsors. Maybe just maybe they could win the games. Win them all. Perhaps. After a day on the train, he stared at the screen. District 4 had gone for a young 12 year old girl, a scared little girl. Her whole figure was shaking. District 4 would perform badly this year, maybe another one could win. Just maybe. A 16 year old girl was chosen for district 5. Will worried. He closed his eyes, happy that his sister was safe. Yet he was worried

Rachel District 6

'Hello, world..' Rachel stared out of the window. 'The name is Berry, Rachel Berry. I used to live with my mom, Shelby Corcoran. That was until she did some crime against the capitol. I think is was stealing. Instead of giving her a regular punishment, I have been punished. I am going to enter the hunger games, they hope that will hurt my mom. I know it's sad. All of the people pulled stand a bigger chance then me. I don't want to go. And there's no one that can volunteer, the capitol wants to take my mom as an example. Everyone loved her, I want to win. I just don't know how to. Sugar is going to win, anyone says so. She is a very tuff bitch. Everyone is putting her money on Sugar. The thing is you can't cheer and say, hey I came in second. Cause you'll be dead. Artie Abrahams was the other boy. His father was a rebel, and he was punished for it. Artie is in a wheel chair, he hardly stands a chance. And the sponsors won't sponsor me either. Or I have to be amazing, I have no idea what to do. I am sitting on the train right now. I don't know what to think.'

Rachel stared in front of her. Artie was sitting right next to her.
"Rachel, you don't have to wait for me.." Artie replied "If I get out there alive, I will. But you don't have to wait for me.."
"I have to help you Artie." Rachel turned to him. "I can't just leave you, district 6 will hate me if I win. Right? Right?"

"Hello, Rachel and Artie.." Bryan Ryan sat down. "I'm going to be straight forward. Rachel, you have to leave him behind. So any other tribute can chop him up. Sugar most possible."
"Hey!" Rachel yelled "Can't I try to roll him out of there.."
"I told her already.." Artie replied "If she helps me, she's going to get killed."
"Yes, Rachel.." Bryan smiled "Wheels is right.."
"Don't talk about him like that.." Rachel replied "How do you know what you're talking about anyway? Did you win?"

"Yes, I killed my fellow tribute with my bare hands.." Bryan smiled "Get used to killing people, little Berry. Right?"
"I don't kill people." Rachel replied "And I'm not planning on it either."
"If you don't.." Bryan replied "You are going to die. Will Schuester the tribute from district 3 would kill you. Sugar from district 1 is a killing machine. You will have to get over that issue.."
"Well.." Artie smiled "I could even kill Finn Hudson.."
"Well who could not.." Rachel turned to him. "Isn't it a bit mean? What if we just refuse to kill the tributes? What if we don't kill.."

"The game makers will get us to.." Artie replied "It's just so simple for them.. Right?"
"That and the career tributes like killing.." Bryan replied "It's kill or be killed."
"Killed or be killed.." Rachel rolled her eyes. "That's how it works.."
"Yeah, Rachel.." Bryan replied "You'll have to kill at least one person to be the winner of the hunger games. I think I killed around 12 people. 7 on the first day…"

Brittany Distract 5

'I am Brittany S. Pearce. I heard that there was a person named Britney Spears in old America, but no one can confirm this. It's just like my parents to give me name that is that ironic. Not that I'm really ironic. People in town like me, I am the town's sweetheart. I have not brothers or sisters. My parents aren't that rich, they couldn't pay for more than one kid. I live in the power district, which means there is electricity. Just none of it is for our use. There is no electricity. Only to watch the hunger games, I used to think it was about starving yourself. So, I naturally believed it was an amazing diet, I wanted to lose a few pounds anyway. That wasn't until I knew what the hunger games really were. And from then on, I swore never to get involved. Then I found out you had to put your name in somewhere. My name is Brittany S. Pearce, and my name is in there 18 times. I am scared, scared that I'm going to die.'

"Poor kid.." Brittany's mom spoke, while staring at the TV. They were airing the reaping of district 4. Tina Cohen Chang was reaped for the girls. She didn't look older than 12. She was not showing any emotion, yet her parents would be proud. Sector 4 trained for the hunger games, and they always survived the food/weapons blood bath. "Her parents should be ashamed, offering their kid to be murdered.."
"She won't last 5 minutes in the arena.." Brittany's father Tom sat down. "Unlike that girl Sugar, she looks dangerous…"
"Well kid.." Darla Brittany's mother stared at her. "You are not going to be reaped…"

"I don't know dad.." Brittany stood up
"You're name is only in there 18 times.." Tom stood up "It's not going to be pulled. Most kids have their names in there for 30 times."
"You're worried dad.." Brittany turned away. "You don't think I have what it takes.."

"Brits, you're a pure soul." Tom replied "I don't want you to be put in a situation like that. You're not the type to kill people, you're a healer Brittany."
"You're saying I'm too dumb.." Brittany replied "You think I'll be murdered in the blood bath, don't you. I think I'm just as good as someone from the first district. I have an edge.."
"Brittany, please stop the mind reader non sense.." Tom replied "You are not a mind reader, nor will you ever be. Just give it a rest.."

"Everyone loves me.." Brittany replied "Everyone.."
"Everyone loves you.." he turned to her "They love you so much that they will cry when they pull your name. None of them will volunteer for you."
"If I win.." Brittany stared at her mother "Would it be good for district 5?"

"Our life would be nicer.." she replied "But it's not worth that, promise me you won't do anything stupid Brittany."
"I promise.." Brittany replied "I really do.."

The reaping is on a big central stage, there are trees everywhere. Or there used to be, they were torn down to make room for a big screen. It showed how much power they really had, we can put a giant screen here, and no one will notice. And no one really did. We were power, so trees weren't that important to us. Still the town looked empty without them, the district seemed dead. And they were during the hunger games. As we parted, Brittany stared to her room. It could be the last time she'd see her bed. She could be on a train tonight, heading for the capitol. She could be getting ready to lose her life in the arena, in the blood bath. Brittany stared at the scared people. Someone was on the stage, to pull the names. She didn't know who, she didn't want to remember. April Rhodes was next to the stage, she was in her late 30's, she had won the hunger games. They called her the invisible, because no one saw her until the final moment. Brittany smiled. ' I could imagine being like that too, find a place to hide. And then let the other people kill each other, I would not bother going for supplies. Maybe a bag, and run for the forest.'

"Welcome to the annual 74th hunger games.." the woman stepped on the stage. April Rhodes was staring at them.
"Brit.." A girl next to me said my name. "I hope my name doesn't get pulled out.."
"We'll see what happens.." Brittany spoke staring to the stage.

The woman took a little note. Brittany couldn't tell what be on it, she didn't see any reason to believe it could be her name. Yet, she believed it could be her name.
"Brittany Pierce.." Silence over took the crowd. "Are there any volunteers to take her place as tribute?"
The silence was worst, Brittany walked to the stage. She understood no one wanted to take her place. She couldn't imagine anyone willing to die. She wouldn't have done it herself. Brittany turned to the people, she didn't know what to say. Her parents would be panicked . She would see them once. Once before she left to the games. She turned to the woman, she was pulling another name from the head. Brittany could care less who it was. Blaine Anderson, a fourteen year old boy was called to her side. She knew Blaine, always to optimistic, to annoying. She kind of hoped he would get killed in the blood bath, but she had to admit that he was smart. She almost thought he was jumping up and down, but even Blaine was scared. Brittany couldn't believe that she was put together with such an asshole. She would kill him herself, if that didn't make her look like a horrible person.

When she walked in a small room she found both her parents. They were crying, she even believed that they worried about her.
"Not my Brit.." her mother whispered under her breath.
"Brit.." Tom stared at her "Don't take anyone, avoid the blood bath. Head for the forest. And hide there, you can make weapons yourself. Find a water source, make a place to stay. But don't take anything. The careers will be going for weak girls like you.."
"I'm not weak.." Brittany replied
"You are when it's like that.." Tom replied "It's 6 against 1, you'll be dead in no time. Trust me, head for the forest. That's your only hope to survive. "

"Okay.." Brittany nodded.
"And whatever you do, always listen to April.." he replied once more again. "Good. Make alliance where you can make them, even with the careers if it's possible."
"Okay.." Brittany nodded once more again.
"Not my daughter.." the voice of her mother haunted her.

As the train departed, Brittany stared out of the window. Blaine was beside her, although he was calm and nice. He was almost human.
"It's going to be okay, Brittany.." Blaine turned to her. "Right, we're going to be okay."
"Blaine, there's 24 of us.." Brittany replied "Even if both of us live the blood bath, only one of us can win. We're not going to be alright."
"You are cynical?" Blaine stared at her. "April won that.."

"She waited until everyone died.." Brittany replied "The last person she had to kill was a career guy, who didn't think she was a threat."
"But she did win.." Blaine smiled
"Blaine, this one of the games you don't shout out: 'I'm a runner up'." Brittany replied "Either way you're screwed. One or both of us are going to come back in a box, that's the harsh reality."
"Do you really need to be that harsh?" Blaine turned to her. "Right.."
"You know I'm just saying what you think.." Brittany replied "Exactly what you think.."
"So it's true.." Blaine laughed "You are insane?"
"So it is true?" Brittany turned to her. "You are actually a robot.."

"Insane.." Blaine turned away.

Quinn district 11

'I guess I have been not watching the hunger games ever since I was a little girl. There was just something about people fighting to dead that I didn't like. Most of the people in my district don't. Our district is a bit negative, you can't do anything. They are watching you're every move. And I mean every move, when people don't work fast enough. They get beat down, it's kind of sad. I'm from district 11, it's one of the poorest districts. We produce food, but we can never eat any of it. I remember. The last days were kind of sad, I heard about all the 20 tributes. The saddest was the non-existing reaping in district 6. Both of these kids were reaped because their parents were considered bad people. I never heard of Shelby Corcoran. I just heard they were tributes without any reaping. I'll just admit it, I am prepared for the hunger games. I'm fast, faster than anyone in district 11. I climb trees as the best, and I'm too skinny. And I've seen certain tributes I could kill by just blinking. Like Becky, the tribute of district 11. She's so young and tiny that I would even think about letting her escape. The same goes for her 15 year old friend, Rory something. I would let him walk, just so they could be killed by other tributes. I am no monster. Our reaping is today, tomorrow they air the district 12 reaping's. I am very curious. The last years it's been crappy, the hunger games is dominated by the career tributes. It's gotten worst by the years, they make temporary alliances to kill each other at the end. I always put my money on the district one guy, he usually ends up winning the games. Or someone from district 3. It's been a while since someone in my district won. Dakota Stanley comes to mind, who was a very active part in the blood bath. He still talks about how nice it was to kill all of this people. '

Quinn stared out of the window, she stared right at the stage where the reaping would take place. So far she knew she could get away from the blood bath, Quinn always thought about how she would do it. She wouldn't go for the tent, or for the obvious weapons. She would go for the bag, a bag that could have some matches, a sleeping bag. Anything, that's what Quinn would do. Unlike all the others. Quinn knew how to survive, she would put up camp somewhere. It's not like she wanted to go to the infamous hunger games, but Quinn knew that she was better than one of those twelve year olds. Quinn had to admit that Will and Emma would get a lot of sponsors, that is if they were that amazing as their story. The brother/sister thing from district 3 made her sick. Just like the story of district 3. She remembered Rachel, the girl that she'd seen on TV. Quinn knew that she and Rachel would be great friends, that is if she lived in her district. In her mind she went over the tributes.

Sebastian (from sector 4) seemed highly dangerous, the man she could see spitting down on someone's body. Brittany (from district 5) was just the most adorable 16 year old I had ever seen. She didn't look like the brightest crayon in the box. And it didn't seem like she would bring in victory for her district, Blaine on the other end was a high energized boy. Sugar, from the first district seemed like a killing machine. The look on her face scared Quinn. Finn from 2nd district didn't seem like such a big competition, but Lauren scared her very much. The biggest surprise were Becky and Tina, both girls were shy and 12. They were tiny, and it didn't look like they would make it past the blood bath. The rest of them weren't that obvious. Only one thing was sure, the boy from district 6 wouldn't make it far. The fact that he was in a wheel chair made him slow, Quinn knew that Rachel would do everything to save him. And that would maybe get her killed. There was noise outside. Quinn stepped out the door, her parents already left for the park. Or it used to be the park, today there were no trees anymore. Just a big statue to honor the capitol. Next to that there was a stage, for the reaping's. Quinn stepped between the girls, she smiled at a friend. And he held thumps up.
"Welcome to the annual 74th hunger games.." it was Sandy Ryson . He represented district 11, he was an absolute creep. And he was more creepy then most people. Quinn couldn't believe that he would be her adviser if she made it to the hunger games. There would be better people to advise you. "Girls first.."

He took a small paper. There was a name on it, a girl's name. Some girl that would have to face killing machine Sugar Mutta. Sugar Mutta, who almost seemed to kill you with her eyes. Quinn stared to the front. His lips moved, but for a moment she couldn't make out the name.
"Quinn Fabbray.." Only now she knew, she was the tributes for district 11. Some Matt was the other tribute. Quinn knew Matt, they were great friends. And she knew that she would never be able to kill him. Time seemed to slow down, or go faster. Quinn didn't know. Her parents said goodbye to her, and then she stepped on the train. That train that would take her to the capitol. The place where they would prepare for the hunger games, before they ended up in the deadly arena. The diner was amazing, Quinn smiled the best thing about the hunger games. The amazing food.
"So.." Dakota Stanley stared at Quinn. "We're going to take out the weak first.."
"Well.." Quinn turned to them. Matt seemed to agree. "What about take a bag. And let the rest kill themselves? It's better that we don't get hurt. The career tributes are very dangerous."

"Well, you should get weapons.." Dakota replied "That's how I did it.."
"Weapons?" Quinn replied "You can make weapons? Are you can steal them. We find some place to put up camp. Somewhere they can't see us. And we wait.."
"Or you haunt for tributes!" Dakota replied "that's how I did it.."
"Well, I'm not a killer.." Quinn replied "Not if I don't have to atleast.."

'My name is Quinn Fabbray, I am the female tribute from district 11. Only the boy and girl from district 12haven't been chose. Me Quinn Fabbray, I am going to prove that you don't need to be a career tribute. I am going to win the hunger games for district 11.'

Tina District 4

'My name is Tina, just Tina. I am from district 4. A so called career tribute. My parents have been training me ever since I was born. I am hardly 12, but my parents think that I'm ready to compete. I am very strong, good with weapons and more than that. I know how to kill. I'm not a monster, it's just what my parents wanted. This year I'm up for reaping, here in district 4 the process is different. Putting our name in the cup is an honor, all of us want to compete. Well, I don't really. But my parents would be very proud. Proud that their child made it to the annual hunger games. Me, I have to admit I'm not happy. Training for this thing was so surreal. When you're aiming for dummies, you never think they'll become people. They're just dolls. If I go to the hunger games, they won't be dollies. You have to be the last standing. My parents talk about it all the time, neither of them ever went to the hunger games, and now they want me to go. I am Tina, just Tina. And I am one of the volunteers to go to the hunger games. Sebastian, one of the most hateful persons in the district is also a volunteer.'

"Good luck Tina.." Tina stares around. They don't even understand what it's like. It's considered an honor, to go to the hunger games, It's an honor to die for you district. But most of the career tributes last beyond the blood bath. Tina turned around, slowly she thinks about being a monster. About becoming a killer. But it was kill or be killed. She was kind of different from the other tributes. In district 4 people were happy to go there. They were happy to kill someone. They did it with a song in their heart. A song of happiness.

Tina stared to the front of the crowd. The winners of the previous years were there, not the previous years. Just a couple of years ago, they're both man. Both of them look strong, or they used to be strong. At least they won the games in their days. Both of them are in their late thirties. They stepped on the stage. Their hands went in a small bowl. With girls names.
"Tina Cohen-Chang" the name was so hard to hear. Tina, just Tina was the tribute of district 4.

Sebastian's name was called later. He jumped up. He started to cheer. The rest of the people followed his silly behavior. It was almost a party down there, while Tina was not trying to cry.

"Tina.." the next thing she saw where her parents. "Tina.."
"Yeah!" Tina turned toward them. "What?"
"Good job!" her father replied "You are pretending to be weak, the rest of the tributes won't see you as a danger. They'll let you go. You could continue this. Don't show them any strengths. Try to make an alliance with district 1,2 and 4. And try not go get close to the bloodbath. I have a feeling that Sugar Mutta will do some serious damage."
"Sugar Mutta?" Tina raised an eyebrow "The district 1 girl?"

"Yes, she'll be in your alliance." Her mother replied "You have to find her weakness, find that and kill her. And any tribute that gets in your way.."
"But mom.." Tina replied "I'm not a killer.."
"You'll have to be.." her father replied "If you want to survive."

As time passes, Tina went to the train. The train would bring her to the capitol of Panem. And maybe to her dead. Tina stared at everything passing her by. She stared out of the window. Tina Cohen-Chang. She wanted to remember who she was today. Not who she was going to be in that arena. How she was going to come out. She stared how a blond girl got reaped in district 5. A girl that she could kill. Tina wanted to know all of the tributes. She would see them on the first day. The ceremony. Tina lay down. She closed her eyes, and tried to capture sleep.

Kurt & Mercedes district 8

'As I stare down the road, my friend Mercedes looks at me. She's worried. We are always worried around days like this, the hunger games. That's just enough reason to worry about anything. The annual hunger games. One man and woman is selected to compete. In district 8, it's a curse. People put their names in a bowl and when they get pulled out they die. There are two old guys that survived the hunger games, but they are old. Two guys. I don't even know when they won. I don't remember.'

"Kurt are you worried?" Mercedes speaks. Mercedes has 3 little brothers, 2 big brothers and 3 little sisters. And that's why her name is in that bowl more than once. Kurt stares at Mercedes.
"My dad says they're not going to pick me.." Kurt replied "I'm not sure of it, I mean my name is still in there. They could pick my name. It could happen."
"Kurt, your name is in there 18 times or something.." Mercedes replied "There are so many names in there, it would be very strange. My chances are greater."
"Mercedes don't say that.." Kurt replied
"And even if I get pulled out.." Mercedes replied "I won't make it passed the bloodbath."

"I won't either.." Kurt replied "They'll probably go for the weak guy. Which is me."
"What about the kid from district 6?" Mercedes replied "Pour kid doesn't stand a chance. I mean why would they send someone who's in a wheelchair.."
"What about the dumb district 5 girl?" Kurt replied "She won't make it far.."
"Neither will her crazy friend.." Mercedes replied "14 years old? It's so young!"

"Everyone is to young when it comes to the games.." Mercedes replied "You are never too young to die in the hunger games."
"True.." Kurt replied "But that Sugar girl is crazy!"
"Well she's a career tribute.." Mercedes replied "What would you expect?"

"I don't know, I thought she would show some emotion." Kurt replied "she was almost telling us to watch our steps. I hope someone kills her.. It will be a pleasure."
"She won't die.." Mercedes replied "she'll win."
"Yeah, I think so to.." Kurt replied

"Come on Kurt!" Mercedes stood up. "Let's go ! We'll know that we don't have to go to the hunger games today. Okay?"
"What if I go?" Kurt replied "All by myself."
"Kurt if you go, I'll offer myself as tribute." Mercedes replied "If I get reaped, you'll offer myself."
"But girls are first.." Kurt replied "What if you don't get reaped and I will.."

"We'll see.." Mercedes replied "If you go, I go.."
"What if I have to kill you?" Kurt turned to her.
"That won't happen." Mercedes replied "Maybe we can make an alliance with the blond girl. Maybe she's not that stupid. Some of us have to stop Sugar, she can't win this."

Slowly Kurt and Mercedes walked to the big field of trees. They were still there, in some districts they had got rid of all trees. But here they were still enchanting the view. Everyone was scared. Kurt stood between the boys. Between the possible tributes. One of them was going to die. Kurt stared around, he knew some of these people. He didn't hate anyone. He didn't want any of them to be chosen.
Jacob, someone who won the hunger games, stepped in front of the people.
"Welcome by the annual 74th hunger games.." Mercedes rolled her eyes. "Let's not waste time. Let's start with the girls."

"Mercedes Jones.." the man replied
"I volunteer.." Kurt replied "I volunteer for the tributes for the boys.."
He could feel the relieve. He could even hear words of gratitude. A boy said thank you to him. Mercedes stared to him, there wasn't a smile on her face. Just worry. They followed the man, they didn't know where they were going.
"Kurt, I didn't think.." Mercedes replied "They could have pulled another name." "Hey.." Kurt stared at her "You are not going by yourself. We do things together. Even the hunger games. Maybe we can win both, you know if we make an impression. Maybe we can change the rules."
"No really.." Mercedes replied "You know, the capital will never.."
"Oh yeah, they hate rebels." Kurt replied
"Your dad will be mad.." Mercedes turned to her. "Right?"

Kurt took Mercedes' hand, and the next few seconds they prepared to say goodbye. Kurt didn't let his father's word get to him. He started to give him tips. 1, run to the forest. And don't go for supplies. He even told him what to eat. And then he gave Kurt a necklace that was his mothers. And then he asked to be careful. He stared out of the window, turning to Mercedes.
"We'll make it.." She whispered "Trust me, one of us will."

Rachel district 6

"Are you okay Artie?" Rachel replied
"I'm.." Artie replied "You have to promise me, that you'll leave me. You can't take care of me, if you do so. You will die yourself. So you have to promise me!"
"No Artie!" Rachel replied "I can't leave you. I mean we are both going to get out there.."

"Only one can survive." Artie replied "If you win, your mother is free of charge. They won't hurt her anymore. So is my dad, you have to win. You have to win to get them free.."
"I could hide you!" Rachel replied "there are.."
"There is nothing you can do!" Artie replied "If you stay with me, you'll get killed. Everyone in district 6 knows that. Rachel, you don't want to come home in a box. Your mom won't like it.."
"I know.." Rachel replied

"Victory would be amazing for district 6.." Artie replied " You are the best in hiding yourself. I mean remember when you used to follow this boy around.."
"Yeah, I remember.." Rachel replied
"Rachel, you have to hide.." Artie replied "Wait for them to kill each other. And when they fight for their lives, you'll appear out of nowhere. And win. You find water. Don't get to the bloodbath. Get anything you can."
"And be careful for that Santana from district 12.." Artie replied "She's related to Selena Lopez, but we can't jump to conclusions. People called her heartless for a reason.."
"She didn't look heartless.." Rachel replied "Just hurt."
"You should still be careful.." Artie replied "Sugar, Lauren, Quinn, Will and Puck. Stay away from them. Okay?"

"Okay.." Rachel replied "Those tests, we're not going to get many sponsors right."
"Well Rachel, you can do this without sponsors. You have to be the last man standing." Artie replied "You are a survivor, you can make it Rachel. You just have to be smart, you are not strong. You're smart. But still stay away from that Quinn girl, district 11. She seems fast."
"What about alliances?" Rachel stared at Kurt "What do you think about them?"
"Make them.." Artie replied "But remember that they will stab you in the bag, but you could always try to work together to get the careers out there."
"But then we go our own way.." Rachel replied
"And don't fall for anyone.." Artie replied "Although love between two districts is entertaining. It's not good, you'll lose. Your heart will get broken."
"Like who will I fall for?" Rachel rolled her eyes. "Finn from district 2? I think they pulled the biggest loser of the bowl. First time for everything right." "I think Santana or Sugar stand a chance of winning this thing.." Artie replied "Or you or maybe even Quinn. I won't win that's for sure.."
"You.." Rachel replied
"I could only win if they all part to early.." Artie replied "and the mines are blown up. If that doesn't happen. I'll be the first dead person."

Santana district 12

"So you're Santana.." Puck sat down across of him. "I've never heard of you, why did you volunteer for Pepper? Are you friends?"
"I don't have friends.." Santana turned away.
"That's the spirit." Puck replied "I hope you won't die in the bloodbath like your sister.."

"She probably listen to Sue.." Santana replied
"Hello kids.." Sue sat down. "I was telling the trees that this year I have better tributes. A girl that is just as heartless as me, and a guy with more muscles then me."
"What's it .." Santana turned to her. "How do we call you?"
"You call me coach." Sue smiled "And I call you boy and girl. Is that alright? And you know what the first thing was that I did when I got in the arena. I killed my fellow tribute. I hated him, and one of you should to.."
"I think we could better stay together.." Puck replied "Run to the forest."

"Or you fight for supplies.." Sue replied "That's what I did.."
"Well.." Santana replied "That got my sister killed last year, so we're not going to do that. We are going for the forest. The interview?"

"We'll see about those.." Sue replied "We'll get in the capitol tomorrow. And be friendly to each other. They have to believe that you love each other."
"What?" Santana replied "I don't know this guy.."
"Well, pretend that you do." Sue replied "Doomed love sells. That's where that but chin from district 3 went for. That red head took his sisters place, the people love them. You have to be loveable . That is if you want to get sponsors. By seeming a bitch you won't get any. Barbie has more then you.."

"you listen to me.." Sue replied "And the people will call you two heroes. How you stepped in to protect your friend, to bring district 12 to victory. About your sister. They love sob stories."
"I am not some sob story.." Santana replied
"Pretend!" Sue replied "I started the rumor that I had two wooden legs.." Sue replied "Got me 7 sponsors. And I won the games like that, they thought I had wooden legs. So they kept me last, and then I killed them like a puma."



District 1- Luxury Sugar/Mike
District 2- Masonry Finn/Lauren
District 3- Electronics Will/Emma
District 4- Fishing Sebastian/ Tina
District 5- Power Brittany/Blaine
District 6- Transportation Artie/Rachel
District 7- Lumber Becky/Rory
District 8- Textiles Mercedes/Kurt
District 9- Grain Sunshine/Jesse
District 10- Livestock Sam/ Harmony
District 11- Agriculture Quinn/Matt
District 12- Coal Mining Santana/Puck