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List by dragonsmemory posted over a year ago
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((Later on I might move that first chapter out of the forums and into an article. But for now, the table of contents. The forum pages that the chapter covers are listed in parentheses. I only mention the forum name when we changed locations.))

1. Pairing Off (Hogwarts pg 1-2)
2. Pranks and Announcements (pg 2-8)
3. Being Sneaky (pg 9-14)
4. The Gryffindor Common Room (pg 14-19)
5. Finding the Firebolt (19-24)
6. Dueling the Ferret (24-28)
7. Dreams (28-32)
8. Boy Troubles (33-35)
9. Deja Vu (35-36)
10. The Quidditch Game (36-41)
11. In the Hospital Wing (41-44)
12. Nightmares (44-48)
13. Jealousy (49-52)
14. Lee and Cho (52-55)
15. Arguing with an Irishman (55-60)
16. The Missing Memories (61-68)
17. In the Room of Requirement (68-70)
18. Dealing with the Wrong Wizard (70-73)
19. Laughter (73-76)
20. Falling (The Burrow 1-17)
21. Lee and Cho Again (Hogwarts 76-80)
Fan fiction by dragonsmemory posted over a year ago
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((This little snippet of a story explains why it's never a good idea to…*clears throat*…mess with my glasses. If only CERTAIN PEOPLE would listen.))

Harry Ptter was the Boy Who Lived, as he was the only one to survive the Killing Curse. If course, that title had taken on new meaning over the years, as trolls, Death Eaters, dementors, Blast-Ended Skrewts, basilisks, family members, weird Potios professors, Bludgers, trees, and the occasional Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher all tried and failed to off him. Really it was a miracle he was still alive.

There was just one flaw with the Wizarding world's boy hero. Harry Potter was nearsighted, and very badly so. He was nearly useless without his glasses, a fact very few even realized. But that wasn't for a lack of trying. In fact, on this particular day, Harry was searching all over the Burrow for his missing glasses.

"Where the bloody hell did I putg my *bleep*ing glasses?" was the constant refrain. While running his hands all over Ron's bedroom floor, he wasn't paying attention to much of anything, really. Which explained why the top of his head collided with the...
Opinion by dragonsmemory posted over a year ago
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Fed, George, this one's for you, since you just can't stop annoying me. One of these days, I'll get my revenge. *evil laugh*
Anyway, this explains exactly what I'lldo if you piss me off under various circumstances

Bug me in the middle of a Voldy fight at your own risk. Especially if I'm trying to save someone's life. I get caught up in the fight, as I'm almost always outnumbered by those *bleep*ing Death Eaters. I might end up hitting you, or a Death Eater'll capture you. Either way, that would put you in more danger than you already are just from knowing me, and I'd rather that not happen.

I'm usually nervous before a match. Of course, Wood's first pep talk to me ("Got hit with aBludger two minutes in, woke up in the hospital a week later") never really helped my nerves. Neitherdoes the fact that so much depends on me.

I get caught up in the game, as so much depends on me. Block my view of the Snitch, and you run the risk of us losing the game.
Article by dragonsmemory posted over a year ago
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Dear Fred,
It's hard to believe it's been fourteen years since the Battle of Hogwarts. ((This is all me-Harry, not real-Harry))
Thanks for helping find that one Horcrux. It's destroyed now; Ginny and I took it down to the Chamber of Secrets. I just hope we can find the rest of them before anything really bad happens.
I'm sure there's still a lot to your future yet. Pranks to pull, teachers to tease, and Bludgers to beat. Speaking of Bludgers, where were you when that last one tried snogging me?
Well, now I'm running out of stuff to say. With Voldemort bound and determined to try and kill me (not that he'll succeed), I should probably mention that you're one-half of the greatest pranking team I've ever known. And you're one of the best brothers a guy like me could ever hope to have.
Mischief managed.

Guide by hetalia4thewin posted over a year ago
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3 fans

1: Hide his firebolt

2: wear his invisibilty cloak. he can't find you to be mad at, nor can he find the cloak

3: walk in at an oppertune moment on him and Ginny and then act oblivious as to why he's mad

4: fasten his glasses to hedwig and then let her out to fly around

5: sell all of his fans love potions at discount price

6: wrap a towel on your head and claim to be Quirrel's relative

7: Hide Hedwig and put Trevor in her cage

8: replace every picture of Ginny he has with pictures of yours truly

9: hide peruvian instant darkness powder in his trunk which releases when opened

10: go around convincing people he's the heir of slytherin

11: replace his pudding with canary creams

12: convince him that Ginny has gone "lav lav" on him

13: never cease making puns of his name

14: ask him if there are temporary tattoos of his scar
Fan fiction by dragonsmemory posted over a year ago
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((Quick note before I start. If you've been following the posts, you'll have seen something inexplicable. Yep, I'm talking about the ring Harry gave Ginny. He says he just found it on his bedside table one morning. This story will explain exactly how it got there.
Please save all your questions until the end.
Now, let the story unfold…))

The sweltering late July heat washed over the Muggle suburb. In most of the houses, the Muggles slept soundly, not bothered by anything unusual in the house at the end of the street. They had long since gotten used to the residents of that house keeping to themselves. A few strange things had happened here and there when the Potters first moved in, but things have long since settled down.
In the house at the end of the lane, Harry Potter awoke,for the first time in twenty-five years, to his scar burning. He put one hand over the old scar, relic of the night his parents died. It throbbed painfully under his fingers.
List by dragonsmemory posted over a year ago
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The following list contains many encchantments and spells found in the series. I have done my best to include each spell's name, incantation, and effects. For some entries, you may have to look up the spell on your own.
I do hope that everyone takes advantage of this list.

Disarming Spell (Expelliarmus). This is how the Death Eaters can identify Harry in the heat of battle or in a chase. They seem to think it is his signature move. A relatively simple spell, it causes your opponent's wand to fly out of their hand, leaving them at your mercy.
Stunning Spell (Stupefy). This spell knocks your opponent unconscious. They can only be revived by the counterspell (Ennervate).
Shield Charm (Protego). This spellguards you against most minor hexes and jinxes. However, it does not protect against the Unforgivable Curses.
Summoning Charm (Accio *noun*). This summons the object you name. Just make sure you don't get hit in the back of the head by the object. It is very useful when finding lost things.
Guide by dragonsmemory posted over a year ago
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Over the past week or so, we've gotten some new Death Eaters. They messed up quite a lot, making me wonder if they just joined for the hex of it (pun intended).
So, to help cut down on such mishaps in the future, I, acting as Voldemort, am writing this guide. Please keep these things in mind. Thank you.

1. Call Voldemort "My Lord." "Sir" can also be used. DO NOT call him "Voldy," "Voldemort," or any such name. Also avoid using his real name, unless you have been contemplating suicide.

2. If Voldemort tells you to bring Potter, that means capture Potter and take him to Voldemort. That does not mean get Potter to do illogical things.

3. If Voldemort laughs, you laugh.

4. NEVER mention that Potter managed to foil his plans.

5. Potter must not be killed by anyone except Voldemort. However, you can torture him a bit. You are encouraged to kill as many of his friends as you must. He likes hiding behind them.

Article by hetalia4thewin posted over a year ago
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XD we decided this should be a childrens' story, so.... here it goes

once upon a time, fred weasley, who at the moment was without his twin(D'X), was with his sister ginny and harry potter, out searching for horcruxes

on their search, after finding their first horcrux, they stopped at a hotel to rest.

a MUGGLE hotel o.O

for ginny and fred, this was a new experience. however, ginny, being, well GINNY didn't decide to explore the place looking to bother muggles, like fred decided

when they first arrived, harry get them hotel rooms. however they were only able to get two rooms, so he and ginny decided that they would share a room

fred, having been lagging behind, most likely bothering some muggles or admiring some interesting contraption, caught up to them just as they had decided on the rooming arrangements

Article by hetalia4thewin posted over a year ago
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OK!! Hey guys, welcome to the RP. Hence the title, this is just for canon characters. ok?
However, once all the canon characters are taken,we'll allow them. just don't become an OC just so you can flirt with a canon character? PLEASE?
alright, so here are the other rules.

1)stay in character as much as you can please, don't have the character do something completely weird just to get attention. or at least not too often. we won't be horribly strict, but we'll let you know if you're out of character too much.

2) Relationships are allowed, just keep any drama to a minimum. keep anything you do PG-13. if you really want to do more, like serious snogging, make a private forum and do it there.

3)please no sex. it really doesn't make sense for the series all that much for the characters. you can snog and make out as much as you want, but keep in mind most of the characters ARE in school

4)cussing is allowed, just don't let it get out of hand