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Harry Potter Vs. Twilight Opinion Article

What I think of Robert Pattison

Opinion by Kersian posted over a year ago
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Okay so I've been hearing a whole load coming from a whole bunch of people, the majority being females, that Robert Pattison is hot. They say this like it is fact and when someone comes along and says he isn't it's like they don't get it.

They asked, "How is he not hot?" This is a more formal format of putting it, but I got a whole bunch of responses which were very retarded. Well it has to do with personal preference.

So someone's opinion might clash with another person's opinion. Like how Twilight lovers think in Twilight all the vampires really are hot. But someone else might come along and see this Robert Pattison guy playing a "beautiful" vampire and be turned off by him. Which really contradicts what Meyer had written. That they were naturally beautiful to humans.

I personally find Robert Pattison as not bad looking, but not like this super awesome god of beauty. I hear a lot of people bashing him, by saying he's a actor and so is Kristen Stewart just, because they played in Twilight. I do not think that, I think they played in the movie well enough which neutralized the fact that the story plot wasn't really a good one.

I do find it ridiculous that Robert is going to be in the new Spiderman movie. Seriously I can not imagine him in it. I can't really take him seriously since I know he was in Twilight.
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Confuzzle said:
Well I have something to say to that....WHAT IS UP WITH HIS HAIR???
posted over a year ago.
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I actually think he did a good job of playing Edward. He made sure to make Edward quite creepy and stalkerish. He was staring at Bella like he wanted to EAT her... I think he did that very well! XD

But I don't think he's all that amazing looking. Maybe if he actually took care of himself he wouldn't look half bad, but he is no model, that's for sure.
posted over a year ago.
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He's going to be in Spiderman?! No freaking way. OoO

He's 'meh' when he takes care of himself; otherwise, he just looks like a hobo to me.
posted over a year ago.
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It was just a joke that he is going to be in the spider man movies. Scared me for a minute. Look at this. Up at the top is says it was a joke. Thank god. he would have ruined the movie!!!


posted over a year ago.
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ryomaidol said:
If he was turned into an anime character, his hair is not that "good-looking."
posted over a year ago.
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HecateA said:
I agree, Robert Pattison isn't an awesome-god-of-beauty-better-lookingg-tthe­n-a­ll-­the­-ot­her­-go­ds-­of-­bea­uty­-li­ke-­Aph­rod­ite­.
posted over a year ago.