Lisa Cuddy is an ambiguous character.We practically know nothing about her(13 is supposed to be the Mystery Woman,but at least we know what's motivating her).That put me into thinking,why maintain a veil of mystery around a character for 4 years?We know more things about the new ducklings and that's saying something.The only logical explanation is that when we found out about Cuddy's past,it will shake us hard.This article consists of theories about her past and future.If you are interested in how she's evolved over the years,I strongly recommend you read oldmovie's article,found in the HUDDY spot,named "You see the world as it is and you see the world as it could be".A look at Huddy.
Only take into consideration that most of the ideas here occured to me after sleeping 2 hours over a period of 3 days,so just bare with me and my paranoia.Let me guide you down the paths of Lisa Cuddy's turmoil life.


Lisa Cddy is of Jewish origin(a menorah in her house and some sly comments from House indicate this),she is left-handed.She wanted to become a doctor from the age of 12 and studied medicine at Michigan where she met House.She gratuated 2nd in her class that really pissed her off and became the first female Dean of Medicine at the age of 32 and the second youngest ever.She is into sports,we have seen her jogging(Humpty Dumpty),playing tenis(Paternity) and she also knows scooba diving(Airborne).She desperately wants to become a mother,she has tried three times in-vitro,but all attempts failed,indeed the last one led to a miscarriage.We don't know anything about serious relationships,only minor ones.She dated once the soldier from "Top Secret" and Don from "Insensitive" but none didn't work out.She has dated Wilson twice and there is sexual tension between her and House(whoever can't see it is just thick in the head).

From this point on starts the guessing,and trust me,the clues are so non-existent that even Sherlock Holmes and Hercules Poirot(combined together) wouldn't be able to decipher her past.


Cuddy has two siblings,a brother and a sister.If you look carefully,in her office,on display,are some paricular photographs.On her desk,there is a photo of three children,a boy and two girls,one resembling Cuddy a lot.They could easily be her nephews but in order to have nephews she has to have siblings.You only position people you deeply
care in such a prominent position.Moreover,we have seen her receiving presents(Merry Little Christmas) and Christmas cards,always two in number.I'm guessing she has a rudimentary relationship with them,otherwise she would be spending Christmas Eve with her family and not staying at the hospital with patients(Damned If You Do).Another photo that is constantly been showed is that of an old woman.This picture is in Cuddy's house(hall and her bedroom) and office,it's her mother,which I'm guessing(going to be using this word a lot)is still alive.There is no photograph of her father,so the only logical conclussion is that he's either dead or Cuddy's relationship with him is everything but smooth.

Another point about her past that has bothered us all is the 'number 12' issue.Is it a coincidence that Cuddy wanted to become a doctor since she was 12 and started to lie to her mother at that age?This could be the case but nothing is coincidental on this show.In numerology,the number 12 is a powerful one.Number 12 is a number of completeness and perfection.It consists of the numbers 1 and 2(obviously)that represent,for number 1,the sense of individuality and agressiveness but also that of unity and for nb 2,balance,union and the existence of a receptive mind,all qualities that Cuddy has.Dream interpretors decipher the number 12(depending on their origin)either as the loss of a child or the arrival of one.I believe it's both.I deeply believe that Cuddy isn't sad around sick babies and children just because she can't have one[she doesn't take personal all the maternity cases but only those concening ill babies(Maternity) or women(Airborne) that are in the same position like her].If you combine the above,the conclussion is shocking.

At the age of 12,Cuddy's mother,either had a miscarriage,which she blames herself for happening or a younger sibling,particularly a baby,was admitted in a hospital and died to an unknown cause.This could explain her obsession of personally being involved in these cases and her desire to become a doctor to prevent this from happening to other families.Cuddy takes all her cases personal,probabbly trying to redeem herself for causing pain to her family.In H.Dumpty,Stacy tells House:

"You know her.She has trouble with these situations, feels personally responsible".

House in the same episode tells Cuddy:

"I notice,it wasn't because it was your roof"(that she feels guilty).

In "Pilot" Cuddy herself states to House:

HOUSE:Why are you so afraid to make a mistake?

CUDDY:Because I'm a doctor.Cause if we make mistakes,people die.

House has also stated that gorgeous women don't go to medical school,unless they're damaged as they are beautiful.The above verifies that Cuddy hasn't come to terms with events in her past and tries to rectify them by resolving sometimes to drastic measures(the dangerous tratment in Humpty Dumpty and in Fetal Position)in order to save lives.In Maternity,she was sad,not because she can't have children but because of the imminent death of the babies,which probably brought back terrible memories from her past.

Last but not least,there is also her "obsession" of saving House.She is constantly been saving his neck,jeopardising her own career and the only thing that's going well in her life,her hospital.Why?For a long time,I thought it was because of the one night stand,but think about it.Which logical personal would put at risk themself,not once but several times, just because of a simple one night stand?Cuddy is naive concerning House but not that much.I also thought that this could be a result of the guilt she feels for persuading Stacy to take the middle-ground solution concerning House's leg.She is constantly trying to make House's life tolerable(ketamine treatment,trying to detox him) but I don't think this is the case either.Watching again Sports Medicine,I was just left gobsmacked.In the last Huddy moment,this conversation took place:

HOUSE:"Everybody does stupid things,shouldn't cost them everything they want in life".(Cuddy looks at House with a guilty glare)

CUDDY:"No,it shouldn't but it usually does".

This is a hint that at some point in her past,between her college years and her becoming Dean,she did sth completely stupid that risked her career or her chance of becoming a doctor.What happened I have no idea,but House saved her so this is why she hired him as a sign of gratitude(not because of their night together)and why she is lenient to his outrageous demeanour.In "Pilot",while talking to a fund donator she stated:

"But I can't fire him,even if it costs me your money".

In "Humpty Dumpty",Cuddy and Stacy are in the OR talking.Cuddy states that House has ALWAYS looked out for her.When has House protected Cuddy up to s2 that I didn't notice?Am I losimg my mind or what?This is a more pronounce hint that House did indeed save Cuddy's career.



This is a legendary relationship.It reminds me that of Elizabeth Benett and Mr Darcy's in Pride and Predijuce and of Han Solo and princess Leia from Star Wars.The fighting and bickering are so intence that you think at some point if there are weapons around,they will just kill each other.But,their relationship is more complicated,just like the ones I mentioned above.They have known each other over twenty years,know each other so well(In Mirror,Mirror, both of them knew were each other hid their medication,their reviews about each other in No More Mr Nice Guy).They have even reached the point of trusting each other,exposing themselves in a way they couldn't imagine(House revealing his pain and scar to Cuddy and Cuddy ilustrating her desire for a baby).Their relatinship is mostly on an intelectual lever,although,House seems to want more.The common point in all the times he has halucinations is Cuddy.Despite his harsh comments,he believes that she is a good doctor otherwise she wouldn't be his private physician.His last hallucination showed us that he wants a sarcic connection with her.Moreover,both of them enjoy their small power games,even anticipate them.House cares about Cuddy,always tries to look out for her,in his own distorted way.He warned her about her involvement with Vogler and tried to help her from killing Alberto in Humpty Dumpty.Cuddy underesimates herself,especially the power given to her as Dean of Medicine and House knows this.She longs to become again a real doctor,as a result,she tries to bring herself to the level of the rest doctors,which makes her seem weak.House constantly reminds her that she is not a real doctor in order to put her back in track.Cuddy and House are both lonely and miserable.The difference is that House has chosen his solitude while Cuddy yearns to be in a relationship.However,she is subconsciously sabotaging herself(Don in "Insensitive" mentioned this).She probabbly believes that she doesn't deserve to be happy because of the events in her past and also because she is afraid of dealing with another disappointment.That's why she's also constantly trying to alleviate House's misery,so she can be happy through his happiness.

Nevertheless,Cuddy's opinion about House has changed over the years.Cuddy is one of those characters who say it best when they say nothing at all.The glances towards House reveal more than that of words.

In s1,Cuddy was just playing the role of the bad cop,trying to enforce discipline in House and try to prevent him from hurting his patients with his anorthodox methods.However,when Vogler's regime was threatening the freedom of all doctors in the hospital,Cuddy took a difficult decision and stood up for everyone.The look on her face in Babies and Bathwaters,when House stated that he wouldn't be there anymore and in Mob Rules,reveals that Cuddy never hated him,as it was hinted.

In s2,their relationship starts to evolve,from the rigid boss-employee to that of friendship.They both reveal a part of themselves,making them vulnerable to each other.Cuddy,in Forever,was devastated that he found out about her attempts to become a mother,but trusted him to give her shots.She even considered him to become a sperm donor.However,she backed out because she doesn't like being exposed like that,she wants everything to be under her control.

In s3,their relationship goes to a new level,flirtation.Cuddy saves House from jail which makes him perceive her differently.Cuddy enjoys that House has a thing about her(just look at her smile in Act your Age,when House is trying to convince her to date him.Cuddy DOESN'T LOVE HOUSE,at least for now.House's erratic behaviour scares her,they are completely different characters,House living for the moment while Cuddy wants everything to be calculated.

In s4,the flirtation continues but as oldmovie brilliantly stated in her article,Cuddy seems weaker,succumbing to all House's demands.They both realise the ramifications of this in "Living the Dream",when they nearly killed the actor.But House's accident shook Cuddy hard and she kind of got out of the trance she was in.


Whoever is a Cuddy fan wants to see this relationship unravel before their eyes.They have so much in common:both are Jewish,left-handed,care about the people surrounding them and they both care about House unconditionally.Cuddy apreciates Wilson as a doctor and as a man,otherwise she would have never considered him as sperm donor in the first place.There have not been significant moments between the two of them,but the dating issue has opened their eyes to the possibility of a relationship(at least for Wilson).Cuddy felt flattered that Wilson was out of character during their second date,while Wilson,after the pressure from House,seems to want to make a step.Cuddy prefered dating Wilson because she doesn't need to be on her guard all the time,like with House.Cuddy is relaxed around Wilson and that makes her illustrate new elements of her character beside the rigid and stern administrative mask she wears.This is why she reckons Wilson as a "safe" choice.The casual dating will probably increase in number until both of them realise that there could be sth to a future relationship.


All of us know by now that in s5 we will see a Huddy relationship.Under no means will Cuddy initiate it,she is too afraid.Their relationship will be passionate in the beginning,but progressively,they will fall in love.Cuddy will give her all to House.On the other hand,House,when he starts feeling new emotions swarming him,will do something stupid(either cheat on her with Cameron or refuse to father her child)in order for Cuddy to terminate their relationship.House is afraid of commitment,he abandoned Stacy when she came to terms with the fact that she was still in love with him,so the same will happen with Cuddy.House,as I've said in a previous article,is an anti-hero.They ruin their happiness by themselves only to regret it when it's too late.After the seperation,Cuddy will get into a relationship with Wilson but both of them will understand that it can't work.

Finally,Cuddy is going to have her baby,the writers have confirmed this(if you believe them anymore).The only question is whether she will have a HUDDY or a WUDDY baby(Katie Jakobs wants a WUDDY baby while David Shore a HUDDY one).As I've said before,if Cuddy carries House's child,she's probably going to die(and this is said by a huge Cuddy and Huddy fan) because anti-heroes never have offspings and for practical reasons.A House baby of any kind(HUDDY,HAMERON,HACY,THOUSE) will just kill the show.The idea of a House baby can last for few episodes,afterwards,it will become extremely dull and cheesy,which ultimately can only lead to a death or the departure of the mother and child.Nevertheless,at some point in the show Cuddy will have complications with her pregnancy,whoever the father is.I have a strong feeling that Cuddy will go through the same predicament with Emma Sloan(Fetal Position).There have been so many episodes with problematic pregnancies in which we can observe House's point of view(towards the mother) constantly changing.I believe that dealing with the imminent death of Cuddy,House will display emotions he never thought he had which will progressively lead him to evaluate his life.The only way Cuddy can live with a HUDDY baby is if she lies to House about the paternity of the baby.I know,it's corny,but it's a common technique in order for women near anti-heroes to live(just read any Victorian novel of the 18th and 19th century).If Cuddy gives birth to a WUDDY baby,her life will become slightly happier.Wilson will love her unconditionally,trying to fulfill her needs and she will reciprocate the feelings,although,a part of her will always love House.However,because this is not a happy show,I find this unlikely to happen.The most posssible scenario is Cuddy giving birth to a HUDDY child but she will raise it with Wilson(I really hate triangles) until the end of the show where House will decide whether he wants to live alone forever like a geniune anti-hero or live happy lived after with the woman he loves(I'm leaving you to decide who that woman will be).

Nevertheless,the only thing that remains for us to do is to wait until the 18th of September and see what is in head for our favourite andministrator and Dean of Medicine,Dr Lisa Cuddy.