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List by lovely_dawn posted 3 months ago
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I'm sorry if your favorite kpop girl group wasn't included. I only included the famous and very active girl group this month. Mianhae!!!

TT - 284,778,712 views - 23 Oct 2016

BOOMBAYAH - 250,343,446 views - 8 Aug 2016

CHEER UP - 225,551,255 views - 24 Apr 2016

LIKE OOH AHH - 203,868,861 views - 19 Oct 2015

I GOT A BOY - 201,255,169 views - 31 Dec 2012

GEE - 195,043,672 views - 8 Jun 2009

AS IF IT'S YOUR LAST - 182,041,953 views - 22 Jun

THE BOYS - 175,854,733 views - 18 Oct 2011

PLAYING WITH FIRE - 169,217,658 views - 31 Oct 2016

WISTLE - 161,037,453 views - 8 Aug 2016

KNOCK KNOCK - 152,729,013 views - 19 Feb 2017

SIGNAL - 121,798,606 views - 15 May 2017

OH! - 109,416,657 views - 26 Jan 2010

RUN DEVIL RUN - 92,878,683 views- 16 Mar 2010

RUSSIAN ROULETTE -89,707,648 views- 6 Sep 2016
Opinion by ace2000 posted 8 months ago
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Hi everyone!

So I started listening to K-pop a little over a year ago, but I really dragged myself into it recently, and I thought it'd be fun to compile a list of my favorite songs. This was initially going to be a top 100, but I decided just ranking the songs I liked best was going to be easier than trying to rank 100 songs that I liked.

Anyhow, I listened to a ton of songs to make this list (including OSTs and covers :P), but there's always a chance that a song I missed could have ended up on my list, so you guys can feel free to put down stuff in the comments :)

Here we go!

50. Congratulations - DAY6


49. Lullaby - Onew X Rocoberry


This song certainly fits its title - it's so soothing.

Opinion by zanhar1 posted 11 months ago
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While I still love me a good kpop song and enjoy the genre overall, I just haven't been as into the genre anymore. For a good while puzzled over trying to figure out why that is. It really boiled down to four reasons.

The biggest reason is that a lot of my favorites disbanded. 2NE1 being the biggest loss. 2NE1 was my absolute favorite girl group and to know that the band won't be putting out anymore music is disheartening. 4Minute, Wonder Girls, and Spica are three more that I especially miss. But then there's Kara. They (alongside Boa) were the band that got me into kpop so to know that they are no longer going to be making music really just sucks.

And the bands that didn't disband lost my bias; before even disbanding Minzy left 2NE1. Nicole left Kara as well before they disbanded. Jessica Jung is another and SNSD is still active. I still listen to SNSD but it isn't quite the same without Jess. SHINee and BigBang seem to be doing well though, it seems like the female kpop bands are the ones taking the big hits.
Opinion by C8rissy posted over a year ago
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*Moonbin & Jinjin













Boys Republic


Cross Gene
*All!! :)))






*Heejun & Buffy


Monsta X

N Flying


Royal Pirates


Teen Top
Article by KwokJinYoung posted over a year ago
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Min Yoongi is more well known as BTS Suga or Agust D. He is also known to sleep all the time and rare to see him to be happy and active in their BangTan Bombs. This is an article about his inspiration to his and their group's fans and the meaning of his songs.

"On the other side of the famous idol rapper
Stands my weak self, it’s quite dangerous
Depression, OCD, they keep coming back again from time to time
Hell no perhaps that might be my true self"
"That time I, that time I
I thought success will make everything fine
But you see, but you see
As time goes by, I feel like I’m turning into a monster"

In the song "The Last" he talks more about his disorder and depression when he was a teenager until now. It's depressing to hear that his disorder and depression attack him from time to time. He doesn't know if his disorder and depression might his true self and that this is might be who he really is. However, he is also an idol rapper who has accomplish so many awards and achievements. In the lyrics "As time goes by, I feel like I'm turning into a monster" quoting that he's being swallowed by...
Opinion by zanhar1 posted over a year ago
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I haven't writen any Kpop articles yet so I thought that this would be a great place to start. And believe me, with so many great Kpop songs it was hard to just pick 100! This will be in countdown order.

Honorable Mentions: Honrable: 5 Dolls' Like This Like That, Read Velvet's Happiness, Tahiti's Hasta Luego, ZE:A's Here I Am, Lip Service's Too Fancy, and UKiss' Baby Don't Cry.

100. BTS' N.O
99. Crispi Crunch's Thumbs Up
98. Shinee's Ready Or Not
97. CL's Dj
96. Wonder Girl's Like This
95. Rainbow's Gossipgirl
94. MBLAQ's I Don't Know
93. PSY's Father
92. Spica's Up And Down
91. Super Junior's Mr Simple
90. Shinee's Why So Serious
89. Sistar's How Dare You
88. T-ara's Yayaya
87. SNSD's Echo
86. CN Blue's Sorry
85. Spica's Russian Roulette
84. Wonder Girls' So Hot
83. Teen Top's Rocking
82. After School's Ah
81. 4Minute's Hot Issue
80. BoA's Hurricane Venus
News by hanima_sunny posted over a year ago
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Gaon Chart releases chart rankings for October 25 - October 31

November 5, 2015 @ 1:41 pm

The Gaon Chart is the national chart of South Korea and is intended to be the equivalent of Oricon in Japan and Billboard in the United States.

Check out the chart rankings for the week of October 25 to October 31 below!

< Gaon Chart National Digital Singles Ranking >

1. IU - "Twenty Three"

2. f(x) - "4 Walls"

3. IU - "Shower"

4. Taeyeon ft. Verbal Jint - "I"

5. IU - "Knees"

6. IU - "New Shoes"

7. Lim Chang Jung - "Love Again"

8. Soyu & Brother Su - "You Don't Know Me"

9. Zion.T - "No Make Up"

10. IU - "Zeze"

< Gaon Chart National Physical Albums Ranking >

1. f(x) - '4 Walls'


3. Seventeen - 'Boys Be'

4. TWICE - 'The Story Begins'
List by DaniMF posted over a year ago
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Here I want to collect the biggest fandom of each group and their members, so we can all fan the groups and members we want.

SNSD/Girl's Generation












Opinion by Neko-Tohka posted over a year ago
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EXO - Voting

Block B - Corruption

IU - Visiting the sick

T-ara - webcam

Infinite - Coward

Shinee - Bling bling

JYJ - Crime (TN: "J" sounds like "crime" in Korean)


Super Junior - gusok (arrest)

SNSD - nurse

Teen Top - daughter

B1A4 - receipt

Beast - recycle

ZE:A - strawberries

Dal Shabet - fairytale book

Bigbang - towel

2PM - living thing

Wonder Girls - America

B.A.P - frog


- I only know some of them...

- Bling bling is Jonghyun~

- Receipt... It's really pissing me off

- But for the Dal Shabet's fairytale book, the author clearly stated that she didn't want them to use the name. I was really disappointed with Dal Shabet

- Infinite's "coward" is about L's ex-girlfriend......
Opinion by berlinintherain posted over a year ago
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Yes, you just wish you were as cute as Outsider.
I love GD&TOP and I cannot lie. If I said said that I didn't, I'd probably be stuck down by heaven. Because, come on, gorgeous and talented? I had no chance from the start. That being said, there are some less well-known rappers that are also well worth your time. If you're a recent rap-addict like I am, or a seasoned connoisseur, these are a few artists worth a listening ear.

10. Noise MOB

If you're into a wilder style, with crazy accent bits and a good driving drum line, I recommend Noise MOB. A duo of rappers Minos and RHYME-A-, they were very influential in planting the foundations of hip-hop in Korea.

Songs to listen to:

9. B-Free

B-Free actually hails from Hawaii, where he grew up, and his slight American accent is to die for. Also he's goofy and amazing. his lyrics are unusually raw and sincere for a Korean artist, which I really appreciate. All in all: definitely makes my favorites list.
Article by piercing_sb posted over a year ago
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Crazy Sasaeng Named Kim Yeo Shin


김여신 - Kim Yeoshin

A girl that has done many things to idols that physically hurt them. Here is a list of the things she has done

Remember the B.A.P stage during the warrior era, Himchan was sweating like crazy? Kim Yeoshin put diarrhea medicine, oil, and benzene in a coffee and gave it to Himchan before the stage. Here's the video that shows Himchan sweating like crazy because of what she did: link
Kim Yeoshin added glue in coffee and gave it to DBSK UKNOW YUNHO. After that, he had to go to the ER because he had a seizure.
She tried giving hydrochloric acid to B1A4 Baro but failed. *Hydrochloric acid can melt the organs in a human body if they drink it wrong.*
She tried giving benzene to Infinite L but failed
She tried giving Dongwoo from Infinite something weird to eat but failed.
Opinion by usernameinvalid posted over a year ago
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Rain, Girls Day, PSY, Girls Generation, B1A4, D-Unit, 15&, Fiestar, Lee Min Woo, 100%, Hello Venus and 4KIDS


Orange Caramel, JYPE Boyband#2 is JJ project with new members, BIG BANG, Ailee, Boyfriend, APink, C-CLOWN, Kim Hyun Joong, Sunny Hill, TVXQ, B.A.P, CN BLUE, Cross Gene and LC9


Sunmi, Seventeen, Shinhwa, Juniel, HISTORY, K. Will, BTS, EXO, Son Dam Bi, Winner (YG), Infinite-H, Two X, Spica, WM New Girl Group, NU’EST, TINY-G, Dal Shabet, G.NA and Speed


Baek A-yeon, Girls Generation-TTS, T-ara N4, A-jax, EvoL, 5LIVE (JYP), After School, 4minute, Ladies’ Code, WM New Girl Group e N.FLYING (FNC)


2PM, Sistar, Brown Eyed Girls, Kyuhyun, Block B, Tahiti, CUBE Rookie Girls Group, Shin Hye Sung, AA and Seo In Guk


SHINee, Rainbow, Jewelry, JYPE Boyband#2 is JJ project with new members, U-Kiss e Infinite
News by mitsuki963 posted over a year ago
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The name “Ailee” has been topping the news headlines from local news agencies today, which reported on one U.S. K-Pop site‘s article on nude photos of a female who purportedly looked like Ailee pre-debut.

These photos generated various responses from fans and netizens in Korea and overseas, as well as the local media. Different reports regarding the source and validity of the photos were released, with several comparing past photos of Ailee to the female in the photos at issue, while others reported on the origin and leak of the photos.

In particular, local news agency Dispatch released details of a phone conversation that it had with Ailee’s alleged ex-boyfriend who claimed to be the source of these photos. In a phone conversation dated July 19, 2013, the “ex-boyfriend” approached Dispatch saying he had nude photos of Ailee and was wondering if Dispatch was interested in them. When Dispatch responded that there might be issues with the sale of photos a person received personally, the “ex-boyfriend” replied that Dispatch’s answer was different from another media outlet- he would contact that one. The conversation went on with...
Opinion by Ieva0311 posted over a year ago
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[i]Recently I have created some new clubs here in Fanpop for Kpop Idols, who didn't have them...I'm not forcing ppl to join but I would be really happy if they would join these spots...Thank you

Fanpop club for VIXX member Ken

Fanpop club for VIXX member Ravi

Fanpop club for VIXX member HongBin

Fanpop club for VIXX member Hyuk

SECRET member Song Jieun

SECRET member Han Sunhwa

B.A.P member Jung Daehyun
Opinion by niny_5 posted over a year ago
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NU'EST 3rd Mini Album '잠꼬대' tracklist :

1.잠꼬대 (Sleeptalking) - Composer : Double Sidekick, Lyricist : Double Sidekick, David Kim
2. 예뻐 (Pretty) - Composer : Seo Youngbae, IGGY, Lyricist : Seo Youngbae, IGGY, Kim Jonghyun (JR)
3. 야하게입지마 (Don't wear revealing clothes) - Composer : Seo Youngbae, IGGY, Lyricist : Seo Youngbae, IGGY, Kim Jonghyun (JR)
4. Fine Girl - Composer : Lee Yoojin, Lyricist : Hanjoon
5. 조금더사랑할게 (Loving you more) - Composer : Moon Gihwan, Lyricist : Moon Gihwan

T/N : The song titles are literal translations and the track numbers of the songs is unconfirmed.

Opinion by Gretulee posted over a year ago
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[i]On July 18, Mnet held the one and only summer awards ceremony for youth, the ‘20’s Choice Awards’ which took place at Ilsan’s KINTEX Exhibition Hall. The exciting event was hosted by Shinhwa’s Lee Min Woo and Jun Jin, and TV personality Kim Seul Ki.

The 7th 20’s Choice Awards was packed with a fresh wave of top stars which battled out in a variety of categories which include 20’s Performance, 20’s Mwave Global Star, 20’s Voice and more for a total of 20 categories. The nominees are comprised of actors and singers who have been active from the first week of August 2012 – first week of June 2013.

20’s Movie Star – Male
Ryu Seung Ryong (The Gift from Room 7)

20’s Movie Star – Female
Park Bo Young (A Werewolf Boy)

20’s Drama Star - Male
Lee Jin Wook (Nine)

20’s Drama Star – Female
Suzy (Gu Family Book)

20’s Style
Opinion by niny_5 posted over a year ago
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2ne1 is one of the most popular groups in Korea and I think that every Kpop fan knows for themThey are coming from huge entertainment, which is one of the best entertainments in Korea, YG.

Their debut and every of their comebacks was amazing. In every comeback they were trying something new and people like it.

But I have to say that I'm little disappointed.

They tried something new but I don't think people like that very much. But I also think that they can't make amazing comeback every time.


Lyrics of the song are mostly good, but I just can't forget things like: 'touch me here, touch me there' and 'you’re my Johnny Depp' (I think CL write that LOL).
But I love that part:
'Yeah in the club it’s getting ugly I don’t care
Can’t nobody stop the fire let them haters sit n stare'


CL - She didn't change anything about her style in this video and I love the way she rap in this song
Opinion by zanhar1 posted over a year ago
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I was feeling in the mood for a little typing so I decided to state why I liked each member of Shinee and put them in my bias order.

Taemin is my favorite Shinee guy. He’s cute and sexy all at once. I just love this guy. I especially loved him in Up and Down he’s a great singer and he did good covering for poor Jong after his accident. He also has a charming personality he seems so sweet and he’s always acting adorable. To go with his charming personality he has a great cheerful smile and great hair; short or long. I loved seeing him on Hello Baby and hearing his voice acting in Kola Kid (I think that’s what it was called) voice acting takes a lot of talent. He’s also a great dancer, always fun to watch. He’s a really funny guy as well when he broke the I and the n off of his microphone and when he ripped his pants on stage. Love the guy.

Onew is my second favorite Shinee guy. I like his voice the best. I particularly enjoyed his parts in Ring Ding Dong. His love of chicken is always funny. I loved his duck noise that was the greatest thing. Next to that time he Taemin and Minho stated their names in...
News by Nalu-love posted over a year ago
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The 'MTV VMAJ 2013' (Video Music Awards Japan) were held on June 22 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan.

K-pop's hottest idol groups TVXQ, Big Bang, and 2PM were nominated in 3 different categories and both Big Bang and 2PM each won an award.


2PM's 'LEGEND OF 2PM' took home the award in the category, 'Best Album of the Year'. They were able to beat out One Direction's 'Take Me Home', Linkin Park's 'Living Things', Carly Rae Jepsen's 'Kiss', and Kana Nishino's 'Living Things'.

Big Bang's music video for "Fantastic Baby" which was directed by Hyun Seung Seo won the category of 'Best Dance Video'. They were able to beat out the music videos of SKRILLEX's "Bangarang", ZEDD's "Spectrum", livetune's "Transfer", and group_inou's "9".

TVXQ's "Catch Me - If you wanna-" was nominated in the 'Best Group Video' category but unfortunately J Soul Brothers' "Hanabi" took the award in this category.

At the event, KARA's Nicole also performed her solo Japanese track, "LOST", from her group's special album 'KARA Solo Collection'.
Opinion by Sasunaru120 posted over a year ago
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dear leeteuk, although i only found out about you only this month, ive completely fallen in love with you. fallen in love with your cute and caring personality. fallen in love with park jung soo.

when i found out that you were leaving on the 30th of october today i burst into tears. 2 years is a long time.... I hope you’re safe and these next two years will pass by quickly! I want you to be back with your SuJu family soon!

i’ll miss you heaps and i will be dreading the day you leave for the army, knowing that you will gone for 2 years.. kills me. all your E.L.F fans will miss you alot and we hope you do well in the army and come back as a even stronger leader of super junior. bye leeteuk, you’ll be missed <3
Opinion by niny_5 posted over a year ago
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NU’EST, who’s receiving much attention for being one of 2012′s best rookie groups, recently revealed their album cover and the track list for their February 13th comeback!

The group began stirring interest by releasing JR and Ren‘s jacket photo teasers. Then, a few days ago they released Baekho, Aron, and Minhyun‘s teasers. Now, with less than two weeks to go until their mini-album’s release, the group has released more concrete details about the album.

NU’EST’s 2nd mini-album is called, “The Moments“. Reportedly the album will come with five tracks:
1. “Beautiful Solo“,
2. “Hello Hello“,
3. “Introduce Me to Your Nuna“,
4. “Hello“, and
5. “Just a Little Bit“.

The Special Edition of the album will come with a DVD and 200 page photo book of footage from their trips to Australia and America.
Opinion by Sasunaru120 posted over a year ago
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I’ve noticed that a lot of SHINee fans have been accused of leaving the Shawol fandom for EXO when that’s completely not true. Is it bad that a Shawol likes another group besides SHINee? No. Is it bad that a Shawol supports another group besides SHINee? Not at all. Some of you need to realize that SHINee isn’t the only group out there. Of course Shawols are going to like other groups beside SHINee and no that does not mean they don’t love SHINee anymore. If an Elf, Pink Panda, Kiss Me, Sone, Blackjack, Hottest, BANA, B2UTY, Best Friend, Etc can like SHINee ..wouldn’t that be great? The more fans and support the better. I’ve seen many of the people I follow receive many hurtful messages just because they like, support and care for another group besides SHINee. Just because SHINee isn’t in the centre of attention right now that doesn’t mean no one loves or supports them.

SHINee is an amazing group with five talented guys. Who wouldn’t like/love them? I love SHINee with all my heart and I’m glad I met them. I’m pretty sure a lot of people would agree with me. No matter what happens, SHINee will always have a special place in my heart.
Opinion by Sasunaru120 posted over a year ago
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“Thank You GD”

You are always there to create music,

Even you are sometimes getting sick.

You are always there to make us smile,

Even sometimes, we make you cry.

You are always there to inspire people,

And always give your efforts double.

You are always there to make a change,

Even sometimes, there’s no exchange.

You are always there for the fans to say “I Love You”,

Even sometimes, we disappoint you.

You are always there to thank us,

Who should say that? It’s us.

If there’s an issue about you,

Some fans sometimes doubt you.

Sorry for everything we did wrong,

We will be here all along.

We have two words to say,

Before in bed, we lay.

GD , this is for you,

That two words are “Thank You”.

News by Sasunaru120 posted over a year ago
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MBC‘s ‘Birth of A Great Star 3‘ contestant Ahn Jae Man recently captivated viewers with not only his talent, but also his visual similarities to SHINee‘s Onew.

On the October 26th broadcast of ‘Birth of A Great Star 3′, Ahn Jae Man sang an acoustic version of Michael Jackson‘s “Billie Jean” which swooned the hearts of both the judges and viewers with his soulful voice. The contestant also displayed his adorable ‘eye smile’ which had everyone on set shocked at how much he looks like Onew.

Ahn Jae Man introduced himself and shared, “I came up to live in Seoul by myself. I can’t afford the expensive tuition to learn music so I am currently working to earn money. I want to sing comfortably like others do, but working with my own strength to pursue music is satisfying.”

Ahn Jae Man was able to win the votes of judges Kim Yeon Woo and Kim So Hyun to advance to the next round. Judge Kim Tae Won also complimented the contestant on his talent stating, “You sound like you’re singing on behalf of Michael Jackson’s regretful heart.”
News by Sasunaru120 posted over a year ago
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Source: Allkpop

G-Dragon confessed that he wanted to launch his own fashion brand.

G-Dragon had recently collaborated with the accessory brand AMBUSH for AMBUSH x G-DRAGON and in his interview with GQ he stated, “It looked cool for a musician to have his own brand. I want to also have my own fashion line in the future, so I asked Verbal a lot of questions pertaining to that.”

AMBUSH was created by m-flo rapper Verbal and his wife Yoon.

Verbal revealed that he had known G-Dragon before his Big Bang days and said, “G-Dragon bought a lot of AMBUSH products in Japan, but he bought it not only from my art gallery but from another store that sold AMBUSH. I thought that was pretty cool.“