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Article by piercing_sb posted 3 months ago
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Crazy Sasaeng Named Kim Yeo Shin


김여신 - Kim Yeoshin

A girl that has done many things to idols that physically hurt them. Here is a list of the things she has done

Remember the B.A.P stage during the warrior era, Himchan was sweating like crazy? Kim Yeoshin put diarrhea medicine, oil, and benzene in a coffee and gave it to Himchan before the stage. Here's the video that shows Himchan sweating like crazy because of what she did:
Kim Yeoshin added glue in coffee and gave it to DBSK UKNOW YUNHO. After that, he had to go to the ER because he had a seizure.
She tried giving hydrochloric acid to B1A4 Baro but failed. *Hydrochloric acid can melt the organs in a human body if they drink it wrong.*
She tried giving benzene to Infinite L but failed
She tried giving Dongwoo from Infinite something weird to eat but failed.
Opinion by usernameinvalid posted 4 months ago
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Rain, Girls Day, PSY, Girls Generation, B1A4, D-Unit, 15&, Fiestar, Lee Min Woo, 100%, Hello Venus and 4KIDS


Orange Caramel, JYPE Boyband#2 is JJ project with new members, BIG BANG, Ailee, Boyfriend, APink, C-CLOWN, Kim Hyun Joong, Sunny Hill, TVXQ, B.A.P, CN BLUE, Cross Gene and LC9


Sunmi, Seventeen, Shinhwa, Juniel, HISTORY, K. Will, BTS, EXO, Son Dam Bi, Winner (YG), Infinite-H, Two X, Spica, WM New Girl Group, NU’EST, TINY-G, Dal Shabet, G.NA and Speed


Baek A-yeon, Girls Generation-TTS, T-ara N4, A-jax, EvoL, 5LIVE (JYP), After School, 4minute, Ladies’ Code, WM New Girl Group e N.FLYING (FNC)


2PM, Sistar, Brown Eyed Girls, Kyuhyun, Block B, Tahiti, CUBE Rookie Girls Group, Shin Hye Sung, AA and Seo In Guk


SHINee, Rainbow, Jewelry, JYPE Boyband#2 is JJ project with new members, U-Kiss e Infinite
News by mitsuki963 posted 5 months ago
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The name “Ailee” has been topping the news headlines from local news agencies today, which reported on one U.S. K-Pop site‘s article on nude photos of a female who purportedly looked like Ailee pre-debut.

These photos generated various responses from fans and netizens in Korea and overseas, as well as the local media. Different reports regarding the source and validity of the photos were released, with several comparing past photos of Ailee to the female in the photos at issue, while others reported on the origin and leak of the photos.

In particular, local news agency Dispatch released details of a phone conversation that it had with Ailee’s alleged ex-boyfriend who claimed to be the source of these photos. In a phone conversation dated July 19, 2013, the “ex-boyfriend” approached Dispatch saying he had nude photos of Ailee and was wondering if Dispatch was interested in them. When Dispatch responded that there might be issues with the sale of photos a person received personally, the “ex-boyfriend” replied that Dispatch’s answer was different from another media outlet- he would contact that one. The conversation went on...