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The fans pick: EO!! BABY!!
The fans pick: I like it...
I like it...
Its okay but not my fav...
The fans pick: Psshhh Ya! Who wouldn't?
The fans pick: Detective(regular) clothes
The fans pick: I didnt know he was on the show.
I didnt know he was on the...
I DID! It was funny!
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pippy40 said …
Is there anyone still on this site that wants to do trivia, polls, games and links? Most are dated 6 yrs ago. Wondering if there are new people who want to still engage. I was here and ant to start back up here and other shows! Posted 1 minute ago
pippy40 commented…
Oops.. I meant WANT ....not ant 1 minute ago
ediponc said …
Amazing show. Posted 7 months ago
brittny_hp07 said …
Like this page on facebook! I made it myself and I post pics, edit, games and other things. I post about new and old SVU :) Posted over a year ago