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The fans pick: Dr. Cal Lightman
Dr. Cal Lightman
Dr. Gillian Foster
The fans pick: Gillian
The fans pick: Yes. they are one of my favorite ships :)
Yes. they are one of my favorite ships :)
Ofcurse. there my favorite ship ever! :D
The fans pick: Liars in the House
Liars in the House
Doctors and Liars
The fans pick: eww. he belongs with gillian
eww. he belongs with gillian
Wah...I wasn't expecting that...
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1 fan has answered this question
1 fan has answered this question
1 fan has answered this question
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Lie to Me Wall

hayley361 said …
please please please bring back lie to me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE THIS PROGRAMME need to see cal and foster FINALLY get together please bring it back me and my husband are hooked and absolutely gutttttttttted there is no series four!!!!!!!!! PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted 1 day ago
nickjonasfan001 said …
Us have cancelled:
666 Park Avenue- axed and pulled from schedule
Emily Owens, MD    The CW    Confirmed dead in November
Last Resort    ABC    Cancelled but will air full 13 episodes
Made in Jersey    CBS    Cancelled after just two episodes
The Mob Doctor    Fox    Cancelled after 13 episodes
Next Caller    NBC    Dropped by the network before it even aired
Partners    CBS    Axed by the network in November

Now Surly They Can Bring Back Lie To Me Now? Posted over a year ago
joejonasfan001 said …
has anyone thought of starting a petition to get this show back on tv? Posted over a year ago
Viky11 commented…
yeah, this show was a great one so sad it had been cancelled :( over a year ago