Lashley forever
I made this article just for Lucas Grabeel and Ashley Tisdale fan. This article is about Ashley talking about Lucas after shooting the final scene of High School Musical 3 at one interview with her. This interview i found at Lucas Grabeel official website. If you guys don't believe it then check it out at A lot of people will think's this is adorable. Me too. It's just shocked me when i read it. Now you can share my experience. Wanna know the interview? Read it below....

What said in the article was like below;

Q : How emotional was it shooting the final scene?

A : [Director Kenny Ortega] has said this amazing speech, and that's was got us going. And hair and make up [crew members] even started crying. [laughs] That was an emotional-fest. But you know Lucas Grabeel.....he's such an amazing person, and is very, ussually, stand offish in feelings. He doesn't show his feelings. And he even teared up. And that's something that's really big. Because the last three years...i mean, he's "the man" you know? He doesn't do that. But he showed some tears. And that's very emotional. [laugh]

Now you see. Even a man can cry. How adorable is that Lucas Grabeel is crying? And he's the man. Never doubt about that. I really love when it's about Ashley and Lucas. I love both of them. I'm a big fan of him. So, i hope they will starring a new film and become the lead role also playing lovers. They really a cute couple ever!!! Enjoy coment, disccus, gives opinion and everything and don't forget to vote more for Lucas Grabeel.
how touching it is Lucas cry