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Stranger In Moscow **RARE**
my smooth criminal
Michael Jackson
Bruce lee and Jackson, dancing!
Bruce lee and Jackson, dancing!
MJ Gif *_*
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khanna266 said …
Thank you MJ for inspiring me! May you rest in piece! Posted 3 days ago
khanna266 said …
#make that change (spread the word) Posted 3 days ago
Persephone713 said …
I cant believe some tabloids and people still are calling him " Whacko Jacko" - Just because he wanted a private life, and did things differently, and on top of that let the man REST IN PEACE. His kids could see this stuff. What a horrible thing to call someone, making fun of them and their name. GOD I hate freedom of speech and press sometimes. Posted 5 days ago
Persephone713 commented…
some people still think he is not innocent of the charges against him either. OH GOD! PEOPLE ARE CRUEL 5 days ago
liberiangirl_mj commented…
I totally agree with you :( he was too good for this world :( and specially the press.. they always treated him like a money machine. 5 days ago
M_Annie_J commented…
I don't understand the hate that Michael gets even when he's gone , i agree with you it's cruel , but what Michael ever did in his life to deserve that kind of treatment ? There was a video called The Unfortunate Truth About Michael Jackson , i think you should see it , because i have always thought exactly what have been said in the video 5 days ago
spartikiss commented…
im mad to because he does amazing music 4 days ago