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Does anybody think like I do that The Clockwork Orange is one of the most overrated movies of all time?

Seriously, the message seems to be "Rape Is Fun". That's disgusting.
 SentinelPrime89 posted over a year ago
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sunshinedany said:
First, I must say I love dystopian movies and books, therefore I had to see this movie. But, I admit watching it was a real challange.
My problem with the movie was with the amount of violence and the purpose of it. I don't think the message of the film is that rape (or any other form of violence) is ok.The movie, just like the book, deals with the subject of violence and how / why violance happens.
The answer, I think is given early on in the novel. The narrator of the story, Alex, says, “I couldn’t help a bit of disappointment at things as they were those days. Nothing to fight against really. Everything as easy as kiss-my-sharries”. That means Alex and his friends have nothing to fight for or to fight against. Trying to prove their existence, they throw themselves into the world kicking and screaming. Even though they might not be able to understand the significance of their violent actions, such actions become a means of guaranteeing meaning. The only meaning to be experienced comes at the personal level of the body and corporeal pain is the only means to insert sensation and therefore sense into existence.
Now, I don't know if the movie is overrated, I'm not a movie critic, but to be honest this is not one of my favorites. The are better movies that use aestheticized depictions of violence than this one. What's unique about this film is that it stands out as possibly the scariest image of the near future. And that's not easy to watch.
Hope it helped. :-)
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posted over a year ago 
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