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Silver Smelt Lyrics

Flying Home for Christmas Lyrics

12 Days of Missions Lyrics

Stuck in the Chimney Lyrics

Jingle Bells (Power Mix) Lyrics

Real Chill Christmas - Lyrics

Madagascar Impression

Book Announcement (The "Perfect" World)

"First Fandom" tag/ Penguins of Madagascar "I'll Fight"

Denny's Commercial

DirecTV / AT&T Commercial

Ipad App: Dave Hacks into NWOT.

Does This Sound Like Dr Blowhole to You?


Private's Theme

Penguins of Madagascar Talking Plush

Funny Lemur "GAGS": King Julien Stand Up

Flying Home for Christmas

King Julien Princesses Birth Announce

10 Minutes of Rico Laughing

8 facts about Madagascar

King Julien Stand-Up: Talk to the Booty

Cheezy Dibble Challenge

Caffeine withdrawal

The Magic Juicer

Los pingüinos de Madagascar Pelicula Completa en Espanol HD 2014

Penguins of Madagascar - Full Movie

♪Skilene ~ Could it Be♪

Brian Hull - The 100 Voice Impressions Marathon

Dancing ^^

Privates Theme

Super Bowl Rally!

Let's Play Pollution solution Episode 1

Penguins Of Madagascar Full Movie.

Penguins Of Madagascar Part 7

Penguins Of Madagascar Part 6

Penguins Of Madagascar Part 5

Penguins Of Madagascar Part 4

Penguins Of Madagascar Part 3

Penguins Of Madagascar Part 2

Penguins Of Madagascar Part 1

You know what its a secret?

Private Tribute ~ Only One

All Hail King Julien - New Year's Eve Countdown - Netflix

Penguins Of Madagascar Soundtrack - Eudyptula Minor

Disgusting moment in All Hail King Julien

Animatic Work in Progress: Dr. Blowhole's Plans for the Holidays (Part One: The Plan)

Merry Christmas from Danny Jacobs/King Julien!

Flying Home For Christmas.

Apparently all boats are girls...