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The fans pick: It seemed interesting.
It seemed interesting.
Michael Emerson was on it!
The fans pick: Jim Caviezel
Jim Caviezel
Michael Emerson
The fans pick: Maybe not exactly like Finch's machine, but close enough.
Maybe not exactly like Finch's machine, but close enough.
Of course it does! We are all being watched! *looks around suspiciously*
The fans pick: How Nathan Ingram [Finch's friend/associate] died.
How Nathan Ingram [Finch's friend/associate] died.
How Jessica Arndt [Reese's ex-girlfriend] died.
The fans pick: Zoe Morgan
Zoe Morgan
Theresa Whitaker
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LLheart said …
"Father. I am sorry. I failed. I failed you. I didn’t know how to win. I had to invent new rules. I thought you’d want me to stay alive. Now I’m not so sure. I will not suffer. If I do not survive, thank you for creating me." — The Machine Posted 2 months ago
karaouq commented…
that part was so sad...:( 2 months ago
OLDlk1 said …
We lost Carter but gained more of Shaw and Root. What a ride! Posted 7 months ago
karaouq said …
so sad when carter died..but I still like reese, the others :D Posted over a year ago