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The fans pick: No, I don't watch Criminal Minds.
The fans pick: For work Jane others stayed with Lisbon
For work Jane others stayed...
Lisbon- jane
The fans pick: Are you interested in a new season?
Are you interested in a new...
What is your favorite season...
The fans pick: Patrick Jane & Theresa Lisbon
Richard Castle & amp; Kate Beckett
The fans pick: Agent Jason Wylie
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FlorianDX said …
Hello, somebody know where I can find the same costumes that Patrick Jane please? Posted 3 months ago
Celina79 said …
HELP ME, SO MANY FEELS!!!! AAAAAW, I love Jisbon so much, can't believe it is over now.....
Such an amazing Ending!! Posted over a year ago
tiffany88 commented…
I know right? I'll miss this series so much! Definitely my favorite TV series <33 And Simon Baker is such a great actor. Duh, all of them are so great! over a year ago
laurik2007 commented…
it was the perfect series finale ♥ over a year ago
Celina79 said …
Today is the Day, last ever Episode of The Mentalist, very sad to see it go but also happy because they had a final Season and a Happy Ending! Posted over a year ago