I wrote this when I was still figuring out who I am and when I was clearly lost, about 2 years ago. Here goes:
Fake friends
I'm tired of pretending
That I'm always happy
When I'm some times

I've got fake friends
Who call themselves
My friends
When they're NOT!

Friends are true,
They don't lie,
They don't pretend
And they're there 4 u.

My friends aren't true,
They do lie,
They pretend every day
And they aren't there 4 me.

How can 1 be happy
When they're pretending
And hiding
From reality.

No 1 is gonna kill u
When u stop pretending
They'll have 2 except u
As u'll have 2 except them.

I know it will be hard
2 turn away
From the fairytale life,
But I don't wanna pretend anymore.

Don't know where I'll go
If I don't have
These fake friends,
That makes me scared.

My world seems so small,
Though I know many people,
Did many things
And enjoyed it without my fake friends.

What I want is real friends,
Not fake ones,
Real friends is what I want,
I hope we'll meet soon.

So goodbye pretending world,
This is real life,
My life
And goodbye fake friends.