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shriya_r said …
POWERPUFF GIRLS ROCK Posted 6 months ago
MisterAxel said …
Hello, I am PPG artist...


just came to say hello :U
HELLO! Posted over a year ago
alexon31 said …
What do you all think of the new Powerpuff Girls reboot? Posted over a year ago
MortalAnonymous commented…
Awful. 6 months ago
beau99 commented…
I can't stand it but I have friends that love it, so more power to those that do. Opinions are opinions unless people are a jerk about it. I think the art is cute, though. 1 month ago
beau99 commented…
I mean, I love Teen Titans Go and I know it's hated by a ton of people so I know how my friends that like the PPG reboot feel. 1 month ago