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Fan fiction by PinkShimmerGirl posted 8 months ago
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PinkShimmerGirl from DA and PW is doing PPG requests here!!
Choose 1:
Detailed drawings with backgrounds
Grayscale drawings
Pick 1
Pick 1:
PPG OC (PowerPuff girls) (Meaning PPG uniforms)
(Dress with black stripe, white Stockings, black Mary janes)
RRB OC (RowdyRuff boys) (Meaning RRB uniforms)
(Long sleeve shirt with black stripe, black pants, black converse)
RRG OC (RadiantRuff girls) (Meaning RRG uniforms)
(Long sleeve tee with your choice print, jacket, denim shorts, pants, converse, OR Hoodie, skirt/pants/shorts, combat boots OR mix n match from the RRG options)
PPB OC(PokerPuff boys) (Meaning PPB uniforms)
(Short sleeve Tee-shirt, white pants, vans)
Hair style:
Hair colour:
Eye colour:
Any patterns in eye?(like hearts, diamonds, sparkles, etc(ONLY GOES FOR RRG OC)
Skin colour:
List by Blueberryjam789 posted over a year ago
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Hey everyone, it's Blueberryjam here!!!! This is a meme you have to copy,paste and andswer. You must andswer all ?s.

1. Hello, who are you?

2. Who is your favorite powerpuff girl? Why?

3. Who is you least fav and why?

4. Your fav punk? why?

5. least fav punk.? Why?

6. Fav RRB? Why?

7. Least fav RRB? why?

9. Favorite Episode?


11. Did you like this meme. This is my first meme ever!!!

12. Tag 3 people!!

(fist I tag: ppgfireball, Flooberoid, annnnd,.... heeeeeeeeeeeey )
Fan fiction by KatKuteAKA12 posted over a year ago
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There they were. Two Rowdyruff boys thinking " where is he?" There he was. Brick. In the Professor's Lab.

Brick: Let me go!
Professor: Hold on! Just a second!
Brick: For what?!
Professor: Just a few tests.
Brick: No!

Brick's brothers were worried more than Him (character) was. They hadn't seen him for days.
This was one time to be worried. They don't know there is problems with their brother.

Professor: Oh no. This is bad.

Brick: Whatzzit? Uh Oh, my shift is over have to go bye!

To be continued...
Opinion by TotalDramaFan60 posted over a year ago
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Rainbow Dash hates the Powerpuff Girls
Rainbow Dash: WTF I'm in Townsville? WTF
Bubbles: Hi!

Party, motherbuckers!
Pinkie: Hi, my name is Pinkie Pie and....
Buttercup: NO (Throws giant log on Pinkie)
Pinkie: (Muffled) Party! Mother... Buckers.... Bleh.

Friendship is Crappy
Bubbles: Oh, I love MLP! But friendship is crappy, not magic!
Applejack: What did ya'll say? (The Mane Six busted through the door)
Mane Six: (Destroys Bubbles)
Bubbles: But... Friendship is crappy.....
Rainbow Dash: NO (Does a Sonoc Rainboom and the world ends)
Pinkie: (Comes up out of space from nowhere) And that's how Equestria was destroyed! Maybe later I can tell you the story of how I became a Blank Flank again! (Shows both flanks and there's no Cutie Mark)
Cutie Mark Crusaders: (Pops out of space also)
Opinion by frickityfrackle posted over a year ago
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Alright, so, since i'm a bit fed up with seeing one of my best friends being bashed for shipping something-

Let me make this clear to you all;
We are all humans; each unique. No human is completely alike to another- not even a pair of twins. We all have different opinions, facial features, sounds of voice, hair colors- I could go on FOREVER.

So, if you can respect simple differences others may have in looks, or sounds of voices..

Please tell me, why is it so hard to accept a person's simple opinion?

I don't care what it is.
Whether it's;

- a ship
- what food you like
- what food you dislike
- shows you like
- a show you dislike

Do not shoot people down for their opinions.
It's about as easy to accept someone's opinion, as it is to shoot it down as meaningless, or stupid;
But, the difference is the affect of your reaction.
Fan fiction by ppgFireball posted over a year ago
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Dexter: after months of defeat, i need to find a solution defeat Brick. hmm. I'VE GOT IT! I'LL POISON HIS FOOD!!!

At the park...

Starbright: what are you guys doing?

Brick: seeing if we can fly without using our superpowers.

Starbright: no one can do that, that's impossible all you're doing is jumping.


Rose: i can see Butch is doing it.

Butch: -is flying without his superpowers- WHHHHEEE!!!

Boomer: why can't i fly? :(

Dexter: -is hiding behind a tree- heh heh heh. -pours poison into sandwich-


Dexter: uhhh....right here!

Brick: SHUT UP GRANDMA!!! -punches sandwich out of Dexter's hands-

Starbright: -flies over to where they are- what the hell is going on here?!

Dexter: DUH DUH DUH!!! -runs away-

Boomer: i give up trying to fly without superpowers! -pours Chemical X on himself-
Fan fiction by ppgFireball posted over a year ago
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Blossom: -wakes up- oh boy! i don't know why but i feel extremely happy today! :D -dashes out of bed-

Bubbles: .....and i'm usually the happy one. :(

Blossom: -gets dressed very fast- -brushes her teeth- oh, forgot to comb my hair. :)

???: Blossom.....

Blossom: huh?

???: Blossom....

Blossom: great, now i'm hearing things.

Berserk: -appears in the mirror- FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!! I'M ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FREAKING MIRROR!!!!

Blossom: -gasp- i remember you- you're...you're....

Berserk: yeah I know, Berserk.

Blossom: yeah! one of those Powerpunk Girls!

Berserk: i'd thought you'd remember us. but i'm surprised you couldn't even remember my name -sinister laugh- any they call you, the smart one?

Blossom: i've had it with your potty mouth! leave me alone or i'll come in there and beat you up!

Berserk: -evil laugh- you know i'm stronger than you Boss' em?
Fan fiction by ppgFireball posted over a year ago
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At the PPG's house.....


Bubbles: -is crying- but i'm no bully!

Blossom: i know she tricked her girls, and we need to her by showing her who Princess really is.

At Morbucks Manor....

-Fireball and Princess walk in-

Fireball: so thanks for inviting me to your place, Princess.

Princess: no problem! >:) say, wanna watch a movie on my flat screen tv?

Fireball: you have a flat screen tv? :O

Princess: -nods-

Fireball: ok!

-they watch a movie-

Fireball: did he just-

Princess: oh yes he did.

-the movie is interrupted by the news-

News Person: this just in, the Powerpuff Girls-

Fireball: ugh, it's those bullies.

Princess: yeah, their glory hogs. one time i tried to help them but they scolded me. i just wanted to help. all they care about is people loving them.
Fan fiction by ppgFireball posted over a year ago
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Fireball: but Mom, everyone will think i'm weird! i mean look at me! big bulging eyes, no fingers or toes, freakish powers, messy hair- oh wait, i like my hair messy.

Mom: no they won't. and little girls don't have messy hairdos. so go brush it.

Fireball: -walks in the bathroom- i may kill someone with my powers,and everyone will hate me. -puts on her dress, stockings and mary janes- ok mom. i'm ready. -whispers to herself- i really wanted to wear a much cooler outfit but it doesn't look right with my neat hairdo.

In the car...
Fireball: so everyone won't laugh at my name, i'll call myself Bruce.

Mom: that's a boy's name.

Fireball: -facepalm- oh yeah, that's right. i'll change it to Belle.

Mom: i love it, it means beauty.

Fireball: but i'm cool. oh well it doesn't matter.

At Pokey Oaks Kindergarden....

Mom: bye sweetie!

Fireball: -waves goodbye sadly and goes into he building- -whispers to herself- stay calm Fireball, stay calm.
Fan fiction by ppgFireball posted over a year ago
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Brick: come on Butch, we're leaving.
Butch: where and why?
Brick: we gotta go save the prince
Butch: that gay? you can't be serious.
Boomer: And so they set off on a crappy adventure to save their beloved prince....GAAAAAYYYY. until Brick and Butch tripped over a rock and broke both their legs. the end! :) .....what? ugh, you want me tell you the full story? uggh fine. >:(
Brat: -comes in- hi Boomie! -Isabella's line- Whatcha doin'?
Boomer: just telling a story.
Brat: -looks around- ummm.....to who?
Boomer: the audience of course! :D
Brat: -looks at where we are and sees nobody- Boomie, are you sure you're ok?
Boomer: yep! :)
Brat: ooookkkk......i'll be playing with my toys if you need me. -exits room-
Boomer: ok! anyway, back to the story...
Butch: this looks like where King Plutonium might be.
Brick: let's take a look.
-they go in-
Brick: hello? anyone home?
Old Man: hello there young men.
Fan fiction by ppgFireball posted over a year ago
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Narrator: The City of Townsville!! Where in Mojo's volcano, where our favorite little Rowdyruff is............................doing something.
Boomer: hi! i'm Boomer! you probably know that already. today, i'm gonna tell a little story.
-background merges into a village-
Boomer; Once upon a time there was a prince named Brick and he lived with a princess-scratch that, let's start over.
Boomer: Once upon a time there lived a guy named Brick, who was hated by everyone because of his rudeness.
Brick: but what about my castle! i want to rule everyone! >:(
Boomer: he was jealous the gayass prince and wanted his body.
Brick: SHUT UP!!! no i don't!
Boomer: Oh yeah, and the prince was named Blake who was married to Princess Blossom.
Boomer: today was the 50th Anniversary of the village.
Brick: that's it! it's time for my most coolest plan ever! i'm gonna kill the prince! that way there'll be no prince, and then they'll choose me to be their prince, and then i'll rule everyone!!!! -evil laugh- -imagines himself being prince-
Fan fiction by ppgFireball posted over a year ago
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Butch: where the f*ck are we?
Brick: i don't know. hey! let's go rob that bank over there!
Boomer: yay!
-they rob the bank-
Rowdyright Boys: -punch them-
Boomer: ow! my head.
Butch: who hit us?
Brick: -opens his eyes- WHAT THE FUCK???!!!
Blake: hmph, haven't seen you around here. must be new to crime.
Butch: hey! who the hell are you guys?
Blake: we're the Rowdyright Boys!
Rowdyruff Boys: -ROFL-
Brick: WHAT KIND OF NAME IS THAT?! -laughs-
Bash: stop laughing! our name is not funny!
Breaker: can we hit them already?
Boomer: you're name sucks!
Brick: we're the Rowdyruff Boys and we kick ass!
Blake: yeah, right.
Butch: why don't you guys go rape some Cheetos or something.
Blake: excuse me, but we don't do sexual assault.
Brick: oh wow, seriously? excuse me? can't you be cooler than that?
-Powerpunk Girls come in and punch the Rowdyright Boys-
Fan fiction by ppgFireball posted over a year ago
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-the Rowdyrock Boys come in the portal-
Blood (red boy): WE'RE GONNA KILL ALL OF YOU!!!! -has a pocketknife-
-everyone panics except for Buttercup, Butch, and Butch Z-
Buttercup: so....what do we do?
Butch: don't worry Buttercup, i'll save us!
Buttercup: -facepalm- here he goes again.
Butch: -walks up to the Rowdyrock- why don't you dorks go somewhere else, you're freaking everyone out!
Bomb (blue boy): -hits Butch with his toilet-
Butch: ow!
Brick: let's get outta here!
-they teleport back to the PPG's house-
Butch: all right Buttercup and anime me, let's reason with these guys!
Buttercup: you're on your own. -teleports back to her house-
Butch Z: later dude. -teleports to PPG's house-
Butch: so you guys are gonna leave me here?! -sigh- you wanna play checkers?
Rowdyrock Boys: of course.
-at PPG's house-
Brick: has anyone seen Butch?
Fan fiction by ppgFireball posted over a year ago
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RRB: -are watching Sesame Street-
Brick: i'm bored as heck.
Butch: me too.
Brick: how 'bout you Boomer?
Boomer: -is enjoying it.- shhhh. the Elmo's World part is about to come on!
Brick and Butch: ugggghh.
Brick: why don't you stay here while we go see the girls.
Boomer: -is paying no attention to them- yeah, yeah.
-Brick and Butch fly out of Mojo's place-
At the PPG's house...
PPG: -are watching My Little Pony Friendship is Magic-
Bubbles: this is my favorite show.
Blossom: mines too!
Bubbles: I like Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy.
Blossom: I like Twilight Sparkle and Rarity.
Buttercup: pfft. those ponies are lame lame-os. Rainbow Dash and Apple Jack are the best ponies that ever lived! Besides, Fluttershy is a sissy, Pinkie Pie is pink, Twilight is a nerd, and Rarity is to girly and that makes them all dorks!
Bubbles: Fluttershy is not a sissy!
Blossom: Rainbow dash is a brute like you!
Fan fiction by TotalDramaFan60 posted over a year ago
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PPGZ and PPNKG:stoooooooooooooooooooooooop!
PPG and RRB stop
Besrk:we know how we acted and we know, even though we're evil, what we did is wrong.
Brat:so we wanna make it up to u, by being your friends.
Buttercup:we don't belive u.
PPG and RRB start charging again
Momoko:we're still talking!
Blossom:oh. Ok
Miyako:the only thing is....
Karou:that if u don't be friends with us....
PPGZ and PPNKG:u die and we'll take away your bones and powers so u can't fight back
PPG and RRB:o ok I'll have to do this.
All shake hand
News by ppgFireball posted over a year ago
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BREAKING NEWS: PPG 2013, a bogus.

There have been rumors about the Powerpuff Girls 2013. Alot of people including me, have been excited. They said the special was supposed to air on September 13, 2013, but we haven't seen any commercials! HOW CAN'THERE BE A SPECIAL WITHOUT COMMERCIALS???!!! My opinion is that a random Powerpuff-hater who likes wants attention, wanted to see the look on our faces when we realize there is no Powerpuff Girls special. The only PPG special we heard about was 10th Anniversary Special. My suggestion is we find this hater and tell our fellow fan friends that there is no PPG special until we see commercials of them on CN. My suggestion we make a search the Powerpuff wikia because that's where i read that mess. SPREAD THE WORD EVERYONE!!! THERE IS NO POWERPUFF GIRS 2013 SPECIAL UNTIL WE SEE COMMERCIAL!!!!

My reaction to the troll
Troll: -opens door-
Bluebell: -is talking sweetly- hey, you remember when you said there was gonna be Powerpuff Girls 2013 Special? -is angry- YOU LIED!!!! -punches guy-
Fan fiction by ppgFireball posted over a year ago
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Momoko: -grabs puff destruction laser- oh kids! it's nap time.......PERMANENTLY!!!! -evil laugh-
Miyako: any last words!
Butch: yeah, i'll give you these chips if you don't kill us.
Kaoru: nice try.
Butch: darn it!
Boomer: THAT'S IT!!! -shoop da whoop face- IMA FIRIN' MA OVER 9000..... LAZER!!!!! -FIRES LAZER-
PPGZ: -are not amused- here we go again.
-PPGZ and the two PPKG are hit by the blast-
Meanwhile in Townsville-
Berserk: -hears the explosion- what the heck? -flies over to the lab- -gasp- BRAT?! BRUTE?!
Brat and Brute: over here!
Berserk: -flies over to wear her sisters and the PPGZ are-
Momoko: the blue boy blasted us with a laser, again.
Boomer: and i'm proud! :D
Brat: oh Boomie, you won't be so proud now.
Blossom: we can't let them.
the two groups start fighting.
Brick: -punches Momoko-
Boomer: -is biting on Brat's pigtail-
Butch: -is biting Kaoru's leg-
Fan fiction by TotalDramaFan60 posted over a year ago
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LatOr, in the PPNKG's lab....
Brat:now you're in our hands!
Buttercup:u know laser eyes can break other lasers too?
Buttercup:let's see! (Tries to break other lasers with laser eyes) well, I guess I was wrong.
Brat:haha, look at Your little baby face!
PPGZ and PPNKG laugh
RRB fly in
Butch:(eats chips) what? What's happening? Oh, uh, I mean, buttercup!
PPG all mixed talking:PPGZ... And PPNKG....and.....
RRB mixed talking:butch..... And chips.....and stupid!
PPGZ and PPNKG mixed whispering: kill PPG.....and since they're here RRB too....
PPG and RRB:we heard that!
And then revive PPG and RRB.....

Fan fiction by ppgFireball posted over a year ago
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Berserk: More power....than I can ever imagine!!!
Blossom: ow! -turns around- YOU!!!
Berserk: don't forget your counterparts.
Buttercup: hey! we got rid of you!
Momoko: you see, they decided to help us destroy you.
Brat: and this is a perfect way to get revenge on you.
Buttercup: THAT'S IT!!! NO MORE PARTY-POOPERS!!!! -flies up to them-
Brute: -punches Buttercup-
Buttercup: -falls down-
Kaoru: well someone met her match.
Bubbles: why are you teaming up with anime us? they're bad.
Berserk: oh look, the baby speaks. they're evil like us.
Blossom: they tried to takeover our world!
Berserk: and that's just what we're gonna do. you ready girls and girls Z? ultimate megablast!
-they come together to make a gigantic blast-
PPG: -looking surprised- -get hit by the blast and scream- -are unconscious-
Berserk: i...i can't believe we did it! we've finally defeated the Powerpuff Girls! -evil laugh-
Momoko: now that we have those brats out of the way, let's takeover Townsville!
Opinion by TotalDramaFan60 posted over a year ago
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Miyako: -Slams through the grass-
Karou: -slams throughout the grass-
Momoko:-Slams through the grass
PPGZ:-all moan-
Karou:hey! Look at this! -picks up mysterious horn-
Miyako:Karou, what's that?
Karou:I dunno. Let's find out! (Blows horn)
(About one million miles away)
Brat:looks like some one found our horn!
Berserk:come on girls! Let's go!
PPNKG:-fly to where PPGZ are-
Karou:aw, the horn just brant over three more victims?
Momoko;-laughs- you're gonna die now!
Brute:-shakes head- uh-uh. We're here to help you.
Karou:prove it!
Brat:-squints eyes- bring us to the PPG!
PPGZ:-takes PPNKG to PPGZ-
Berserk:punches blossom in her butt- TO BE CONTINUED
Fan fiction by ppgFireball posted over a year ago
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Blossom: -looks worried- Rose? Are you ok?
Rose: -is hypnotized-
Blossom: Omigosh! WHAT DID YOU DO TO THEM???!!!
Momoko: We hypnotized them into liking us. We left you and your sisters out so we can have little fight.
Bubbles: -screams- EVERYONE'S A ZOMBIE!!!
Buttercup: Blossom!! What the heck's going on?!
Blossom: Everyone's been hypnotized the Powerpuff Girls Z!
Buttercup: What?! But we killed them!!!
Momoko: Not so smart are ya?
Buttercup: -is angry- -flies up and punches Momoko in the face really hard-
Momoko: -is bleeding-
Kaoru: -hits Buttercup with hammer-
Buttercup: -falls down-
Bubbles: -uses laser eyes on Kaoru-
Kaoru: -falls down-
Miyako: -blows a giant bubble and traps Bubbles in it-
Blossom: -pops bubble- -and then punches Miyako in the stomach 500 times-
Blossom: change our friends back!
Buttercup: -head smashes Kaoru-
Fan fiction by ppgFireball posted over a year ago
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This story is for Halloween and is based on my article "A PPG Story" hope you enjoy!!!
Note: I changed Rainbow Girl's and Rainbow's names. Rainbow Girl's new name is Rainbow Bash and Rainbow Boy's name is Rainbow Smash. similar to Rainbow Dash right?

Somewhere in the graveyard...
-3 tombstones are being seem-
R.I.P. Momoko
R.I.P. Miyako
R.I.P. Kaoru
-a ghost rises out of Momoko's grave-
Momoko: Miyako? Kaoru? you awake?
-Miyako and Kaoru rise out of their graves-
Miyako: i can't believe i'm dead!
Kaoru: meh, i think it's kinda cool.
Momoko: um...Miyako, all of New Townsville's citizens are dead too you know.
Miyako: oh yeah.
Momoko: none of this would have happened if it weren't for that kindergarten trio, the Powerpuff Girls.
Fan fiction by ppgFireball posted over a year ago
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Rose: Lily we've been here for hours, are you done practicing your flying around the loops?
Lily: -is drinking some water- i still have 1000 laps to go!
Rose and Bluebonnet: -sigh-
Lily: this race is big! and if i wanna beat Rainbow Smash in the race! -flying the track-
Rose: don't you mean Rainbow Dash?
Lily: i mean the boy, not the pony.
Rose: oh.
2 hours later....
Rose: thank god it's over.
Bluebonnet: my butt hurts.
Lily: -pant- that was a good flight. can't wait practice some more tomorrow.
Rose and Bluebonnet: -sigh-
At PPG's house.....
Blossom: what happened to to you guys?
Rose: Lily made us watch her practicing again.
Bluebonnet: hey, where's Bubbles?
Buttercup: she went practicing for some race. i would have joined the race but i have a video game level to master.
Blossom: you guys have been gone way too long. of course she's racing.
Fan fiction by TotalDramaFan60 posted over a year ago
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As night came, and stars fell, the souls of the PPGZ revived. Buried under the graveyard by the Utoniums house, all three regained powers and skin. Karou laughed, hauntingly. "Let's get those bad girls back!" Momoko snickered. "That's exactly our only plan." Then, all three snuk out of their graves and went over to the Utoniums. "Konnichiwaa, American compartment!" Momoko said to Blossom. She woke up. "Huh?" She asked, sleepily. Then, BANG! Momoko hit Blososm with her yo-yo! "BLOSSOM!" Bubbles and Buttercup yelled. "Our plan is working, Miyako!" Karou said to Miyako. Then, Karou hit Buttercup out with her hammer, and Miyako hit Bubbles with her bubble wand. Then the PPGZ took the PPG's beds and slept there, for the rest of the night. In the morning, the PPGZ heard moans, sounding like.... PPG MOANS! "Oh no!" Momoko complained. "What happened to our genius plan?" "PPG's are supposed to be friends with PPG's!" Blossom yelled. But Momoko missed her punch."No Blossom." Momoko said. "I can be your friend." "And I can be your friend, Buttercup." Karou said to Buttercup. "And I love everybody, so I HAVE to be your friend Bubbles!" Miyako explained. "Agreed girls?" Momoko and Blossom...
Article by TotalDramaFan60 posted over a year ago
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The powerpuff girls lived a life
It was short but you know what
They died cuse of that game
What was wrong with the guy who made the game
Hello game creator
I'm gonna kick your ass
Cuse you made that game
I'm still gonna kick your ass
It's so hard to be one.
She's getting shot! Cover her!
Don't kill her, she's all our fave!
Well, she was mean, but still,we liked her.
Kay guys, just a tip NEVER KILL THE PPG
It's so SOS so SOS SOS SOS SOS SOS SOS SOS SOS SOS SOS SOS SOS SOS SOS SOS SOS SOS SOS so so so so so so sos snow so SOS SOS SOS SOS a so s so s so sis so SOS SOS so sad (sry im on a apple phone)
Fan fiction by ppgFireball posted over a year ago
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At Pokey Oaks Preschool....
Rose: hey, Sparkle you wanna play blocks?
Sparkle: ugh, it's you. no.
Rose: why not?
Sparkle: because you're a loser and you're sister Cherry is very popular.
Rose: you guys only like her for her hair and not her sweet personality!
Sparkle: because her hair is beautiful.
Rose: my hair is long too you know!
Sparkle: yeah, but i don't play with girls who aren't popular. -slaps Rose with her pony tail when she walks away-
Rose: -tears in her eyes- i wish i were popular too.
Cherry: everyone is really nice to me.
Rose: i can see that.
Sparkle: hey Cherry! wanna come by play fashion show?
Cherry: great! can Rose come?
Sparkle: -looks at her BFFs- Rose broke her ankle last time. we don't want it to happen again.
Rose: what?! that's a lie!
Cherry: sorry Rose but they're right. i'll catch up with you later.
Sparkle: -turns around and mouths loser-
Fan fiction by ppgFireball posted over a year ago
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Rose: thanks for inviting us to lunch, girls
Blossom: no problem.
Rainbow Girl: any one wanna race the fastest girl in the world? -screen turns into stars-
Rainbow Girl: ME?!
Girls: -look at her like crazy-
Rainbow Girls: -grins embarrassingly- sorry. -sits down-
Blossom: that sounds fun.
-they fly off to the park except for Buttercup-
Buttercup: i'll catch up with you guys later. -dips her whole burger into a bowl of hot sauce and eats it-
At the park....
Rose: -is jumping up and down- where's Buttercup? i'm ready to race!
Buttercup: -lands unexpectedly- hey guys!
Girls: -scream a little-
Rainbow: i see you're pretty quick at sneaking up on people. -is little disappointed- so, everyone ready? -zooms to starting line-
Girls: -zoom to start- Ready!
Rainbow: on your mark, get set...........................................GO!
-they race off-
Bubbles: -passes Blossom-
Opinion by ppgFireball posted over a year ago
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this how the rowdyruff boys got home. this part is fan made by me. the powerpuffs save the day one more time before leaving tv and into the fan made articles.

Brick: i can't believe we've been trapped in this pony town for 5 years and still 5 years old.
-Twilight Sparkle comes-
Twilight: don't worry, i'm here to rescue you.
RRB: -shrug-
Twilight: -teleports her and the boys to G4 Ponyville.
Boomer: who are you?
Twilight: i'm Twilight Sparkle, i come from 4th generation of My Little Pony?
Butch: then, who were they?
Twilight: that was the 3rd generation of My Little Pony. they're an evil force who are trying to take over the minds of children. where do you come from?
Brick: we come from Townsville.
Twilight: than Townsville is in trouble. this fatass named Stuart Snyder is getting rid of good cartoons.
RRB: WHAT???!!!
Twilight: -nods- i better get you back home.
In Townsville...
Fan fiction by ppgFireball posted over a year ago
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are you wondering what happened to the rowdyruff boys? me too. this is not what really happened, why? because nobody knows! XD. anyway I'll shut up and let you enjoy this. sorry if this is offensive to G3 My Little Pony fans

Brick: man, good thing we ditched those losers.
Butch: yeah, they were getting on my nerves.
Boomer: yeah. hey, what's that thing?
Brick: -uses laser vision- looks like a pony.
Rowdyruffs: WE HATE PONIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brick: get it!
-they fly toward it and about to punch it-
G3 Rainbow Dash: we have them, I repeat we have them.
in G3 Ponyville...
G3 Pinkie Pie: good.
G3 Rainbow Dash: -grabs the boys and takes them to G3 Ponyville.
Brick: where the heck are we?
G3 Pinkie Pie: -fire in her eyes- welcome to ponyville, FOREVER!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Boys: -beat the ponies up-
Brick: ponies are for sissies. so, how do we get outta here?
Fan fiction by ppgFireball posted over a year ago
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Don't taste the rainbow, kids
Boomer: time to see what the rainbow tastes like. -flies toward rainbow-
-rainbow fires out of Pinkie Pies party cannon-
Boomer: -is hit by the blast and falls-

Butch is a brony
Me: Butch, wanna chocolate bar?
Butch: :D -eats- -goes crazy and sings mlp fim song-
Me: O_O I didn't know Butch was a brony. -flies away- oh well better get home start watching ponies.

How to scare away Santa Claus
-there's a giant cake on the table
Santa: delicious! -reaches toward cake-
Rose: -pops out of cake- SURPRISE!!!!!
Santa: -screams like a girl and runs-
Rose: WAIT! SANTA!!!
Santa: -gets stuck in chimney-
Rose: uh oh.
Santa: ..............mothef*ck!

How to defeat Brick in a fight
Brick: you're going down.
Blossom: -calls Brick on his cell phone-
Brick: -his phone has a friendship is magic ringtone-
Fan fiction by ppgFireball posted over a year ago
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Narrator: THE CITY OF TOWNSVILLE!!! ehh...I got nothing.
At the PPG's house...
(doorbell rings)
Professor: oh girls! your friend Rose is here!
Blossom: (opens door) oh, hey Rose. what's up?
Rose: I have great news!
Bubbles: ooh! ooh! ooh! party? i'm prepared!
Rose: not yet, Bubbles. I have better news! i'm creating a little sister!
Powerpuffs: really? :D
Rose: yep! i'm so excited! -is jumping up and down- what are we waiting for? let's go!
-they fly off-
At SB and Rose's house...
Blossom: so have you decided what her personality will be? maybe smart and heroic?
Bubbles: or cute and girly?
Buttercup: or maybe tough and fearless!
Rose: I was thinking about party loving and fashionable... but ok! we can mix all our personalities!
Girls: all right! high-five!....
Blossom: right...we don't have fingers.
Bubbles: wait! what about her appearance???!!!
Blossom: I know! she'll have a pink bow!
Opinion by ppgFireball posted over a year ago
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ok so i learned about this game called Kill the Powerpuff Girl a couple of months back, when i saw it, I thought it was terrible! what idiot hates PPG so much they want to kill them. and here's a fact, it's called CHILD ABUSE. besides they're 5, 5 DAMMIT! i nearly cried when i saw them kill Bubbles. even some little kids watched the video on accident and had nightmares! since i'm becoming a teenager soon i've just figured that killing children just because you hate them is wrong. WHOEVER MADE THE GAME, YOU ARE VERY IMMATURE AND A DANGER TO KIDS! i stopped killing Dora after my mom said "What did Dora do to you?" then i realized that she was just a kid and she did nothing wrong. this doesn't mean i like her! so then i stopped the madness. so now, i continue disliking Dora without making any threat art. Now here's a question for the PPG killers, "What did PPG do to you?" did they feed your dog chocolate? or maybe they froze your parents to death? did Hitler hire them? did they threaten your city? NO! those aren't reasons at all! you're just killing them because you think they're annoying! IF YOU HATE PPG THAN SAY YOU DISLIKE IT AND GET ON WITH YOUR MISERABLE LIFE INSTEAD OF MAKING...
Fan fiction by TotalDramaFan60 posted over a year ago
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Blossom was reading a book about a Japanese girl named after her. When she got done a portal appeared in the room. "Konichiwaa!" the girl said. "Kuru to tomo ni Watashi ni." she said. "What?" asked Blossom. "Kan wareware eru fu teikanshi Hon'yaku debaisu de koko de?" The girl said quietely. The same words came out but reapeated "Hello! Come with me. "Can we get a translation device in here?" "Oh." Blossom said. "Un. sonoda nani watashi zenki, itoshi hana! Yup. That's what I said dear Blossom" Said Miku. I'LL FINISH IT LATER IM TIERD!
Article by TotalDramaFan60 posted over a year ago
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(Blossom is playing Peggle) (Screen says 1 ball left)
(She has a blue peg in front of the orange peg)
Blossom:I'm gonna wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!!!!!!!!!
(She shoots it at the blue peg)
(She loses)
(She throws the computer on the floor and breaks it)
(Buttercup and Bubbles enter the room)
(Buttercup watching the bubble episode of Spongebob)
Spongebob:(On TV) This is the teqhniqe, Squidward!
(Buttercup watches the teqniqe)
(She goes outside and breaks a car)
Brick:Hey, that was our car!
Buttercup:SHUT UP!
Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup are on the computer)
(Blossom clicks Hatsune Miku PoPiPo)
(Miku ends up at their house)
Miku:Where the (BLEEP) am I?
(They have a curse word battle and after Miku said the N word she wins
Guide by ppgFireball posted over a year ago
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hi there, ppgFireball here! :D just came to say that I found some information about PPG. So I've been looking at PPGxRRB fandom. that's good. but here's something you might wanna know, the Powerpuffs and Rowdyruffs can't be together because they are family. I know you think i'm crazy, but it was said in the episode "Mr. Mojo's Rising" that when Professor Utonium was angered at Mojo Jojo for destroying his lab that he realized something. when the professor was trying to create the perfect little girl (or girls) he was just adding the final ingredient when Mojo pushed him accidentally making Professor knock over the Chemical X and into the bowl. therefore, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup were born. (as seen in the movie) the Professor than points out that Mojo helped create the Powerpuff Girls. So we now realize that Mojo is actually their father. Making Mojo Jojo gay. XD So when Mojo created The Rowdyruff Boys the PPG had brothers! :D okay here is the confusing part, the girls killed the boys until 4 years later, HIM revived them due to a request made by fans. oh god. does this mean HIM is part of the family? confusing isn't it? oh and i forgot, about a year after the boy's death...
Opinion by ppgFireball posted over a year ago
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PPG's Death

Once upon a time in the year of 1998, everyone was living normally. everything was boring and sorrow. until one day, it brought children to smiles, the best thing happened, a show came, a very special show, it was called The Powerpuff Girls. kids would run inside their homes everyday after school just to watch it. It was when trio were super cute. everyday was the same, a brand new episode everyday. the more episodes it aired, the more happiness it brought to children. until, one day, Powerpuff Girls stopped airing. every kid was very hurt to here that. Now to the PPG part :D The PPG were taking a break from being on the show for a while. until was day, some stupid japanese guy decided that he hated the original powerpuff girls. so he plotted to kill them and make a new version of PPG. So, that very day, when the powerpuffs beat up Mojo, the japanese came, with death rays, they were targetted right at the PPG, the girls were too stunned to even fly away. then they fired the ray, and there was a horrible shock, instead of killing all 3 girls, it only killed one, the beloved leader of the powerpuffs. Blossom lay on the ground, blood oozing out. The citizens...
Article by ppgFireball posted over a year ago
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Bubbles's ways of killing Dora

Bubbles: hi there! it's me, Bubbles! the cutest powerpuff! :D today i'm going to show you one of my ways to kill Dora the Explorer. :) Boomer, hit the lights.
Boomer: *turns off lights*
Bubbles: *plays video*
Dora: hi! i'm Dora! and I like cake! *eats over 9000 cakes* nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom. *eats like a pig*
3 hours later....
Dora: oh, if I eat one more cake, I am going to explode!
Swiper: well in that case... *feeds Dora one more cake*
Dora: *eats it and explodes*
Swiper: ooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh.
Bubbles: tune in next time for more Bubbles's ways of killing Dora!
Thanks for watching!

Another game of rock, paper, scissors
Blossom: i'm sure to win this time!
Blossom and Buttercup: rock, paper, scissors.

Article by ppgFireball posted over a year ago
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A horrible way to play rock, paper, scissors.
Bubbles: hey Blossom, let's play rock, paper, scissors.
Blossom: ok.
Blossom and Bubbles: rock, paper, scissors.
No fingers equals a tie! :D
Stupid advertisements
Boomer: oh boy! i can't wait to see what's on youtube!
Pick you ad
Boomer: i came here to watch a video! not advertisements!
*troll face* *puts on a 10 minute ad*
Boomer: *acts like an angry german kid*
Brick gets Rick Rolled.
Brick: this seems interesting to watch.
*Rick Roll plays*
Dora's stupidity
Bubbles: *is sitting in front of the tv watching Dora*
Boots: oh no Dora, a piece of wood is missing from the bridge! what are we gonna do?
Dora: i have an idea! let's ask some random troll what color the sky is, and somehow obtain a piece of wood.
Opinion by mojo123 posted over a year ago
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hello fanpopers i have an idea we can bring the
powerpuff girls back.
We can spread the word of how much we miss
show on the internet websites include fanpop,
facebook, twitter, my space, youtube, google,
denvart, girls go, totaljerkface and any more that
you know. Soon this will go viral on the internet
and maby an editor or someone that used to
work on the show will make an aniversery ep. or
bring the whole show back. lets do it now.!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111qighgusi ghsyupyguyhruispyrhuisp
Opinion by mojo123 posted over a year ago
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hello fellow fanpopers i have an idea. We can spread the word of the powerpuff girls and how sad we are that it stoped airing on fanpop. But only on the popular clubs. This may go viral on the internet and maby an editor or someone that used to work on the show will see it and will consider brining the powerpuff girls back for an aniversery or maby even the whole show. I know that together we can and will do this go on youtube facebook ect and spread the word...
Opinion by animeboy123 posted over a year ago
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Fan fiction by Hpaz1 posted over a year ago
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The show started when spongebob remembers when he swear for 1st time Spongebob: Gee i never thought f--k would be a bad word. Patrick: I heard you say the f word. Spongebob:oh f--k you Mr. Krabs:watch your language boy now you are not employee of the month. Spongebob:Oh s--t Mr.Krabs: Now when i count to three i want you to run and hide or else your mouth is gonna be washed with.1,2,3,run,get him patrick. Patrick: I got him. Spongebob:Patrick your hands smells like s--t. Patrick:Watch your f--king language. Mr.Krabs I heard your f--king language.Oh god. Mrs.Krabs:I heard you son,Know with you filthy mouths,ha it wont be pretty. The 3:Oh s--t.
Article by GwenRocks11 posted over a year ago
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Narrator: Today we'll be meeting another powerpuff girl, Brooklyn
Brooklyn: just call me Brooke
Narrator: so tell us what are you like
Brooklyn: I'm a punk/goth/tom boy girl, I'm almost never afraid!
Narrator: what do you hate?
Brooklyn: *pulls out a list* snobs, pink, skirts, people who are-
BC: if you keeps this up, we'll be here forever!
Brooklyn; *rolls eyes* whatever
Narrator: isn't she cute?
Blossom: I would start running if I were you
Narrator: Ok bye! * runs away*
Brooklyn: GET THE HELL BACK HERE!!!!!!!!!!
Opinion by applejackrocks1 posted over a year ago
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It was a bright sunny morning in Townsville, birds were singing, and no crime in sight. Buttercup suddenly woke up.

BC: *yawns* (looks at clock) Holy crime! I'm late for school! *looks around* Great, just great.
Professor: *comes in* Buttercup? What are you doing here?!
BC: I woke up late
Professor: Bubbles said you were sick.
BC: I am not! *thinks: Ugh, I should've said yes. Am....*
Professor: Well, hurry up! *walks out of room*
BC: *brushes teeth, changes, brushes hair, and eats* Bye professor!
Professor: Bye Buttercup!

As BC was flying to school, she looked down and saw Butch talking to Brute.

BC: What the- *lands next to Brute*
Brute: What do you want butterbutt?
BC: What are you guys talking about this time?
Butch: Non of your business ant brain!
BC: Have you gone to do X-rays? *laughs*
Brute: We're talking about something.
BC: It better not be evil. ):<
Fan fiction by GreenStar posted over a year ago
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Butch and his brothers was flying home after that fight, butch wasn't scared of mojo, but....him...HIM, always scared the living he'll out of everyone...even butch....

Butch:Some of a frigging frig!!!!!!!
Brick:really?!?!?, frigging frig, what happen to fuck or some of a bitch or or
Boomer:or damn me all to hell
Butch:leave me the hell alone I just got suspended now I have to go home and get my ass raped by him
Brick:EWWWW!!!!why did you say raped????
Butch:knowing HIM,I would not be surprised
Bommer:dude....you ass is grass duh hahaha :3

- Mitches house-

Mitch:ma,pa where are you two,guess what???
No one said anything no one did,Mitch was scared
Unknown:y-yes Mitch
Mitch:oh huh uhhhh Grammy hey
Grammy:what is it darling?????
Mitch:oh n-nothing I just wanted everyone to know that I-
Mitch Druzes unable to say anything,this was his Grammy, he hated seeing her depressed or furious,he could probably kill him and her both too, so, the sneaky devious little boy thought up a lie and thought it up quick (god if I keeps this up I outta be the narrator...
Article by fora223 posted over a year ago
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Narrator:Tara. Being the leader of The Powerpuff Friends. What's it like?
Tara:I feel very honored from my labels. Oh,no,no,no,no. I think those labels are LAME. What makes Derplit the tough one? I'm tough! And what about Deniz being the cute one? I'm cute just LOOK AT THIS HAT!
Narrator:I see your reason Tara.
Tara:And whenever I make Deniz cry Derplit YELLS AT ME! Hello,I'M the leader here? My Gosh Deniz is so sensitive.
Tara:Or...maybe not.
Narrator:Aww,Tara you're so kind! Now go on! Do you have a catch phrase of some kind?
Tara:Not really. Unless Its LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!
Narrator:Loudness is the right thing for a catch phrase.
Tara:I know right!?
Narrator:*hears the phone* Tara!!
Tara: I'm on it!
Narrator:Well...I guess thats the end of the interview!

Article by buttercup9 posted over a year ago
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the powerpuff girls
cherry blossom online
green demon online
the baby blue online
cherry blossom:hi girls
green demon:whats up

blood bath online
green bolt online
the blue light wieght online
blood bath:what the hell boomer that name is dumb
green bolt:learn to spell you sissy
the blue light wieght offline
the blood and the bolt offline
the ppgs off line

sorry it was so short the next will be better i promise but i just got something in my inbox thx for lisening
Fan fiction by Lpsdog223 posted over a year ago
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Cool huh
Bubbles wrote in her Diary

dear Diary I had the cutest pokemon in the world Buneary!I was going to pick Piplup but I was late but who cares I have a cutie sleeping right next to me! I will take care of her. I also named her Star!
Heres a picture Bell and Bunny took a picture of:

We all want to be our own person
Buttercup wants to be a trainer
Blossom wants to be a gym leader for grass types.
I want to be a coordinator
Bell wants to be a breeder
Bunny wants to be a coniseur
I hope our dreams come true!
By Bubble

Fan fiction by Lpsdog223 posted over a year ago
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2 fans
Blossom was writing in her diary:
Dear Diary,
Tomorrow is a big day. We are getting our pokemon.The problem is there is five of us but three starters.
till tomorrow,

It was the next day
Buttercup packed food
Bunny was singing a off key song with Bubbles.
Bell was playing with her Lilipup bot.

Professer packed extra stuff.

We went to Sandgem town.Once we went there Rowan Shook his head."Sorry,your late,"We cried."Oh come on Rowan there got to be five more,"Buttercup said Then Mitsumi came,"Well we did capture a few pokemon this morning."
Here you go pick them:
Opinion by heeeeeeeeeeeey posted over a year ago
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bubbles:who are they, they look like us
bubbles z: hey who are they, they look like us but more... cartoonie
blossom: i dont know but it might be trouble
buttercup z: woah they`re comeing over what do we do
all: who are you and are you evil
buttercup: *reaches out to shake buttercup z`s hand*
blossom: wait! they are our doplegangers if we touch the world falls apart
buttercup: but i did touch her


all: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
blossom z: is there a brick here?
blossom:from rrb?
blossom z: yeah
blossom:if i make it stay away from him he`s mine
News by dexisawesome posted over a year ago
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1 fan
THE POWERPUFF GIRLS X will be premiered on "TELETOON [Canada]" (link ) and "CARTOON NETWORK [U.S.]" (link ) around November 30, 2012, first as its 4-part/2-hour pilot episode of the full TV series, which it will be premiered around March 15, 2013, also on both of those networks.

The 2-hour/4-part full pilot episode will be released as Cartoon Network/Teletoon's first co-produced original animated film on DVD & Blu-ray Disc in North America & Japan around late 2012. THE POWERPUFF GIRLS X will be merchandised just four months after the full TV series premiered on "TELETOON" (Canada) and "CARTOON NETWORK" (U.S.), respectively.

The most noticeable fact in THE POWERPUFF GIRLS X (both 4-part/2-hour pilot episode and entire TV series) is that the Mayor's usually "headless" secretary, Ms. Sara Bellum, is being visible entirely with her face being shown on-screen due to her distinctive mother-figured hairstyle with the same hair color as her original incarnation counterpart, large green eyes, pink lipstick, and golden-yellow round...
Fan fiction by melisa583 posted over a year ago
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Sorry I haven't been on, but now there are NEW Creampuff Girls! We have Laura (hot pink) me, Arjin (turquoise) Imani (purple), Salina (green), and Hazal (yellow) PLUS there is a NEW Creampuff Girls Youtube Series! EEEEEEE!!!! So if your a fan of my fan fiction (lol) The New Puffs in Town then CONGRADULATIONS!!!
Episode 1: link
I won't be on Fanpop anymore either. D: Well I'll take these last words to say.....
And a forever goodbye from Melisa583. :')
Opinion by bratzdolly11 posted over a year ago
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A month ago,the PowerPuff girls retired and stepped down from crime fighting.Two weeks passed and all the villans moved away from Townsville or retired.Three weeks gone by when the RowdyRuff boys retired,stepped down from being a villain and went out with their counterparts.A month passed and the girls and guys got married on the same day.Six weeks later the girls had their children at the same time,each keeping the tradition of the 'B' names.
This is their story,now from the words of Brielle herself;"Shut up and Read."


chapter one: The Cousins

"I swear Brielle sometimes your so-

"So what Bianca?I'm so what!"

"Your sooo annoying!"

"Oh and like your not."

"I'm not annoying!I yelled crossing my arms,"Stop talking about me like that!"

"Why don't you make me?"taunted Brielle,getting in her cousin's face.

"Ugh!Mom,I'm going out!"yelled the auburn haired child,she gave a death glare at Brielle and flew out the window.Brielle quickly ran towards the window before she got far away.
Fan fiction by leahrose99 posted over a year ago
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That was a close call! Lets see what the girls are doing now, shall we?

"OK, I am so going to the skatepark!" Buttercup said as they approached their house.

"Why?" Her sisters asked.

"So I can be normal. Normal girls like me go to the skatepark."

"Well, only tomboys go skateboarding, girly girls, such as myself, go to the mall!" Bubbles said and giggled.

"I could go to the library." Blossom said. "And if the belts go off, we'll meet up at mayor's office, kay girls?"

"KAY!" They cheered and ran to their destinations.

"Well, off to the library!" Blossom said as she skipped to her own destination.


"OK, that was CLOSE!" Brick shouted as he and his brothers ran home.

"I feel so humiliated!" Boomer cried. "And Butch almost spilled it!"

"How?" Butch asked his brother.

"By almost saying "Buttercup"."
Fan fiction by leahrose99 posted over a year ago
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PPG and RRB story:

(The Girls Part)

It was a cold winter morning when three girls came walking up to Pokey Oaks Middle School.

Those girls were none other than the Powerpuff girls. But, at the same time, they weren't.

The girls were not the Powerpuffs. Because they were getting kidnapped too many times by Mojo, Him, and The Rowdyruff boys, the Professor gave them the belts.

What are the belts you ask? Well they're Transformation Belts, so the girls can live a normal and safe life...

The Rowdyruffs did the same, but only so they could hide out better when the Police were looking for them.

But, we're not talking about the boys here, we're talkin bout the girls.

The girls walked in the school and everyone stared. It's not everyday a new student comes to town, never are there three!

Princess was the first to speak. "Hi! I'm Princess Morbucks! And I'm a Powerpuff girl!"
Opinion by ppgcowgirl posted over a year ago
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4 fans
After seeing constant RRB x PPG shipping, I got annoyed and finally posted this article. You see, they can't be couples because they're related. There are 2 ways to look at it. Which way makes sense the most is personal preference.

Way 1: Mojo was Professor's pet and like a son, so in a way, Mojo and the PPG are siblings. The RRB are Mojo's sons, so the PPG are the RRB's aunts.

Way 2: Since Mojo pushed Professor and caused the Chemical X to pour in, he could be considered their father too. That would make the PPG and RRB siblings.

Normally someone prefers to look at it one over the other because they're both kinda disturbing and choose to acknowledge whichever is less disturbing to them. If you find both equally disturbing and legit, well, even though it's more awkward, it's more the reason that they're related and can't be couples.

Why PPNKG x PPG also doesn't work: The PPNKG are just the PPG from a parallel universe, so they're technically related to the RRB the same way the PPG are.
Guide by obssesedTDIgirl posted over a year ago
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Closing Theme

Blossom, commander and the leader
Bubbles, she is the joy and the laughter
Buttercup, she's the toughest fighter
Powerpuffs save the day...
Fighting crime, trying to save the world
Here they come just in time, the Powerpuff Girls
Fighting crime, trying to save the world
Here they come just in time, the Powerpuff Girls

Bubble's Coloring Song

La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la,
first you take the pink and then some blue
and then the green and then more pink
and then a dash of blue
coloring, coloring, coloring
grab another color, doo dee doo!

Love Makes The World Go Around

Bubbles: Open your eyes and take in
every thing that you see.
Look at all the colors, red, yellow, blue, & green.
We can take an airplane and fly
Fan fiction by AAAToughCookie posted over a year ago
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The story of how the howdy heart girls are created starts in a town called Countyville (no realtions to townsville) and a girl who is sick of people going on about the powerpuff girls because she does everything good and she gets no reward but when the powerpuffs do good they get all the attentions.

so in class she doodles the HHGS and thinks to herself these girls will be better than those puffs.

meanwhile, HIM was bored and was spying across the world to find something good to do and then he looked over countryville and sees the girl a few minutes later it was hometime so Annie (the girl) went home and him followed as a butterfly (like the one from all chalked up).

When annie came home she dropped everything and finshing doodling. Him saw what see was doing and had a plan. He would make them REAL!

Then as soon as Annie had finished she turned her back and went to fetch some water then within in a second him uses his 'powers' and makes the drawings 'fly' of the page. Then just then Annie came back and saw a blank sheet and in the sky was golden,purply/pink and blue light , then the light came closer and she saw her...
Fan fiction by Shadowlove101 posted over a year ago
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Brambles pov
I feel so bored! I mean mission Invasion is like taking so long!
Bells pov
I- I feel something not good is going to happen. I mean REAL BAD!
" Girly d-do you um... well feel something is b-bad going to happen?"
" I feel as good as a donught! No wait... TAQIOTOS!"
" he he! thank you girly! At least your here!"
Normal pov
The Shadowpunk girls were walking to Dr X's lair. There were three girls. Ballistic, Bramble and Brutal. Ballistic wore a red long sleeved, buttoned, shirt a dark red waistcoat ( like her eyes) a black skirt, white long shorts and black shoes like bells.
Bramble wears a dark, dark blue( like her eyes) tank top. with a black skirt with black boots.
Brutal wears a black t- shirt with a white crospone skull on it. Also with a dark,dark green ( again, like her eyes) skirt with high boots. They saw is lair and invaded... to be continued
Fan fiction by melisa583 posted over a year ago
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Beserk: *Looking through the mirror* I cannot believe this!!! Those ugly Powerpuffs and their boyfriends are making DUPLICATES!!!

Sours... salt... and everything evil... These were the ingredients chosen to create evil little girls! But.. the Powerpunk Girls purposely added and extra ingredient to the concoction.. TOXIC WASTE!!!
Thus, Blizzard and Bombard were born!!!

*Thanks to Kayla Davis (PowerpuffCentral) on Facebook for the names of Blizzard and Bombard*
Opinion by Miwa11 posted over a year ago
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2 fans

narrator: the city of townsville where the ppg is there growing so fast.

Buttercups pov

ugh school i hate school only PE is fun plus i get As in PE. but im still a bad girl and i get FS in everything and go to detention hahahaha im bad.

Bubbles pov

awww i love school its da best place ever its fun ^^ sigh i just only need true love i look around i see couples every where sigh uff i bonk into a boy he had blue eyes blonde hair and is wearing blue man hes cute maby hes the one. "oh im sorry". oh its ok i said "my name is boomer". he said. "oh im bubbles" i said. "im going to art class" he said "im just on my way" i said " may i walk you there" he said. "sure" this is gonna be a good relasionship

Blossoms pov

school is ok not the best but ok i love to learn in science spelling history etc. im going to science and theres no more seats so i sat by this red head boy. our teacher said we have to work in partners so she put me with that red head kid ok how bad can he...
Fan fiction by kimmy_wolf posted over a year ago
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a long time agoe.... a mouth befor the powerpuff grils! come on work this one time...said the perfeser. suger...spice...everything nice... come on work... gaaa! scremed the perfeser. a light sighed because of the reaction to the cimecil X that he... oh no! he said i acsodintly add in cimical X!!! then in the light the almost perdect littel gril was born! ill call you kimmy. ill call you... you ..said kimmy. perfeser. said perfeser. the next day oh kimmy brectfist... kimmy?..... kimmy! KIMMY! scremed perfeser. now at mojo dojos..... ILL NEVER WORK FOR YOU!!! scremed kimmy. no? well then you can just stay right here ha ha ha ha ha wah *caugh hack cough* said mojo. a mounth later grils brectfist! zoom zoom zoom good morning profeser! said bubels plasom and butercup. zoooom oh profeser profeser i so happy to see you! cried a littel gril huging the profeser. hay said butercup how are... im kimmy i think im your sister. intorupted kimmy. stuned all the grils could do was watch....

Fan fiction by GingerxMandark posted over a year ago
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Blossom begun to hang the stockings.Bonnie rushed into the room carrying the star(she's like 5)"Mommy is Daddy gonna hang the star on top?"Bonnie asked with her big purple eyes sparkling."Of course!"Blossom smiled handing Bonnie a blue ornament.Bonnie placed the star on the couch and hung the blue ornament.Baily walked into the room with an agravated look on her face."Whats the matter Baily?"Blossom asked in shock.Baily was normally very happy about Christmas."I have to cook this year!"Baily snarled."I have to clean my room,make cakes,cookies,mashed potatos,and-please tell me I don't have to make the chicken!"Baily sighed."Hun your father is doing that part.(Okay a warning if you don't like DexterxBlossom articles this is not for you)Dexter entered as agrivated as Baily."Bloss did you remember to get the turkey?"Dexter asked with a half agrivated and half puzzled look on his face.Why was the family so stressed?Blossom was holding the annual family Christmas party at her house this year for the first time.Normally it had been at Dexter's mother's house but this year Blossom had the responsibility!"Yes sweety it's in the kitchen...you don't have to cook it for another hour!"Blossom...
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Narrator:the day after the to couple got together they walked in the school and Mitch saw the holding hands so he got mad and walked over near the couples,he got near princess and kissed her in the mouth cause he thought that if he kissed another girl she would be jealous and brakeup with butch and date him

Bc:awww look mitch and princess
Butch:that's cute not really hey princess srry you have an ugly bf

Mitch:I'm not ugly u are
Princess:I'm not his gf hes in third grade eww I'm in fourth grade I'll get daddy to sue him for kissing maw

Mitch:stop dating my crush butch
Butch:no make me
Mitch:fine I will

Brick:haha that's funny but my big bro will win
Blossom: I hope bc won't get into this
Bubbles:no fight no fight
Bommer:duh what's going on ahh duh

Butch starts biting him in the face and Mitch kicked him in the stamage then pulled his hair but butch got up then used sneak attack
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Hey guys, Im selling an extremely rare original powepuff girls poster from 1995, you can get it here:


Very rare original Powerpuff Girls poster

Cartoon Network featured the first Powerpuff Girls pilots in its animation showcase program World Premiere Toons in 1995 and 1996.

This poster from 1995 is a promotion of the first ever Powerpuff Girls short/episode to ever be aired "Meet Fuzzy Lumpkins".

Poster art direction & design by Jesse Stagg & Kelly Wheeler
Creative Director: Bill Burnett

Its in great condition with no creases, size A1.

A great opportunity to get this rare collectible, dont miss out!

Happy Bidding!!!.
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Chapter 1: buttercups crush

It was Monday and buttercup and her sisters was getting ready for school like every day,but 5 days aweak she thrown her cloths at her sisters just for fun but to day she was ackting weird

Blossom:Umm Bc what's wrong ur not being as mean as u usually do

Bubbles:she's right ur ackting very strange ur not ackting like ur grumpy self

Buttercup:Uhh...girls have you ever been in love? Cause I feel like that

Blossom:OMG lol!?!?!? Ur in love this is a miracle

Bubbles:I'm so happy for you

Buttercup:can you keep a secret?

Bubbles & blossom:yea sure

Buttercup:okay my secret crush is is is butch and mitch mitchelson

Blossom:awww so cute but Mitch really he us well UGLY !?!?!?!?!?

Bubbles:umm really mitchelson really I agree with blossom he is EWWWW

Buttercup:I'm not really in love with him but butch yea total love but you guys can't tell anybody okay cause if you do I'll shave your hair bold
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(Ppg are at school) Principle: may I see the ppg at my office (blossom and Bubbles look at bc) Bc:what. bubbles
and blossom: nvm. (in the office)
Principle: hi girls we have new students joining our school can you show them around? ppg:ok
Principle: ok there names are boomer brick and butch or the rowyruff boys. ppg: (gasp) you guys
Brick: take a chill pill were good. Blossom ok. (with Blossom and brick) Blossom: this is the science room where we
learn about science.(they face each other there eyes mee till) Bc and butch:CUT WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING?
Blossom and brick nothing ( im doing Povs now)
Bricks Pov
i was about to kiss blossom till bc and butch bugged in heres my chance im gonna kiss her. Blossom? Blossom: ye-
( they kiss)
Blossoms pov
Best kiss eva!^^

Fan fiction by Miwa11 posted over a year ago
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Bc: no the really psyco boys are at our school. Bubbles:crud Blossom: no (to Bc and Butch) Butch: hey bc long time no see. Bc : so. (to Blossom and Brick)Brick:what up toots
(blossom blushes)Blossom: Brick why do you always call me weird names?
Blossom:mmm you called me BABE and we were 6!
Brick:so? Blossom: NVM (to Bubbles and Booomer)
Boomer:bubbles you look cute Bubbles: *in head aww you too* ( in life)thx
boomer: wanna go out?
Bubbles:sure (they hold hands and walk)
Blossom&Brick: shut UP! Butch and Bc:geez
Bc: no my I pod is gonna die I wanted to listen to it before torture comes. Butch:we can listen to mine
Bc:(growls)k but you better have Emin3m.
Butch: of course im a fan
Bc what songs do you have? Butch:I have cleanin out my closet, we made you, The way i am, Superman, butt like that, Halieis song, mockingbird, 3am, puke, love the way you lie and more. (Bc eyes widen) Butch: what Bc: you have 2 weird songs
Fan fiction by Arinsan77 posted over a year ago
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(The 3 Girls Swoosh to Mojo jojo's lair!)

Berry:What do you want?! Let me out from the electric Net!

Mojo jojo:Nope! And...


Blossom:Wait a sec!



Berry:Freeze tornado!

(The move Berry uses finally zap the net!)

Berry:Got it!

Blossom:Now is time to pay back!

Mojo jojo:Oh....NO!! :d


(they back to their house)

Berry:Phew! That was a close call!

Bubbles:Yeah, that's true, but we're still a team right?

Berry:Right! Friends Forever! :))

The End!
Fan fiction by Arinsan77 posted over a year ago
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Berry's Special Power, Typhoon Buster!
All the Powerpuff Girls was on the way to defeat Mojo jojo as same that he still destroy Townsville!

Buttercup:Stop that! Mojoke!

Mojo jojo:Nope! I am Mojo jojo and no one will stop me!!!

Berry:Oh yeah? Then eat that! And see who wins!

(Berry started to use her special power!)

Berry:Typhoon buster!

(The Typhoon strongly breaks the barrier Mojo jojo defense!)

Mojo jojo:Hey!

Berry:So who's best? (giggle)


Buttercup:I have an idea! :))

(Buttercup brings with a giant baseball bat!)

Buttercup:Let's see that I can make a Giant Bingo!!! (Laugh)

Mojo jojo:No!No! Don't do that!!!! (Horrible Depressed)

Blossom:1...2...3... Hit!!!


Mojo jojo:Ahh!!! Cursed you, the Powerpuff Girls! And new pink!!!

Blossom:Wow! A Homerun Shot! Great Buttercup!
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Hey!I made new characters.Their twins,their names are Angeline and Angelica.Here's their BIOS!!

Angeline:Angeline is not the leader.She has pink hair,blue eyes and a blue dress.Her favorite food is ice cream and her favorite drink is Dr.Pepper.She may have a slight crush on Brick from the RRB,even though he's bad.Her mother (the person who created her)name is Professor Megan,who is the sister to Professor Utonium,so technically The PPG and the PPT (powerpuff twins) are cousins.Angeline is very curious and can get herself in a lot of trouble.She isn't very smart but she does know a thing or two,like one time she got into trouble with Brick.Her favorite singer is Pink for her awesome song:So What and F***ing Perfect.She loves her friends and family,animals,soda,Halloween,Christmas,Easter and candy,Chips Ahoy,baths and Brick!!!!She dislikes:Princess,Evil (except Brick),being grounded,fighting with Angelica(even though that rarely happens),cavities,check-ups,dentist and dentist's tools,long lines,teachers,the t.v not on.
Fan fiction by Arinsan77 posted over a year ago
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At the Powerpuff Girls house...

Professor:Girls, I had created my newest invention!

Blossom:What is that, Dad? Whoa!


Buttercup:An Ice-cream maker! Perfect!

Professor:Well, not only that!, For you birthday gift,
Girls, I will make a new friend for you!

Blossom:Aww! It's that true?! Thank you! Professor! (Big smile)

Buttercup:Ahh! Hopes that Isn't like that we make bunny! (Lips her tongue)

(So the Professor start to add mix of all ingredients that he made before And he add something super too! And he added Chemical X And KABOOM!)

(The New Girl Now Showed her body appearance, She has a two pigtails decorated with lime bows, Her color was Cherry Blossom and has sparkle bright pink eyes.)

Bubbles:Hi! I'm bubbles, this is my sisters Blossom and buttercup!


Berry:Hi! My name is Berry, Nice to meet you! (blush smile) So whats brings you here?
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(At the school)

Tangled: Wooooooooow, I didn't know that school is so boring

Buttercup: Pretty much, but teachers are the worth, trust me

Tangled: Agreed

(After Lesson)

Buttercup: K, it's time to leav guys, let's go!

(They climbed up the ladder on the roof and went down slowly)

Buttercup: Wohoo! We're outside!

Bubbles: So what are we gonna do here?

Buttercup: Let's go back to home, and buy some candy

Tangled: Great! Who has got the money?

Bubbles/Buttercup: .....

Bubbles: I guess I forgot to take them

Buttercup: You dummy! What do you think we should do now?!

Bubbles: *crys*

Tangled: Owh come oon, there's a lot of things to do out from school

Buttercup: For example?

Tangled: For example umm...... You're right! We are gonna dieeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!
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By tato-blossom
Powerpuff Girls!!!

Blossom: Goodbye dad!

Buttercup: Be ok there!

Bubbles: Bye! I know you'll have a perfect time!

Blossom: Yeah, just can't believe he left us here without a babysitter

Bubbles: Yeah...

Girls: ..... Suckaaa! (They opened the door and went in)

Blossom: We gonna paaarty!

Buttercup: And party haaardy!

Bubbles: Marty will cooomes here!

Buttercup: I don't know Maaarty!

Bubbles: He's in the rhythm, BC!

Girls: .... K, it will be Maaarty!

Blossom: Sooooo what do you wanna do, girls?

Buttercup: IDK, that's boring, we play with each other every day...

Bubbles: Yeah... Hey, let's have a sleep over!

Blossom: It's afternoon yet

Buttercup: Dummy

Bubbles: Oh, riiiight... Hey, I have an idea!

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Powerpuff Girls con. 2

mitch: i know the magic!
miss keane: go..
blossom: a king!
bubbles: ???
buttercup: cool! how about a ghost?
miss keane: sure
buttercup: what! I guessed that one!
bubbles: lucky you guys.
mary: stars?
miss keane: no..
blossom: it always need a t.. telephone
mitch: environment
miss keane: uh.. environment?
mitch: yeah
miss keane: you can take up all the environment? we are now on an environment.
mitch: then earrings.
blossom: snake
buttercup" cockroach!
bubbles: ew
miss keane: not a cockroach
blosom: egyptian scrolls
buttercup: hamburger
miss keane: no
bubbles: souvenirs?
miss keane: great job
mike: soup
robin: package
mitch: expo marker
blossom: rooster
mike: rock
buttercup: you guys have to give me a turn, you know.
bubbles: kitty
miss keane: good job! now, we will have to stop that and go onto the next. um.. here's a problem for you all to think before you guys go out of school. So.. 'there are n p in the s s?'
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Powerpuff Girls con.

Miss Keane: So..
Buttercup: Ok, try is to understand, as hear is to.. I don't know!
Blossom: Just pick another so she will know!
Bubbles: I don't like waiting, Miss Keane. I want to hear the answer and learn something new.
Miss Keane: *sighs* Ok, Blossom, you are on it.
Blossom: Try is to understand, as hear is to forget. Or.. When I hear it, I forget. When I try it, I understand.
Miss Keane: Bravo.
Bubbles: Do we have any thing fun to learn now?
Miss Keane: Yes!
Buttercup: Better and easy!
Miss Keane: So, here.. lannnnguage.
Bubbles: Hmm?
Buttercup: What do you mean by language?
Blossom: There's a clue in it.
Miss Keane: It's a game.
Buttercup: What? How does that sound like a game?
Miss Keane: Look for the hint or clue.
Bubbles: Lannnnguage.. It has four n's. That could be a clue.
Buttercup: Everybody know that is has 4 languages.
Blossom: I don't really know. Is it four langauges?
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Powerpuff Girls

Bubbles: Let's go to school! We will be late!
(flies to school)
Miss Keane: Ok, girls. You have come right in time. Now, we will start on our lessons.
Blossom: I am ready, teacher.
Miss Keane: What comes after this? When I hear it, I..?
Blossom: Me! I know it!
Miss Keane: Now, now. I don't like people like that and you look like a begger to me.
Bubbles: Hehehe.
Miss Keane: So, who knows it besides Blossom?
Blossom: Pick somebody Miss Keane, it looks like nobody knows.
Miss Keane: Ok, how about you, Buttercup?
Buttercup: What?!
Miss Keane: Go ahead..
Buttercup: I don't know! Wait, what was the qeustion again or problem?
Miss Keane: It isn't a problem or question.
Buttercup: Then what?
Blossom: Buttercup, chill.
Miss Keane: Ok, I will repeat the last time. When I hear it, I..?
Buttercup: Why didn't you continue?
Blossom&Bubbles: It's like that! You have to answer the last!
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Powerpuff Girls!

Blossom: Buttercup, go get the phone!
Buttercup: NO, YOU GET IT!
Blossom: No!
Buttercup: Well, I am busy practicing my moves!
Blossom: Well, I am busy doing my homework.
Bubbles: Shut UP!
Blossom&Buttercup: You go!
Bubbles: Why not?
Blossom: Thanks, you help out everything.
Buttercup: HAI-YAH!
Blossom: Shh! I am concentrating.
Buttercup: Then go find another place!
Blossom: You go outside!
Bubbles: Stop!
Blossom&Buttercup: No.
Bubbles: Girls, just go to your own!
Blossom: Fine.
Buttercup: I will hit you when you finish your homework.
Fan fiction by GingerxMandark posted over a year ago
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I sat watching Blossom brush her long red hair with a worried look on her face.Out of the corner of my eye I could see Buttercup trying to bounce a soccer ball on her knee I heard a "Dang it!" each time she tried as she dropped the ball on the ground.Bella sighed trying to sew her latest fashion design for us to wear at the big "KEY TO THE CITY AWARD!" I couldn't color like this with everyone being so distracting so of course Ginger came in board plopping herself into a mess of the clean clothes hamper witch the professor told her not to do.

"Wheres Marnie?"Asked Blossom to Ginger.
Ginger gave Blossom a little shrug and began to open a bag of Toritos(Doritos XD.Marnie and Ginger lived in Farmsville the next town over living with my Uncle Ugean they had to obey all his crazy safety rules so they were over a lot being weirdos I guess.Blossom started to breath heavily and her face turned red as she looked at her pictures of Dexter and Brick.

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Name: Tangled

Nickname: Blondie

Age: 6

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Yellow

Hair style: Two long pigtails down and one pigtail has a long plait

Element: Flowers

Special power: Unavoidable electric boomerang

Likes: Her hair, playing video games, skateboarding, dancing robot, listening to music, eating pizza, parties, sports (she's the captain of the cheering team), fighting crime

Dislikes: Locusts, bugs, high heal shoes, getting dirty, when someone's tauching her hair (exept her sisters), people which are rude to her and to her friends

Family: Professor U, Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup

Personality: Energetic, obstinacy (sometimes), self-confident, sportish, active, talanted

P.S - If you like Tangled then please join her club www.fanpop.com/spots/ppg-tangled
Fan fiction by qeti11 posted over a year ago
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(The City of Townsville and Powerpuff Girls are hangin' out and eating candy, Buttercup was holding the money Professor gave, Blossom was looking around and Bubbles was on Buttercup's back eating lollypop)

Blossom: So what shell we do now, girls?

Buttercup: Let's buy some toys in that new toy store

Bubbles: Oh yeah! I saw there a stuffed piggie and I liked it so much!

Blossom: Okay, let's go

(The girls went to a toy store, Bubbles bought some stuffed animals, Blossom bought some games and math stuff, and Buttercup bought a new punching bag and boxing gloves. They went out and flew back to home)

Blossom: I bought a game "Snakes and Ladders", wanna play, girls?

Bubbles: Sure Blossom

Buttercup: Yeah whatever

(They started to play a game. At last Buttercup loses and cursed)

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Mayor: No! I didn't take it! It was Ms. Bellum!
Narrator: There! It's time for you to make your speech.
Mayor: Okay... what speech?
Narrator: The speech you will make!
Mayor: Oh!
Narrator: No, not "oh!" You!
Mayor: Why?
Narrator: No, you!
Mayor: You?
Narrator: No, not me! You, the mayor!
Mayor: Me?
Narrator: Yes! That's what I said!
Mayor: Now, wait a minute. Who's "I"?
Narrator: I is you!
Mayor: Stop it!
Narrator: Gee, are you okay?
Mayor: I don't know any more!
Narrator: Oh, forget it.

Narrator: The city of Townsville! What's this? People running for their lives? Yeah, yeah, what else is new?

(when mayor was turned into a giant)
Mayor: Say! I can see my house from here!

Blossom: You've been locked out since Wednesday? But, Mayor, it's Saturday. Why did you wait so long to call?
Mayor: My cell phone calling plan has free weekend minutes
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Yeah, guys and gurls. ; )
I just realize I want to give you some attractions... So here it is: contest for artists.

It's contest for the best fan art. It's easy: make fan art, upload it to our fan club and report yourself here.
You can make more than one art. Themes are optional. You can make eg. Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys as couples or something else.

It's your imagination. ; )

I - 30 props
II- 15 props
III- 10 props
everyone, who will participate get 3 props AFTER contest.

Good luck .!
Guide by wierdgem7 posted over a year ago
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Blossom is a born leader, who can be self centered and careless. But most of the time she looks after her sister, Bubbles. She always will be the main face of the PowerPuff Girls.

When you first see Bubbles, you go Aaaaw, because she looks so sweet. You just want to protect her and sheild her from harm. She is vulnerable to evil, because she is not the brightest girl.

Buttercup loves violence and she is the PowerPuff girl with all the brawn. She starts fights and can be obnoxious and objectionable. She sometimes rushes into things and makes the wrong descision.
Fan fiction by ppgfan65 posted over a year ago
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Narrator: The city of Townsville...is under attack by Mojo Jojo!

*Mojo Jojo laughs, citizens scream as usual*

*An angry Bubbles appears*

*Mojo is punched badly*

Mojo: ouch...

Bubbles: Now that he's taken care of, i am going to clean up the mess Mojo made...

Narrator: Later that day...

Professor Utonium: Girls! Dinnertime!

Girls: Coming Profesor!

*Girls are surprised to find out it is brocolli*

Blossom: *while having flashback* Remember when broccolli aliens invaded Townsville?--*flashback ends*

All except Prof.: Yeah...

Professor: What are you talking about?

Blossom: Nothing!

Fan fiction by melisa583 posted over a year ago
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Poor me. Tee Hee!!
*Arjin is sitting on her bed, using the computer, feeling lonely and her friend Hazal and Rosa come through the door.*
Hazal:Arjin! Your mom said you were crying.
Arjin:That's because you wouldn't play with me!
Hazal:I'll play with you!
Arjin:Ok! Wait! I know what'll be even better!
Arjin:Great! Rosa can come too!
*Arjin gets the Chemical X that she found when moving in from the shelf*
Arjin:Ok, if you drink this, you get superpowers!!
Hazal:Cool! *drinks the chemical* Wow! I can fly! Try some Rosa!
Rosa:Ok! *drinks the chemical X* Awesome!!
Narrator:Hey! I'm finally in the article! Meanwhile at the Utonium home.
Blossom:I can't believe this!
Bubbles:What is it Blossom?
Blossom:This super telescope Professor made! It works so good I can see Arjin's making her other friends drink chemical X!
Bubbles:... *gasp* I have an idea! We should make 2 new sisters!
Blossom:That's great! Come on Girls!... Buttercup were you even listening?
Fan fiction by RussiaxChina3 posted over a year ago
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Team name: The Deadly Dire boys
Leader: Boom
descrpiction of leader: Boom is the leader of the
group with red orange eyes and he also has long
stright hair. he is strong and has black dragon
spikes sticking out of his back and a fox tail. on
his shirt is an nuclear explosion. his theme song
is darkness from Evil Nightcore. (for which Bomb's
theme song is Magic Melody from dht). the theme
song for the couple Boom x Bomb is I hate
everything about you from Three days grace.

Softest of the group: Bramble
descripstion of the softest: Bramble has dark
blue-green eyes and he will also show mercy to those he hurts. he also has black dragon spikes sticking out of his back and a fox tail like his
brothers Boom and Blood. on his shirt he has
brambles and snakes entwining around a skull. his
theme song is get out alive from Three days grace.
(for which Boulder's theme song is gone forever from Three days grace). the theme song for the
Fan fiction by suzyisbrute posted over a year ago
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I am Raphaella Bay Amanda Thompson it all started that Summer day when Blossom was crying on her bed.

"What am I gonna do with out him!"Blossom cried.
Blossom had been cheated on by Brick with her cousin Bloom and poor Blossom didn't believe what she had seen when she saw Brick kiss her.Really I thought Brick could be mean but Blossom seemed really bummed.

"Cheer up Blossom Brick is so mean im sure there are lots of other guys in school who wanna go out with you."I said cheerfully."Like who?~!"Blossom screamed with anger."Like...Greg,or maybe,Lenny,or what about...Dexter?"Blossom gasped she seemed to be suprized that I brought up his name."No not him!He's such a....uggg!he always thought he was smarter than everyone in the entire world!"She yelled.Yeah Blossom had dated Dexter when she was 12 years old but Dexter would talk about nothing but science and never about him or Blossom so she broke up with him."I swear he talked about nothing but science!at least Brick would talk about me!"She cried."Well maybe we should go talk to him..."I said..okay I admit I really wanted her and Dexter to go out...but Blossom...
Fan fiction by russiaxchina posted over a year ago
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team name: The Tough Tomboys
leader: Bomb
descrpiton of leader: Bomb is strong and powerful and has long strait hair but is inbetween doing evil deeds and good deeds she has frosty blue green eyes and has dragon spikes sticking out of her back along with a long fox tail she also has a grenade with it's pin pulled out on her shirt
the softest of the group: Boulder
discripstion of the soft one: she has two pony tails and is the softest of the group and is most willing so show mercy to the ones they had harmed and she has orange eyes and also has spikes sticking out of her back and a fox tail like her sisters Bomb and Bone. she also has a boulder with vines and snakes twining around it
the most aggresive of the group: Bone
descrpition: Bone is the most aggresive one of the group she has blood red eyes but her clothes are black and she is so aggresive that she is willing to even turn on her own sisters to get her way with them. she has a heart with cross bones untherneath it and the heart also has a cut and blood is leaking from that cut and she also has razor sharp teeth that can be able to kill anyone in one bite, she also has scars on her...
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Narrator:The City Of Townsville! I just love it! Let's see what the Powerpuff Girls are doing today!
Buttercup:Last night sucked.
Bubbles:Hey, why aren't the Creampuff Girls here?
Blossom:Well they did look kinda older than us...
Bubbles:She's right... Hey look at that big school next to Pokey Oaks!
Blossom:They must be there!
Buttercup:Look! There they are!
Arjin:Hey Rahaf, hey Sydney! ... Oh, Hello Powderpuff Girls.
Arjin:I know, I'm not in kindergarten like you babies.
Blossom:Don't worry Bubbles. . . So what are you doing.
Arjin:Just inviting people to my birthday party. It's at my house. Then when we're done opening presents and eating cake, we go to Nintendo World!
Bubbles:Nintendo World? What's that?
Arjin:Well, It's a place whe-
*bell rings and interrupts Arjin*
Arjin:Well, I'd better get to class!
Bubbles:What grade?
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fawn the helper of justice!
narrator:a wonderful day in townsville!umm lets see what our girls are up too.. (Buttercup:i don't want to go to school today! (Blossom:Buttercup you have to... their is a new student ... and what if she likes stuff you like? Buttercup:well.. what she doesn't!? (Bubbles:lets just see.. (Buttercup: okay i'll go... narrator:well seems like a bad time for Buttercup........ (Professor:girls! the bus is here! (all the girls:BYE PROFESSER! to be continued...... in part 2 coming soon
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The Creampuff Girls
Blossom:Hey girls, look!
Bubbles:Pretty lights!
Buttercup:Some guys copied our powers you idiot!
Blossom:Well, I don't think they're in the same family but they're going to the same house.
Bubbles:Or we can just spy on them!
Blossom:Good idea Bubbles!
Professer:*honks car horn* Come on girls!
Professer:I guess they have a playdate! How sweet!
Rahaf:Thanks for letting us watch TV here!
Arjin:No problem! I have movie channels now!
Sydney:No way!
Sydney:Let me see! Hmm... Ooh! Twilight!
Rahaf:Sydney! You've watched Twilight 40 times already!
Sydney:Fine! ... How about 2012?
Arjin:I hate that movie!
Blossom:*whispering* They have movie channels?
Sydney:How about something on HBO?
Arjin:I don't have those channels.
Sydney:Can I subscribe?
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Late one night Professor Utonium had been working with his brother Ugean...

Ugean:Your girls are very nice but don't you think it's a little unsafe for them to be fighting giant monsters?

Professor:Oh don't be silly Ugean they have super powers!

Ugean:Still I would be worried.

Professor:Well anyways the recipe is sugar,spice,and everything nice and....not dna!!!...and chemical x.(little dna thing from dex3fan's stories)Oh well I guess I should hit the hay!...you comin Ugean?

Ugean:I think I'll just come up later.

Professor:Fine by me!

(Ugean stares into an empty bowl.)

Ugean:Man it must be nice to have four little comforts....(picks up sugar)It was sugar....(pours it in)...spice?...no!that wont help!..hmmm....ice!...(Pours a tray of ice into the bowl.)..and everything nice!....but he must be out of chemical x.....(to suzyisbrute I have to use Bella okay?sorry so everyone Bella was created by Suzyisbrute.)
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Narrator: It is a windy day and It’s Monday a school day. Blossom is searching for Brandon to show him around and is hopping to be more than friends with him.
Blossom mumbles under breath: Where is he?
Buttercup: wheres who?
Blossom: huh? What?
Bubbles: her boyfriend of course!
Blossom: WHAAA?
Blossom*thinks* they know about Brandon? Were they spying on me? Why didn’t they tell me about this?
Blossom Blushes
Blossom: what boyfriend?
Bubbles: Uhhh..duhhh…Brick!!
Blossom sighs in relief
Blossom: Brick is not my boyfriend!!!
Bubbles: then who were you talking about?
Blossom: uhhhhhhh?
Brandon runs towards Blossom
Brandon: hey Bloss, What’s up?........What’s your first class
Blossom: its……..
Buttercup: who’s this Blossom?
Blossom : oh yeah…right…Brandon this is buttercup and bubbles. Guys this is Brandon, A friend I met on Saturday.
Brandon: sup……so Blossom what’s your first class…
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Blossom’s POV
Yesterday was the dance and I am still mad at brick for not telling me that he had a girlfriend. Still buttercup and bubbles keep suggesting me to forgive him for some reason. They didn’t give me a lot of details of what happened last night. All they said was that he broke up with berserk. All day today my sisters have been trailing me and telling me to go out with brick. I’m tired of it, I just want to be alone.

Narrator: Blossom tricked her sisters to fight with each other to go away for a while. Blossom sneaks out of the house to go to the park to have some peace and quiet to think. She sits on a park bench and just thinks about what may have happen last night when brick broke up with berserk. Just then she spots a cute boy walking down the park side walk. The boy also see’s her with her depressed emotions and sits next to her.

Blossom: ummmmm…do I know you?
The boy: shouldn’t I be the to ask you that…your where the one who was staring at me.
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(at the RrBs house)
brick:butch i'm going to sleep and don't broke something
butch:wait now?
brick:yea so what?
butch:oh come on brick! we can have a party!
brick:party? butch i want a pease!
butch:ok you go...
(brick goes to his room)
butch:you leave your phone here brick? (took bricks phone) now let's send SMSes
(door bell rings)
butch:(looks in the hole) it's open
(mitch comes)
mitch:hey butch
butch:wow mitch wats up?
mitch:i just wanted my ball back (tooks his ball)
butch:hey what is in your pocket?
butch:will you give it to me?
mitch:what you'll give?
butch:umm brick's hat?
mitch:i don't want it
butch:brick's belt? he has very cool belt
mitch:... i want it
butch:ok brick now is sleeping and he will give it to you when he gets up now go
(mitch goes out)
butch:you don't want a party right? i'l show you a party!
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blossom:nothing enteresting....
bubbles:yea but really what he sad?
blossom:he sad that he need my ipod
blossom:because his ipod is broken
buttercup:and why he need your ipod to broke it too?
blossom:i don't know
bubles:and what you sad for him?
blossom:go ahead!
bubbles:who me?
(boosa comes)
bubbles:boosaaaa!(sets on boosa and ride her)
blossom:it's a horse?
buttercup:half dog half horse
bubbles:(laughts) (bubbles ride her dog into her room)
(blossom sets at the computer and buttercup took her ball and go out to play)

(pink_blossom is online)
(robben_dobben is online)
pink_blossom:wow robben it's you whats up?
robben_dobben:good and you?
pink_blossom:me too :)
hows your sisters?
pink_blossom:oh well bubbles got a dog named boosa and she's riding her
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proferssor: oh girls! time for dinner!
(girls went to dinning room)
blossom:buttercup where did you put my black bow?
buttercup:i forget where
blossom:oh my gosh!
buttercup:oh my gosh, big drama, what we gonna dooo
blossom:shut up!
buttercup:you can't stop me
blossom:who can!
bubbles:oh shut up you two!
blossom:buttercup did you teach to her talking like this?
buttercup:yea i did! doobe doobe dooba, doobe doobe dooba, doobe doobe dooba, doobe doobe dooba
buttercup:(raise her voice)Doobe Doobe Dooba, Doobe Doobe Dooba, Doobe Doobe Dooba, Doobe Doobe Dooba
professor:girls! do you whant some spagetti?
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narrator:the city of townswille, where the powerpuff girls are all ready to schoot. wait where is buttercup?
(blossom goes to buttercups room. buttercup was still sleeping).
buttercup:mmm... whaa? where we'r going?
blossom:at school! now get dressed!
buttercup:ahh school? but it's sunday today!
blossom:it's monday morning stuped!
buttercup:monday? oh no im late!
blossom:not only you!
(buttercup put on her green dress and follow her sisters).
ms. keane:( reading a list) mitch mitchelson..... blossom
(at this time the girls openned the door and set at the table).
blossom:we'r all here ms. keane! sorry we'r late
ms. keane:don't worry, you are just in time. now children! today we have a new students: brick, butch and boomer
(the boys came into class and set next to PpGs).
ms. keane:now, who can tell me the answer? 72/8