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Fan fiction by PinkShimmerGirl posted 7 months ago
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PinkShimmerGirl from DA and PW is doing PPG requests here!!
Choose 1:
Detailed drawings with backgrounds
Grayscale drawings
Pick 1
Pick 1:
PPG OC (PowerPuff girls) (Meaning PPG uniforms)
(Dress with black stripe, white Stockings, black Mary janes)
RRB OC (RowdyRuff boys) (Meaning RRB uniforms)
(Long sleeve shirt with black stripe, black pants, black converse)
RRG OC (RadiantRuff girls) (Meaning RRG uniforms)
(Long sleeve tee with your choice print, jacket, denim shorts, pants, converse, OR Hoodie, skirt/pants/shorts, combat boots OR mix n match from the RRG options)
PPB OC(PokerPuff boys) (Meaning PPB uniforms)
(Short sleeve Tee-shirt, white pants, vans)
Hair style:
Hair colour:
Eye colour:
Any patterns in eye?(like hearts, diamonds, sparkles, etc(ONLY GOES FOR RRG OC)
Skin colour:
List by Blueberryjam789 posted over a year ago
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Hey everyone, it's Blueberryjam here!!!! This is a meme you have to copy,paste and andswer. You must andswer all ?s.

1. Hello, who are you?

2. Who is your favorite powerpuff girl? Why?

3. Who is you least fav and why?

4. Your fav punk? why?

5. least fav punk.? Why?

6. Fav RRB? Why?

7. Least fav RRB? why?

9. Favorite Episode?


11. Did you like this meme. This is my first meme ever!!!

12. Tag 3 people!!

(fist I tag: ppgfireball, Flooberoid, annnnd,.... heeeeeeeeeeeey )
Fan fiction by KatKuteAKA12 posted over a year ago
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There they were. Two Rowdyruff boys thinking " where is he?" There he was. Brick. In the Professor's Lab.

Brick: Let me go!
Professor: Hold on! Just a second!
Brick: For what?!
Professor: Just a few tests.
Brick: No!

Brick's brothers were worried more than Him (character) was. They hadn't seen him for days.
This was one time to be worried. They don't know there is problems with their brother.

Professor: Oh no. This is bad.

Brick: Whatzzit? Uh Oh, my shift is over have to go bye!

To be continued...