"Don't worry Bella." Edward said "I'm not forcing you to do anything" "I know but you would do so mutch for me!" Bella cried "I love you Edward I really am sorry" "I know but dont be Love" "Bella everything is fine" I said sothingly. Bella was sleeping so I went over to sit by emmett- time for some monkey man time- and he put his arm around me "Im doing the right thing" I said "Well I guess as that is what Bella wants but you will kill her" He said "Oh who cares!" I said "I do!" He replied "Esme, Carlilse, edward, alice, jasper they all care." He said "Dont talk me out of this Emm" I pleaded 'I wont babe but I will hold a grudge if she dies I wanted someone to wrestle with that I could have a fair win for a little while" He laughed I laughed too and mock punched his arm. "Can I pick!" I asked "Sure I saw this last night its just clips from it" He said "Thanks" I said flipping the channel. Just to winde Edward up I put on child birth but turned it over as Edward was gonna kill me soon didnt want to give him anything else to kill me for. Then Bella coughed and I ran over to her placing my hand on her head she woke up and frowned at me so I picked up the bowl and tshe was sick again.

There was going to be more but I need to get my dinner so I will just put it in a diff chapter soz. xxxx