"I've gotta get goin' " I said
"Well,it was nice meeting you... beautiful tabby."
(I blushed) "Bye"
Ok,so I was kinda cuter when I was younger. So i kept walking to the forest,then,my nose nearly started bleeding,there were so many scents! I went in the camp.. All I heard was my echo at first. Then, I met two toms : Redfoot and Nightrise .

Redfoot wasn't a chatty one,for sure. But Nightrise decided to rebuild the clans. So,yeah,I became deputy,bla-bla-bla,somethin' bout' starclan... Then came Cherryshine,then Grasswing and Ashpaw,and now more! I felt proud serving as deputy and that Rubyclan was strong. But we should watch our back for any sudden attacks.

"I am not afraid to get blood on my claws if i need to" I thought after that new scent came to camp. I decided to follow it,and maybe stay one night out of camp. So i got moss,made a bed,and slept for atleast a moon! Well,let's say a long time. Until guess who woke me up! Larkclaw. I was stunned he followed,instead of an apprentice,or Duststar.

I was fuzzy headed. I told him why. He didn't reply. I just wanted to sleep. Oh! One thing I didn't tell you guys,is that i saw my brother in a dream. But it seemed he was disappearing every time he stepped closer. I just wanted to see my brother. I missed him so much. For some reason,Silverstrike reminded me of him. And,she died. I've never felt like that before. Until Mosskit came,and she looked just like him. Same attitude,same color eyes,and even fur! I was happy i got to see someone who reminded me of him. Thank starclan! I thought. And this,my friends,is the end of my story.