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Charlie Says - Official Trailer I HD I IFC Films

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile | Official Teaser [HD] | Voltage Pictures


How These Notorious Serial Killers Really Got Caught

Inside the Mind of Jeffrey Dahmer: Serial Killer’s Chilling Jailhouse Interview

The Night Stalker - Richard Ramirez | SERIAL KILLER FILES #14


Fred & Rose West | SERIAL KILLER FILES #16

FRED AND ROSE - The West Murders (ITV - 2008)

Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Top 10 Serial Killers with Awful Upbringings

10 Cute Kids Who Grew Up To Be Monsters

Richard Ramirez: Montel

Richard Ramirez: American Justice

Richard Ramirez: American Justice

Richard Ramirez: American Justice

Richard Ramirez: American Justice

Richard Ramirez: American Justice

Richard Ramirez: American Justice

The Controversy Surrounding ALYSSA: PORTRAIT OF A TEEN KILLER by Shane Ryan

Jeffrey Dahmer - Full Trial - Serial Killer

Jeffrey Dahmer ; The Milwaukee Cannibal (Documentary)

Serial Killer - Edmund Kemper Serial Killer Documentary

A Conversation With Richard Ramirez

10 Things You Didn't Know About The Zodiac Killer

Top 50 Serial Killer Moments with Real Footage and Information

Burke and Hare serial killers

John Wayne Gacy Victims

Funny Ted Bundy video

The Manson Snyder Interview

Interview with Charles Manson

Hard Copy: Tracking the Zodiac Killer

Bruce Davis is Zodiac?

Primetime Zodiac Segment

Zodiac Killer Reporter Interview

Zodiac Killer discovered?

The Son of Sam

David (Son of Sam/.44 Caliber Killer) Berkowitz court plea

richard ramirez tribute

richard ramirez photoalbum

Charles Manson Interview With Charlie Rose

Charles Manson Interview With Geraldo Rivera

Charles Manson Interview With Tom Snyder

Jack Unterweger

Elizabeth Bathory

Vlad The Impaler

Most evil - Partners in Crime

Most Evil - Murderous Women

Most Evil Cold-Blooded Killers

Most Evil

Most Evil - Psychotic Killers

Most Evil - Deadly Desires

Most Evil Science Of Murder

Most Evil - Science of Murder 5

Ted Bundy (2002)

Dahmer (2002)

Ted Bundy- Natural Porn Killer

Confessions Of A Serial Killer Henry Lee Lucas

A&E Biography - Moses Sithole

A&E Biography - Richard Speck

A&E Biography - Ed Gein

A&E Biography - Andrei Chikatilo

A&E Biography - Charles Manson

A&E Biography - Richard Ramirez

A&E Biography - Ted Bundy

A&E Biography - Jeffrey Dahmer

A&E Biography - Gary Ridgway "Green River Killer"

A&E Biography - John Wayne Gacy