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The fans pick: Oprah Winfrey
The fans pick: I don't drink that stuff anyway.
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The fans pick: They are not alright
The fans pick: giving people the right to free speech
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ThePrincesTale said …
I'm so proud that the "millenials can't afford a house because avocado toast" meme has gone global. Australia's finest contribution to the world :') Posted 3 months ago
ThePrincesTale said …
Overheard on the bus: [talking about American acquaintance] "I think she's actually stolen my dream but that's okay she can have it, she has Trump now" lol Posted 4 months ago
ThePrincesTale said …
Think of the shitstorm that is the Trump administration atm. Then remember we're only 2/3 of a year (out of 4 years) of the way through this bullshit. Posted 5 months ago
BlindBandit92 commented…
I don't know actually. Anything can happen. I am not being optimistic here just stating realistically. 5 months ago