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The fans pick: Amy Rose
The fans pick: I wish that he was real
I wish that he was real
The fans pick: Sonic
The fans pick: AMY
The fans pick: Yes
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Sonic the Hedgehog Wall

Karoii-chan said …
I've been an avid fan of Sonic ever since I was 5 or something. The obsession won't go away... not that I want it to, of course! xD Posted 1 month ago
kicksomebut23 said …
All of my Sonic companions from Fanpop are dead ;-; Posted 3 months ago
deathding commented…
Excuse me? XD 2 months ago
kicksomebut23 commented…
;-; not many are active and i have a lot who are dead 1 month ago
BDTXIII commented…
That's not true, the people who love Sonic may have given up. But the one who were dedicate to the masterpiece of SEGA still alive!! 3 days ago
soniczone1 said …
Hey Sonic fans, Thanksgiving is coming close. Who or What are you thankful for? Posted 4 months ago
kicksomebut23 commented…
i am thankful for people who joined fanpop, the people who subscribed to my youtube channel, and my life 3 months ago
opheliahedgehog commented…
i am thankful for liking sonic the hedge hog and actually finding people who wli not make fun of me all the time just because i like sonic and video games. 27 days ago