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this loojs so funny guys !
i found amy in naruto
sonic snowboard
drawed or fake ?
Miles ,,Tails" Power
Arms the magical kitsune.XD
Sonic BOOM =3
he says it all
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The fans pick: Hell yeah! I'd get to see Sonic and his buddies kick Eggman's butt!
Hell yeah! I'd get to see...
Not really, because Eggman...
The fans pick: Yes(I could have powers or mad skills!)
Yes(I could have powers or mad...
No(Because I'm Not Furry. I...
The fans pick: None
Rouge the bat
The fans pick: Mario party
Mario party
Sonic shuffle
The fans pick: Blaze the Cat
Blaze the Cat
Sally Acorn
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1 fan has answered this question
1 fan has answered this question
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Sonic the Hedgehog Wall

LGYCE said …
It's time to bring this club back. Posted 3 days ago
alphawhitewolf commented…
Yeah!!!!! 3 days ago
deathding commented…
? 6 hours ago
Legithedgehog commented…
What dude? 6 hours ago
lizzie100 said …
plz like my page the 3 princeses from mario Posted 11 days ago
big smile
LorMel said …
Welcoming Sonic BOOMS newest character! Sticks the Badger ! Posted 21 days ago