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big smile
SmokeyHedgehog said …
Hey who else knows about the ne sonic movie coming out by sony? Posted 16 days ago
SmokeyHedgehog commented…
new* 16 days ago
ameliarose2002 commented…
I knew that a Sonic movie was coming out, but didn't know about the sony bit. Well, now I know. :D 10 days ago
ameliarose2002 said …
Not trying to be rude to the SonAmy fans... But I really hate the SonAmy fans... I like sonamy, but I like Sonic with Sally as well, its just... Ehhh... The SonAmy super fans are the most annoying people I will ever meet! Annouing people that think SonAmy is the best thing that can ever happen... That is why, I am now going to be part of the KnuxSu fandom because it doesn't have annoying people in it all the time... >|:( Posted 1 month ago
Legithedgehog commented…
I agree Sonamy fanbase are worse but the worser I hate is the yaoi ones they think Shadow will go out with Sonic in the games I find that so funny. lmfao 1 month ago
Legithedgehog commented…
I hate Sonamy fans by 60% yaoi fans 100% 1 month ago
ameliarose2002 commented…
I mostly hate the family couples where they ship brother and sisters together... I just... I just feel wired when something like it cames onto my screen... But SonAmy fans are better... But annoying... 1 month ago
Legithedgehog commented…
Agreed. 1 month ago
GlitchTheH said …
j Posted 2 months ago
SmokeyHedgehog commented…
smoke 1 16 days ago